A Day at Jo Malone: An Experience of the Senses

Now, we all know how much we all love to change our wardrobes. What with Summer slowly fading away into autumn and the new trends of each passing season.
But, has the thought of changing your “fragrance wardrobe” ever occurred to you?
Well at the fabulous Jo Malone store, Covent Garden it’s practically second nature. Today I swaggered up from the Strand to the tranquil oasis of Jo Malone, Kings Street with a trusty canine sidekick (Guide Dog Unity) in toe.
Being visually impaired I have always loved difference scents and what they can say about an individual and believe me Jo Malone has something for everyone.
On entering the store I was welcomed with the newest autumnal fragrance “Blackberry and Bay.” The store was bright, immaculately clean and airy. The area is easily access able with no steps to enter the shop and very clutter free apart from one round table to the right of the entrance.
I was subsequently seated in one of the stools of the “Tasting Bar” on the left side of the shop. There could my whole sensory experience truly begin.
My wonderful consultant, Ashleigh began the tasting session by discussing what Jo Malone as a company represented and what the different family of fragrance there are.
There are several different fragrance family in the Jo Malone collection.
Citrus, Floral, Light Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Woody.
I myself am a huge fan of the Fruity Family.
So, I specifically asked to try the newest fragrance, The fragrance was sprayed on a card and after allowing it to dry properly (the same principal as you would do for the skin.) Any of the fragrances are best experienced over a period of time. As the undertones can be smelt after the fragrance as the scent has a change to be absorbed the skin.
The Blackberry and Bay Fragrance is made of of a blend of tart blackberry and the sharp scent of bay leaves with undertones of white musk bramble and deader wood.
The fragrance is inspired by the idea of innocence and childhood memorise of strolling through the woods and spending blissful hours picking blackberries.
One of the things I utterly adore about Jo Malone is that you can always find a scent that evokes some powerful memory within you. Blackberry and Bay sparks the memory of one cold, blustery October day with my family admits the many trees of Noel Park.
The second part to this testing session was to break down the elements of the fragrance and to see exactly what its components were. This incorporated the senses of touch, taste, scent and sight.
On a silver tray were a lush pile of juicy blackberries and a small cluster of bay leaves. Ashleigh told me to taste the blackberries and to break the bay leaves up into smaller pieces to totally get the full extent of the layers of the fragrance.
She then got me to smell the essential oils of bay leaves and blackberry’s. The scent as a whole is intoxicating and once I understood the full craftsmanship that went into constructing this intricate fragrance, I then truly appreciated that how Malone fragrances can actually tell a story.
And… combined they can tell more than one.
The second part of my luxurious Jo Malone session involved a combining of two fragrances and special VIP treatment. And when I say VIP I mean VIP.
I was then treated to a session on how to combine different fragrances in the Jo Malone collections to make a more personalised bespoke scent.
During the session I was given a Jo Malone Lime flavoured cup of water and was treated to a full hand and arm massage. Using the Wild Bluebell body wash and body crème. This experience really focused on the touch sense and was very enjoyable as the smell of the Wild Bluebell was very soothing. Ashleigh then used a warm, wet towel to wipe of the product and then began on the body crème.
The massage experience felt utterly sublime!
All in all I found the experience totally enjoyable, relaxing and totally iresistable! I had to leave the shop with the classic Jo Malone bag in it was the newest fragrance ‘Blackberry and Bay!’
The staff in the shop were all very friendly, accommodating and helpful and they all made a big fuss of Unity. I would Highly recommend Jo Malone for anyone who wants a full on sensory experience.
                                      Jo Malone Is a Piece of Art in a Bottle.
Even Unity likes Jo Malone, yes my dog knows class when she smells it.
All Over Rating
Hospitality 5/5: Friendly staff, excellent treatment of customers.
Accessibility 5/5: No steps, very bright and open in store, good treatment towards assistance dogs.
Value for Money 5/5: As a customer I was totally pampered on the day.
Overall Rating 10/10: Fabulous Products!
My Outfit of the Day
Dress- fox print tunic dress with peter pan collar from Yumi.
Coat-light blue trench style coat with pleated skirt from  River Island.
Tights-mustard colour H&M.
Boots-tan high heeled boots from Oasis
Bag- chocolate brown Alexa from Mulberry
Broach-Owl broach from antique shop in Portobello Road.
Ring-blue and gold ring from Biba.
If you would like a consultation, contact your nearest Jo Malone store.
You’d be crazy not to!

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

7 thoughts on “A Day at Jo Malone: An Experience of the Senses

  1. My favourite all time Jo Malon Fragance has to be Orange Blossom, but Amber and Lavender is a close second and is also great for men too.
    Definitely need to try Blackberry and Bay

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