A Hidden Gem in Flask Walk

Who would know that amidst the busy streets of Pedigree Hampstead, in the winding street of Flask Walk that a little hidden gem lay waiting to be found. 

I recall the year of 2010, when I first set foot in the wonderful little shop and what did I find?

I found shrugs, but these were no ordinary shrugs, oh no!

These shrugs are unique, one off and stunningly beautiful. They were completely embellished with sequins and embroidery in the most exquisite patterns. The colours of the shrugs seemed to burst out at you the moment you entered, as if they had just been plucked from the colour spectrum. So, fantastic for anyone who has some remaining vision, as you will be awed by their vibrancy. 

These shrugs are wonderful for people with no sight as they are incredibly touch feely, so fantastic for the touch sense. Made from the softness velvet and the finest silk, utter pleasure to the touch. 

These little beauties are fashioned with a eye catching butterfly or peacock pattern using beads and sequins. Patterns that just cannot be ignored by anyone. They are finished off with wonderful little beaded tassells or fringes at the end, so you will step out into the world looking like an Oriental Princess. 
The friendly young lady sat by the counter looking knowingly at me an ominous smile on her face. Knowing that I was totally transfixed by these outfit transformers and that I just had to have one!

….Or two…or three…or four…..our five

And from the price of just £10 who can actually grumble? 

The short shrugs are sold at between £10-20, depending on the level of embellishment, whist the longer ones are sold between £20-£35.

Although yesterday on returning to this fashion pilgrimage I was delighted when the lovely lady of the shop sold me them at a discounted price! In totally for five of these amazing garments, I paid a reasonable £90. 

They are so popular in fact that even a celebrity has been spotted out and about wearing one. Yes indeed! Fashion icon Kate Moss had been seen sporting one of these around Hampstead Heath. In a fabulous turquoise colour paired with a gorgeous and utterly feminine grey halter neck maxi dress and embellished clutch. 

These wonderful shrugs can be worn with jeans and a simple plain vest top, or even a plain maxi dress or jumpsuit like Kate Moss has done in her outfit. So versatile, they can flatter any body shape and any height. One size fits all. 

Here is how I styled one of mine…

2012-06-30 20.19.58 _58C7230For my look I chose to wear my favourite and oldest turquoise embellished shrug in a butterfly pattern with a simple pair of light wash jeans and a black vest with a pair of dangle turquoise earrings.

For a very long time I have been meaning to re embark to my beloved Zana’s, however I had been unable to for quite a while. The comments that I have received from the many admiring ladies have been huge. Comments like “I can’t stop looking at it!” or ‘Where did you get it!’ or ‘It’s stunning.’ I can honestly say, I have never seen another person wearing one. And as I like to be unique, this has suited me fine.

Now this was a vital piece of fashion information, so do keep it between you and me…this is a top secret style scoop.

So, after all that tiering retail therapy, why not retire to the tranquil oasis only a few short steps up flask walk.

In other words…..the pub.



Named The Flask, this public house is traditional, friendly and good value for money.

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

3 thoughts on “A Hidden Gem in Flask Walk

  1. Proved to be a totally awesome day out. I was spoilt for choice but choose the blue, short style in the end and have had many compliments whilst wearing it. I will defiantly purchase some more around December time to give as gifts to friends and family.

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