Top Ten Bag Picks for Blind and Partially Sighted People

 Your ready to go, your putting on your shoes, giving your hair that one last habitual tweak, grabbing your coat. But, lets not forget the main thing, the focal point of your functioning, the hotspot of all your essentials and the most important accessory of your entire outfit-your bag.

But, am I right in thinking that anyone with sight loss finds selecting the right and most convenient trusty sidekick difficult? Let’s face it; the amount of things required for any women with a bag is humungous. Whether it is the tomes of college girls, files of high flying business women, lugging around technology or it could be the fact that some are simply just a hoarder. Whatever the reason for having literally the world on your shoulders, every woman’s bag is a truly acclaimed Mary Poppins arm candy. Well on the interior it is. But outside, is it
   Practically perfect in every way?
Some will answer and immediate, No. Or if not that indeed it is, but this may also stoke some plaintive sighs and I’m sure the thought “hiker look alike” crosses thought the brain of those who disagree with me.
Living with sight impairment does not mean that you should compromise with your appearance. Your image is an essential contributor to your self esteem and mindset. Even if you cant see to the full extent how good you look, if the compliments grow, so will your smile.  The Bag is an excellent starting point. 
There is a precarious balance between fashion and practicality, this a dead cert for anyone with a sight impairment.  A bag is no acceptation, for those in hand with a long cane or a guide dog know the score with this situation. All hands on deck required for all escapades. It’s a case of sling on a heavy rucksack, usually the sort that are dull and bland.
But a bag can be a more appealing and joyous extension to an outfit. So here’s a full guided tour into that the wonderful world of bags can offer. No matter what your lifestyle, price range or age. I guarantee that you’ll find something you utterly adore.
                              The Top Ten Back Picks
1                                 1. The Cambridge Satchel

The First and one of my most loved bags will always be to classic, English Style Cambridge Satchel.

For a start for all of you with little or no vision I shall aim to describe it in detail, which I will continue to do for all my fashion items that I will include in my blog.

A Cambridge Satchel has an appearance of the sort of bags that one may recall from school. They are a very simple, classical, smooth leather satchel. The bag includes a long strap that can be worn as a cross body bag. Still allowing you to have both hands free when out and about. They all include two buckles on the front of the bag and can also (at an additional charge) be embossed with letters. This being a feature of the bags that can be felt as well as seen. The bags all come in different sizes, depending on what you need. From a smaller 11″ to a larger 15″ bag (measured from corner to corner.) 

The bags come in a full array of colours from the more classical Tan that can be worn with practically everything (perfect for a bag beginner) to the more adventurous colours of bright pink, purples, blues and greens. 

The Cambridge Satchel Company also offers bags that are known as the Batches, similar to a satchel. Accept for the fact that they come with an additional handle (I own one of these in particular.) 

The Company also offers backpacks in a wide range of colours to choose from.

My advise on selecting a colour would be to go for a mutual colour such as tan, black or a white. A colour that can be worn in a versatile way. If you find that you favour the bag than, go ahead and be daring!

The Address for the Website is listed below

                           2. The Mulberry Anthony 

The Mulberry Anthony is a classic, functional and totally stylish bag. The Mulberry Messenger bag, in a gorgeous smooth buffalo leather that just looks better with age (unlike most things.) The Mulberry Anthony is one of Mulberrys many classic Icons, the bag is a staple piece that is fully vaccinated from the dreading Going Out of Season Syndrome.

The Bag has a canvas strap that can be adjusted to a size that best suits you. The Bag also comes with an extra front pocket that is great for fitting money, a freedom pass and Guide Dog Treats in the pocket. The bag is fastened with a Postmans lock, this being a more safer choice of lock. As it is less accessible to pick pockets.

Available in two different sizes (small and a large) and three different pigments Oak, Chocolate and Black. The Mulberry Anthony.

