Alice in Fashion Wonderland: Read for the Blind RNIB Campaign

There is a blog, a blog like no other blog on earth.
A fashion land full of glad rags, sparkles and danger.

Let me start of by saying that anyone who knows me will surely know that I’m as Mad as a Hatter. It’s common fact, so for my latest instalment to all you fashion grasshoppers. I’ll divulge my latest fashion trip to Wonderland, the other day I followed the white rabbit and my high heeled Vivienne Westwood shoes sent me tumbling through to the magical world.
This week I shall be going all out Alice inspired fashion, to salute the RNIB’s Read for the Blind campaign. Growing up with a visual impairment and a love for books, reading has always proved to be a struggle for me. From a very early age I loved nothing more than to follow the white rabbit into the world of my very vivid imagination. I always found books a source of sustenance to feed my greedy and over thinking mind, books provided me with descriptions of other places, wonderful characters and a love for adventure.
Thanks to the help of the RNIB and the wonderful selection of accessible books, I have a scholarship to study BA hons English at Goldsmiths University, constantly write poetry and am working on a novel and aspire to one day obtain a PHD in children’s literature.
This humble little blog post is my way of saying a huge thank you to the RNIB for their help and support through the years. I have also donated a little contribution to the cause too. For any of you who love Alice in Wonderland or know what it is to feel the love of a good book. Think of us VIP’s, never forget how important it is to feed the mind so it can grow and create. So please, read on, think hearts and tea cups and follow the White Rabbit into your own fashion wonderland!
Wonderland Looks
Down the Rabbit Hole
We begin with the first look that that is very much quint essential look for any lover of Alice in Wonderland lovers with a daring streak is defiantly the classic Alice look
In this outfit I have chosen to wear a light blue Alice style dress with a white peter pan collar and cuffs bought from ASOS. The dress is tightly fitted at the waist and flares out and creates the perfect Alice in Wonderland image. I have teamed the dress with light blue Vivienne Westwood T Bar Jelly shoes, a black alice band, a mirror pendant necklace with a brass finish and blue floral earrings.
This look re-creates the traditional Alice persona and is great for a garden party or a special occasion.
I’m Late, I’m Late for a Very Important Date! 
So, for those of you who cannot see the photo, I have tried to re create the white rabbit image. This look is perfect for anyone who wants to show a hint of Alice in Wonderland. Whilst keeping it low key.
The white rabbit look can be achieved by wearing a mixture of tweeds, browns and greens. Along with slight hints of Alice in wonderland in your jewellery and accessories.
Not on the High Street, an online fashion, home and gifts website, offer a great selection of pocket watch brooches. The look can also be achieved by wearing understated pieces of jewellery, pearl earrings or why not even invest in a small gold signet ring?
This look is great for anyone who wishes to pursue the Alice look with a little more class and create an understated look.
This way, that way
Now this look that can re create the Alice element is to add brightly coloured dresses, shoes and fashion accessorise to
create a vibrant look that communicates a fun, wonderland inspired outfit.
In this outfit I have teamed my royal blue alice print TopShop dress with hearts, clubs and spade print on the dress.
Along with my Vivienne Westwood red t bar shoes, a red heart shaped ring and matching earrings.
The look can be re created by using garments which use heart prints, bright colours and a little imagination.
Mad Hatters Tea Party 

Now when you hear the words “Alice in Wonderland” what do you think of? hearts, flowers and…teacups?
I’d be surprised if you didn’t.
So, another classic Alice look that can be represented in an outfit is the mad hatters tea party. For this look I wore my ASOS tea part print dress with a heart shaped cut out in the back, light blue t bar vivienne Westwood shoes and a tea cup print headband. To create the Alice look simply search on numerous fashion sights for things that have a teacup print or element as well as using light pinks, blues and greens in your clothing. Search for feminine vintage looking dress. Think frills, think fun and think fabulously bonkers!

Painting the Roses Red
Another look for my Alice in Wonderland fashion scrapbook is this very courtly, regal looking outfit to signify Alice’s adventure into the Queen of Heart’s court.
The outfit consists of a dark denim pair of Levi Jeans (although you can opt for black trousers or velvet leggings/ trousers) with a navy blue semi fitted top from M&S with the grand finish…Que drumroll.

My wonderful corsage detailed bolero, the bolero is very touchy feely, in a vibrant red. The bolero feels as if there are many tiny roses all over it, perfect for any VIP. As it adds an element of touch.
I teamed it with my beloved chershire cat broach (from kirks folly,) red melissa shoes with heart shaped detail to the front. Butler and wilson red heart shaped earrings and a small yumi bag with a tea cup print on the front and tan detailing on the outside.
And finally my fabulous rose shaped ring bought from Swarovski crystal.
So fancy looking very courtly and elegant? Well this Alice look is the one for you.
Just opt for reds and blues along with rose shaped items and don’t forget the hearts!

Queens of Hearts
…Not really, I’m not that cruel as the Queen of Hearts.
But, I can endeavour to dress like her, well not the the extremes of flouncy skirts and crowns. But maybe a hint of the Queen of Hearts fashion has found it’s regal way into my wardrobe. In this final outfit I have decided to go for my adorable playing card print dress bought from Sugarhill boutique. I teamed it with black tights, my red t bar VIvienne Westwood jelly shoes and heart shaped accessorise.

Emily-em Originais
In this image I have shown my two beloved hand painted Alice bags, designed by my mum. In one bag there is a caricature of me with the cheshire cat in an enchanted forest and he other also of me as a caricature at the Mad Hatters tea party. With bright colours, glitter, stuck on Swarovski crystals and novelty buttons.
Click here to find out more.

Top Picks to recreate the Alice Look

1. Butler and Wilson Heart Shaped Bag-Click here
A cute heart shaped bag with jewel embellishment, also has a cross body strap. Can be bought in red or mutli coloured.

A long sleeved ivory coloured semi fitting dress, with a playing card print over it and a pussy bow neckline.

3. Yumi Tea Cup print bag-click here
This cute small sized bag from yumi with a tea cup pattern, available in black or in tan. With a gold chain strap that can be adjusted to the shoulder or cross body.

4. Pansy Print Shoulder Bag-Click Here
A roomy vintage inspired pansy print shoulder bag with tan straps. Just like the talking pansies from alice in wonderland, some pansies are appliquéd to add that wonderful textured element. Very colourful and versatile, also available in an envelope style clutch bag which is £32.

Heres an image of me at the RNIB pop un Wonderland event on saturday the 20th October with the Mad hatter, a fellow volunteer and Unity, my guide dog. I’m also sporting my pokerface dress in this image, who said charity work couldn’t be glamorous?

“But I don’t wan’t to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh you can’t help that,” said the Cat. “We’re all made here, I’m mad, Your mad.”

“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “otherwise you wouldn’t have come here.”

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carol

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