The Charity Shop Challenge

Charity shops, the world of the unwanted, the discarded and the unknown.
On this quest thou Noble fashion warriors
Ye shall battle thy way through china ornaments, old books and bric a brac to find thoughself prize.
…Ok Let’s stop talking like that.
Now before you all recoil in disgust and runs screaming for the hills. HOLD FIRE!!!
Charity shops are deceptive; they may look unappealing at a first glance. But, when you enter into one and begin to rummage through the clothing rails, with a trusty sidekick…or two. You may find a few little surprises.
Just like I did…
Last Saturday I made a trip to Welling High Street with my mum, my aunt and Unity the Guide Dog to begin the Bargain Hunt of fashion.
Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice
The first charity shop that we ventured into was the lovely Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice. Where we were all warmly greeted by the lovely Judy Moore, a volunteer and Mandy Brinkhurst Deputy Retail Manager. Who were both very hospitable and helpful in assisting me find some great bargains!
They were only to happy to let me film inside and outside the shop, which you will later find on my Youtube channel video.
The Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice in my opinion was the most exciting Charity shop I have visited so far. I found that there was a great deal to chose from a sort of “Aladdins Cave” if you will. I’m not your conventional Fashion Guru, I like unique, quirky and one off items. And this charity shop ticked all the boxes for me.
Shopping around can be daunting if you have little or no sight. As there is a lot to choose from, but the trick is to have more than one pair of eyes on the look out!
Take a friend on one of your charity shop excursions or even get to know the charity shop staff so they know your style.
Buying items from a charity shop can be fun, as when teamed up with more expensive and high street brands an outfit can become your own.
I love to buy jewellery mostly, as many pieces are very tactile.



I was given a flyer, which promoted their Sunday fun day, which included a “Vintage Fair.” It was during this day that I found some exciting pieces.
Top Items Found 
1.     Great chocolate Brown Kelly Bag-£4
2.     Red Garnet Effect Ring-£2
3.     Sweet poppy Broach-£1.50
4.      Stunning blue and Green leaf Broach-2.50
5.     Quirky Apple Broach-£1.50
Items Purchased during the Vintage Fair
1.     Fabulous Lulu Guinness Slippers (Never been worn)-£8
2.     Gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg dress-£7
3.     Lovely French Connection pinafore grey dress-£10
4.     Quirky H&M red and blue striped playsuit (new with tags)-£9
5.     Chocolate Brown Jumper-£5
6.     A selection of broaches-two leaf shape brooches, hedgehog brooch £3.
The Welling High Street Branch mainly sells china ornaments and retro/ vintage jewellery and the odd vintage style bag.
The Eltham Branch sells larger furniture items and bric a brac.
The branch in Greenwich sells mainly clothing items, which I saw, a snippet of during the vintage fair last Sunday.
I will even be featured in their latest news letter, for adding their shop as part of my Charity Shop Challenge blog post.
If your in the area pop in and see them, maybe part with a few pounds for a worthy cause.
If you live in the London area it is well worth having a look!

Click here to view their website.

Cancer Research-Welling High Street
The Next charity shop I visited was the cancer research shop.
There I also had my fair share of bargains, which pleased me as this charity is very close to my heart.
1.     Tan 1940s style shoes-£3
2.     Grey glass beads-£1.50
3.     Pretty gold leaf necklace-£1.50
4.     Unusual straw boater gold brooch-£1
The staff were all very welcoming and the shop was very bright and airy.
The only downside was that there was only one fitting room; So not big enough for me and my guide dog.
Scope-Welling High Street
Well what can I say about scope? It was a great shopping experience. The first time my mum looked in the window she didn’t know whether it was a charity shop or not!
As the window display looked so professional and eye catching to look at.
The staff member out on the shop floor was very friendly, helpful and informative. She was a class sales person. She even offered my Guide Dog a drink.
The shop was very bright, airy and very easily accessible to get around with my guide dog.
Scope also pride themselves on taking on young, disabled volunteers. To gain retail experience, to aid them in employment.
Although I did find some great buys. Sadly my aunt stole all of the limelight here. As most of the lovely clothes were in her size.
My best buy in scope was a pair of fantastic high wasted skinny jeans from River Island in immaculate condition for £6. They retailed at £45.
This has been a very fun and challenging experience for me as I never would have thought about updating my wardrobe with buys from the rails of a charity shop.
I dare say I am usually the one lugging black sacks full of old clothes to donate to my local charity shop. And it’s for the blind…oh the irony!
Nevertheless, this was a fun blog to feature and saved me a small fortune. I’ll be keeping a look out when I’m out and about in Greenwich for the Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice. Which I am told has regular designer donations!
So, get out there think glam and spend some cash! And remember your recycling and helping a worthy cause!
Watch Part One of the Challenge.
Watch Part Two of the Challenge.
With Love

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2 thoughts on “The Charity Shop Challenge

  1. Such great buys and cheaper on my poor pockets! Shopping with you is usually Always so much more expensive. It was a Challenge, but we had a laugh too.
    Great post as always!

  2. Love these outfits emily they look great on you
    wouldent have thought they came from a charity shop
    must take a look there myself .and your vidio is fantastic to

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