Glam Up Your Canes: Style Tips for Visually Impaired People

Fashion Troops! You Are Armed! You Are Ready!
You are about to embark on your mission, facing all elements that stand in your way, battling into dustbin, parked car and hail to get to your destination. You have your weapon, your most reliable tool of survival in the world of all us VIP’s.
Come on you all know what it is, it’s the good old, battered, white faithful.
                                           Your trusty mobility cane.
True it’s handy, true it sees you through day to day just like your comfiest pair of tracksuit bottoms do. But, you shouldn’t settle for your weapon in combat being simply “A Good Old Stick.” Oh no, it’s time to add some colour, add some sparkle and add some style.
A cane is something that should be made your own. So ask yourself these questions. Is it a staple of my wardrobe? Is it an extension of my personality? Does it go with my outfit????
At this point you may think I’m as Mad as a Hatter, after all it is known that alas our beloved RNIB does not stock mobility canes in colours such as vibrant blue and a shocking pink. But, never fear my fellow VIPs there is a battle plan for this Very Important Mission.
Where to start? Well the first place to start is to have the basics, know your cane height, know the tip on the end and know where to get a simple white one. It’s no good if you don’t know the first thing about your cane, so get the basics and make a note of them first.
Once you have this you can start to investigate and experiment with your canes. I can help you with this part, there are a number of options to chose from in Mission Glamor Cane.
Option One: Queen Alexander’s College

The first option that you have to get a more glamorised and individual cane is to purchase a coloured one from Queen Alexander’s College.
Queen Alexander’s College offer canes in a number of different colour options from light pink, purple, red right down to blue (so even accessible for any lads out there.) These are a great day-to-day cane and will look very trendy with whatever you wear. Go for a colour that you think is your “signature colour” like Elle Woods-Legally Blonde her signature colour was pink and so is mine.
Please find the main switchboard phone number and link to the website listed below.
Telephone Number- 0121 428 5050
Web link-
Please Note that these canes are NOT reflective so would not be visible to drivers. I would not recommend using this at night, or if you do invest in reflective arm bands which are small, discrete and easy to remove. But, still ensure your safety.
Option Two: Glamsticks


Well, what can I say about the marvellous, magical and miraculous Glamstick creations….
For starters they are simply one of a kind, specially designed to your unique specifications. Whether it is bright pink and studied with blue gems or bright green with red spots. You send your tiered, battered cane to Glamsticks and it will instantly be transformed!
Or you can specially purchase a new one from the RNIB website and post it via an articles for the blind sticker which will cost you nothing. Whatever your heart desires. Your wish is Glamsticks command. Like a Cinderella you shall sparkle at the ball…or down the local pub whichever takes your fancy. So temping a magpie wouldn’t be able to resist, encrusted with gems, rhinestones.
AND if my VIP friends your pocket stretches a little further, then why not go the whole hog and have your tiered old cane encrusted with Swarovski Crystals.
Your trusty old stick will be singing, “I’M ALIVE!”
Please Note-You will need to e-mail Debbie, the founder of Glamsticks and send your request to her, she will then inform you of whether your design is possible. At this point you can send your cane to be given a makeover. 
Please find the Link to the Glamsticks Website Below.
Again also note that these canes are not reflective at night.
Option Three: DIY (Or get someone else to do it)


Now, the last option depends on your friends and or family love you. I’m afraid this is the case.
You can customize your own cane, at a lower cost by using the “love” of your friends and family and some sticky back plastic sheeting to design your own.
I have several homemade versions (thanks to my loving and very artistic mother.)
Sticky back plastic can be purchased practically anywhere online, ebay or even at your local hardware shop.
Add a few gems of crystals of your own, glued on with hard like nails glue and off you go!
So there you have it, all you need to do now is get creative.
               GOOD LUCK MY FELLOW VIP’s!!!!!!!!

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel

One thought on “Glam Up Your Canes: Style Tips for Visually Impaired People

  1. So easy to do, I really had fun making them for you Emily. Perhaps I'll do something creative to Unity's harness lol.
    You were never one to follow the crowd and just love having your own sense of style xxx.

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