Neals Yard Remedies Facial: Review

No one ever said that life would be a bed of Roses.
As the sea of life batters you from place to place, drops a new drama in your lap or challenges you to the brink. With an occasional trip to the Paradise that is Neal’s Yard you can certainly feel like one. 
Neal’s yard was founded in 1981 and was set up with the belief that all their products should be made from organic and where possible fair traded products, wonderful fragrances and a whole lot of love. Now, in the year of 2012 Neal’s Yard has many stores across the UK, selling wonderful holistic products that only include “the good stuff.”
What I mean by “good stuff” is that the products of Neal’s Yard are all made from organic plant extracts and essential oils; Leaving out the dreaded synthetic chemicals that so many skin care companies use.
The thing I admire about Neal’s Yard as a brand is that the company is concerned with the health and wellbeing of the customer; as well as the wellbeing of our beautiful Planet.
Whist it is important to look good, it is also important to conserve the astonishing beauty of the planet we call home. After all if Planet earth was a women, I’m sure she’d be nodding emphatically right now.

Today I visited Neal’s Yard, Bromley for a facial to combat the effects of this notoriously changing climate on my skin. On entering the store, I was welcomed by a symphony of scents. There were shelves upon shelves of blue bottles, used in order to keep out sunlight and to preserve the products for a longer period. The store seemed to echo a feel of wisdom, that the knowledge of natural products past had somehow been revived by Neal’s Yard.

I was warmly welcomed by the floor staff and offered a warming cup of Organic warming tea; a combination of ginger, cinnamon and herbs used particularly to warm and comfort. This I felt added an extra element as the experience focused on tasting, something that I enjoy being a VIP.
I was then introduced to my holistic therapist, Susie Goldberg. The consultation began with a discussion about my history, health problems and skin care routine. Susie was very thorough in the sense that she aimed to get a clear picture of my life style and my health. In order to enhance the experience. She was very accommodating during the facial, continuously allowing me to smell the products as she knew of my sight impairment, as well as explaining what she was about to do.

The treatment was very comforting from the soft tones of calming music to the smell of frankincense, rose and Nerole. The towels were even heated before being covered with them.
The treatment was very personalised to my skin type and needs. The facial differed from others that I have previously had. As it concentrated more on the individuals health and well-being. Using different essential oils to trigger emotions.
Susie particularly used products from the Rose family, as it was suited to my teenage and puberty effected skin. The Rose family products are used to balance the skin and eradicate toxins.
She was also very knowledgeable on aromatherapy and was able to give me valuable advice about how to best use essential oils to achieve the correct mood.
One tip that she gave me which I will divulge to you all, is to blend 5-8 drops of essential oil with a small amount of full fat milk to a warm bath. Just like Queen Cleopatra would have done…only no Asps involved here.

There was also the element of choice, I had two options of a complimentary massage on either my head or my hands. Being that I am always slaving away at this blog, I thought I opt for the hands. She used a wonderful “mint and bergamot” hand lotion and with skilled hands made the entire ache and tension vanish.
The session lasted for 45 minutes, would normally cost £45. However, I was given 20% discount, so only costing me £36. On top of this I was also given a mass of samples to try at home, all used during the treatment. As well as an extra 15% off any products I purchased from the store that day. I must admit I couldn’t leave empty handed.
However, I do find it helpful that Neal’s Yard are very generous with samples. As, their philosophy is to believe in their products.
I am pleased to tell any of you that live near Bromley, Kent, that anyone who books an appointment with Susie Goldberg and mentions my blog. Will also be given a 20% discount!
And believe me IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
The packaging was also very accessible, although there is sadly not braille at the moment. The dark blue text is contrasted with the white background. As well as the products all being of easy access and of a distinctive blue colour.
The experience as a whole was one of the best beauty treatments I have ever had. I am a total convert and now stand by using products crafted from Mother Nature’s bounty.
Ease of Access-5/5
Clutter Free
In Close proximity to Bus Stops and Rail Networks.
Friendly Staff!
Great Service!
An Insightful Therapist!
Brilliant Discount!
And no pushy sales people
General Value-5/5
Fantastic paraben free, no animal testing, no use of synthetic fragrance of silicones.
Everything smelt sublime.
This is a must for anyone with our without a sight impairment. So, why not treat yourself this autumn.

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel

2 thoughts on “Neals Yard Remedies Facial: Review

  1. On Our visit to Neals Yard today I was so impressed with entire experience, ombience and customer service. I would like to book in for one of the treatments and have already begun to trial the samples that were offered to me today. Having very sensitive skin myself I like the fact that they are all organic and free from parabens. For anyone feeling tired, stressed on in need of a little TLC please try them out…

  2. as always emily another very exciting blog page
    looks like you had great fun
    maybe you should take me with you on your next visit
    ohhhhh that would be so nice .
    carry on the good work cant wait to read your next page

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