Please find the Mulberry Webpage is shown below


                            3. Cute Cath Kidston
Anyone who loves femininity, floral patterns and functionality will utterly adore a Cath Kinston bag. Cath Kidston bags are fantastic for any woman with a flare for fashion and a smaller budget to spend.
From cross body bags to Rucksacks, Cath Kidston designs are superb for anyone who is on the go and needs to have all hands on deck for long canes and canine guiding sidekicks.
My top selection from the current Cath Kidston Hampton Rose Rucskack. This bag is great for whatever eventuality you may need it for, college, shopping or even a weekend away.
Many mobility instructors always encourage anyone to have a trusty rucksack to hand, so why not go for this one.
The bag is a light blue pigment patterned with light pink roses, as well as being a rucksack the bag also has two handles, so the way in which you hold the bag can be alternated. The bag is also great as the material allows for it to be wiped clean of any dirt and grime.
The bag is also available in a black and white polka dot pattern, for anyone who is not so over-keen on florals.
Both bags retail at £38.
The Link to both Cath Kidston Cuties are listed below
The Hampton Rose Design
The Polka dot print
Onto the next top pick
                                 4. Best of British Bag!
Oh Totally Spiffing! Any of you daring chaps fancy a nice big bag with the national english flag on it?
If you are carry on reading about the fabulous floozie weekend bag.
The bag is a great roomy size, a true Mary Poppins bag.
The bag has a long cross body bag and the inside lining is a wonderful red pigment.
This bag is wonderful for anyone who carries A LOT of worldly goods. Large, functional and totally fabulous. This bag allows you to salute Great Britain in style.
                               5. T’WEET T’WOW!!!
With the Autumnal Equinox soon on the cards, fashion shops are quickly stocking new trends for the Autumn months.
A timeless classic Accessorize’s tweed should bag with an additional cross body shoulder strap. The bag illustrates a quirky animated owl, perched on a branch. Fine detail, embellished with sequins for that extra touch. The bag in pigments of olive, golds, greens and majorly browns.
Very on trend and totally irresistible.
Please find the link below
                                6. The Heritage Look
Another great find from Accessorize is a totally classy Camilla Heritage Rucksack for those people who like something more classy and understated.
The bag is in a light olive brown and the material is quilted, a perfect trend for the autumn but will last much longer.
The Rucksack has many compartments to hold things you need, as well as two front pockets to carry essentials that need to be easily accessible such as guide dog treats, a freedom pass and of course the dreaded dog pick up bags.
Please find the link below
And Now for the Evening Bags
So, we’ve covered some absolutely amazing bags that will see you through all matters of the DAY.
Let’s get daring folks, it’s time to ditch the dailies and get GLAM!!!!!
                                7. Feel the Love xx
When you have a visual impairment one thing that will always add an element onto any bag is texture and shape.
This gorgeous little, lilac heart shape studded evening bag from Topshop with the added cross body chain strap again for all that need their hands free to use their equally sparkly cane from Glamsticks (the for Glamsticks can be found om my blog page and believe me they are well worth every penny.) Will make you stand out for all the right reasons.
The Link to this bag is listed below.
                      8. Sparkles are a Girl’s Best Friend!
Butler and Wilson, one of my all-time favourite accessory designers never ceases to amaze me. This next bag is the Creme de la cream of bags, an all time timeless piece of arm candy and a true show stopper.
This bag is a small evening bag completely encrusted with faux jewels, the jewels used come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Making the bag more interesting to the touch, get your hands on this baby! The bag again has an additional chain strap, which still enables you to have your hands free.
The bag also is fastened with an elegant metal clasp, which adds an instant element of fifties glamor. The bag is available in four different colours, Clear, Great, Red and Multi Crystals.
The link is listed below
They say a disability is what you make it so….


                                 9. 50’s Glamor 

What a little bargain bag this next one is!
This bag might be at a steal of a price at 14.99 from H&M, but it sure as hell doesn’t look it!

This bold, elegant statement diamond shaped, mint green evening bag includes a chain strap and is fastened with a small buckle. The bag is perfect for nights out and evening meals. The bag’s shape is an interesting one, which makes the bag more eye catching to others. 

And at this price, you’d be positively barking to miss it!

Please find the link to this bag below

                                      10. An Envebag?

No it’s not a delivery from the postman, no alas it’s not a love letter and no it’s not the dreaded bank statement. It’s a bag. 

One of the most popular evening bags seen on the catwalk and in many fashion magazines is the Envelope Clutch Bag.

But, don’t worry when I say clutch bag I don’t mean it has be be held in one hand, oh no this little bagy has a chain strap once again. 

At Fashioeyesta we aim to please.

This sexy snakeskin effect bag is in a beige colour with metal detail to the trim. The bag is versatile and can be worn with any colour, teamed with a pair of faux snakeskin heels or nude colour heels this will transform any look into instant Glamour.  

Please Find the Link Below


So There You Have It!
Ten of my top ten bag picks, so browse through them all, enjoy and the only thing left to say is

                       TAKE YOUR PICK!!!!!!!


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  1. Ilove this whole blog what a brilliant idea and the bags are all so amazing very pretty and useful.
    I hope we can see a lot more in the future thankyou emily.

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