Top Wellington Boot Picks

Splash Splash Splash
Through the rain I tread
Wearing bright patent wellies
In a colour of pillar-box red….

Ahhhhhhh what I nice dr-

Oh Hello Everyone!
So, first of all let me point out I LOVE being a Brit. I love all of it’s charms, I love the food, the heritage, the fact that we have our own Pounds Sterling.
But Britain wouldn’t be Britain if it didn’t have the one thing that makes us all stop and chat in the local shop, the thing that can test our will power, the one thing that can make or break our just coiffed hair.


But no matter what, through wind and rain snow and hail. We all MUST venture out into the brunt of it.
So, why not do it in style with a new pair of wellington boots?
Now one thing I swear by are my beloved hunter wellies, I have a collection of six pairs and counting. Wellington boots are so practical for anyone with a sight impairment as even if you step directly into a puddle if you cannot see it your feet will remain warm and dry until you get home.

But don’t let me catch you settling for just any old pair of wellington boots, I mean like a dreary pair of kahki green or canary yellow wellies.
Not for any of my fashion grasshoppers!

Wellies are great because they can be worn in many different ways, I don’t mean just the basic wellies with jeans or even jodhpurs. But instead why not try the whole country heritage look and pair them with a jersey dress? Or invest in a particular special pair of wellies and then next Spring/Summer rock them with denim shorts in time for the festival season.

So I have selected a few different options for you all to chose from, think trendy, think fun and think waterproof!
Remember no one will look fashionable will a Rudolf red noise, watery eyes and a sneeze that will travel to china.

1. Black Croc Wellies  

From: Newlook (Online Exclusive)

Miss Snappy have done well with this wonderful pair of Faux Croc materiel black wellington boots. They are long and would roughly reach below the knee.

These are brilliant as they are so versatile and can be worn with a variety of different colours.

The croc material is fantastic as it is very touchy feely-great for anyone with a sight impairment.

And they don’t show the dirt, added bonus.

Click Here to be directed to the online site

2. Joules Rules!

Ok now I am a HUGE fan of Joules wellies. Joules in an English brand with stores stretching across the UK. Joules sell some utterly superb wellies, they have two different lengths to chose from.
The short are better for you lovely ladies with slightly bigger calves, whist the taller ones are better for people with small to average size leg. Don’t worry if (like me) they don’t fit your calf this i always better if you need to wear jeans.

Their wellies come in a range of styles some having bright bows tied to them and others having cute animal prints all along them such as pheasants, mallards and even horses. Even if your not a country girl you can sure as hell still look like one!

Joules wellies are very practical, whist still adding an element of femininity and style to their footwear.

Why not treat yourself to one of their gorgeous dresses, joules always dress their models in a pair  of with one of the latest frocks when advertising their latest fashion lines.
The Link to their website is below

Click here to be directed to the Joules Website

3. You’ve Got Mel, I’m well Jel

When I first saw these I thought they were just about the CUTEST wellies I had ever seen.
The Melissa wedges are short wellington boots that come up just above the ankle.
They have an adorable little bow on the side which is made out of the same glossy material as the wellies. The bow is very touchy feely which is a great extra to the wellie.

They will look great with a cute little dress or even a pair of leggings, they come in a variety of colours such as cream, black, navy blue and bright red.

Click Here to find the Melissa Wellies

3. Lets Go “Hunting” 
You can ask any shoe lover, any festival goer, any gardener and they will all without guarantee tell you that the king of the wellie world is “Hunter.”
Whatever colour, whatever length and whatever finish you want Hunter will have it.
Like Joules, Hunter also have a choice in the length of shoe that you can get either long leg or short leg. I personally prefer shorter length, as it can be worn with a lot more things more easily.
The thing that I love about Hunters is that they are still so practical. On the back of them
they also have a reflective sticker attached to them. That means they can be seen in the dark, this would be a great safety feature for anyone who has a sight impairment.
They come in many different styles also such as lace up style and Jimmy Choo has recently collaborated with hunter to make a croc material wellie.
Many celebrities have been seen sporting these and they have even been approved of by her Majesty the Queen. Hunter wellies are the equivalent of Apple Mac, in short you can get no better quality than Hunter.
You can also buy Hunter Socks, which go inside the wellie and stretch to the top and can be worn over the welllies. The socks also have the hunter logo on the top.
Hunters can be found online and are also sold in many different shoe shops such as office, Bank and Russel and Bromley.

5. Stay Safe at a Cheaper Rate

Now when I first clapped eyes on these Wellies I was completely shocked. These wellies are simply amazing!

The reason is because they not only look amazing, a short ankle length pixie style wellie boot with a little bow on the side. But they also glow in the dark!

This is an excellent safety feature for anyone with a sight impairment as no driver will miss them. They come in colours of aqua blue, mid pink and coral. And for the price of £24 who can really complain?

Click Here to be Directed to the Webpage for these Wellies

6.Wedge Wellies

And so our trip to Wellie land draws to a close and to bid you goodbye is the amazing brand “Wedge Wellies.”

I know, I know its a crazy idea but a crazy idea that is pure genius. These wellies are amazing as they give you the height of a high heel, whist giving you the comfort and dryness of the classic wellie.


Wedge Wellies do a range of different wellies all in the same long length that will reach just below the knee. They also accommodate for women with larger legs. So, these wellies can be worn by anyone. Wedge Wellies also offers the service where you can have your name added in Swarovski Crystals.

So you want Wellie Glamour? Well here you have it!

Click here to be directed to the Wedge Wellie site

So, I hope you find something you like, so go out there in your new wellies with a smile on your face.

    Singin’ in the Rain!!!!!!

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