Autumn Essentials

The fires are burning and the leaves are turning.

As day becomes the equal of night.
Colours or amber gold and red, autumn is such a pretty sight.
I do the love autumn I do , I do I…anyway let’s get to fashion my lovely people.
So, the season has turned and now we are harvesting the fruits, raking the lawn and hitting the shops!
Changing seasons can be hard for anyone in the fashion department, with our without sight. What with vogue publishing the latest catwalk trend, but Autumn isn’t about the latest Miu Miu style. Autumn is about right colours, woodland prints and a whole lot of creativity. In my latest blog post I’ll be sharing with you some of my top tips and best outfits, so you can rock this autumn season.
Outfit One
Jumper-Squirel print grey jumper from Tesco
Jeans-Capri Style from Miss Selfridge (Very old)

Whimsical Woodlanders
So whist the earths tilt can now be proclaimed as equinox, I now suspect that we’ll begin to hear the hooting of an owl of the scampering of a fox.
The wildlife that autumn brings is one of the things that I utterly adore about autumn. And you all know me I’m all for the expressing your personality through your wardrobe.
The high street is offering a wide selection of items from clothing to bags and accessorise. If your not to keen on sporting a fox print dress (like me.) Then why not opt for something more understated like a squirrel print bag or a fox broach.
Here is a small selection of the some of my current favourites.
If you have a request for an item you’d like to find just e mail me at
1. Tatty divine fox broach £30
After popular demand this absolutely adorable Perspex fox broach which depicts a very cheeky looking, bushy tailed, curled up fox. In the most amazing amber colour. The broach is very touchy feely and is a great accessory for anyone who wants to have a little fun. (The broach is also available in a wooden material)

Click here to follow your foxy friend!

2. Sugarhill boutique fox and friends sweater £42

This second item comes from my beloved sugarhill boutique. In a deep blue this comfy sweater has a cute fox along with his chums the rabbit, squirrel and two deer’s on it. This item is great for anyone who wants to sport a totally autumnal piece.
Sugarhill boutique also do many other great pieces for this autumn and there are stores that stock the brand all across the UK.
You can also go onto small independent jewellery stores, boot fairs and eBay to shop for individual little pieces. Just look for anything that reminds you of autumn. Remember whether it be foxes, owls, deer’s or squirrels. There will always be a special woodland animal that you have a soft spot for.
Outfit Two
Jumper-Sugarhill Boutique Fox Print Sweater in Charcoal (also available in geay. As seen on TOWIE.)
Jeans-Dark denim jeans from Miss Selfridge.

      3.Dorothy Perkins Woodland print scarf £10

This scarf is absolutely fabulous, not only to keep you warm but also to show off your salute to the autumn season. In a wonderful rust colour with a woodland animal print of an owl, a deer and a fox. This item is a must have accessory for the autumn season.

4.  Made with love Autumn scene Appliqué bag £32
This next item is the adorable appliquéd bag with an autumnal woodland and squirrel print. The piece is appliquéd so very touchy feely. With two acorns, autumn leavs and a squirrel bag charm. This piece is excellent as a versatile piece, there are many different colours in this bag so can be worn with a lot of outfits. The strap can be worn over the shoulder, but still looks like it can fit a fair amount of your worldly treasures inside.

Outfit Three

Dress-Black 3/4 length Sleeve black owl dress from Sugarhill boutique (last year but probably can be found on eBay.)
Tights-Chocolate brown tights from M&S
Boots-Knee Length Chocolate brown boots from Aldo
Belt-Tan leather belt from Next
Broach-Felted handmade pocket watch broach from Not on the High Street.
Ring-Chocolate brown large ring from a jewellery stand in Bexley Heath

Treasures of Autumn
Another great fashion statement for this autumn season is to add a touch of the fruits and trinkets that mother nature has to offer. That is to add a fashion accessory such as a broach, a necklace or a ring in the shape of a leaf, acorn or any other natural artefact you’d find on a walk in the woods.
Outfit Four
Dress-Black semi fitted cap sleeved dress with orange floral print from Fashion Union
Cardigan-Oatmeal coloured cardigan from New Look
Headband-Orange/ Amber coloured Headband from BHS
Black Tights
Boots-black riding boots from M&S
Earrings-Purple droplet earrings where from I can’t remember!
Bag-Mulberry Chocolate Alexa
Past times do a wonderful of leaf shaped broaches and earrings all year round. Go for a gold or bronze colour when selecting a broach. As it will add that extra autumnal feel. Mainly go for leaves that usually fall this time of season.
Recently I found a number of great broaches and necklaces from my local charity shops to sprue up my older pieces in my wardrobe. My favourite one has to be an adorable hedgehog shaped broach from the Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice.
Another item that can be seen in one of my images above is a small cinderella carriage necklace from Disney Coture. This wonderful necklace as an enchanting feel to my autumnal look and really does make a statement. The familiar pumpkin shape and colour really adds to the autumnal feel.
Why not have a little fun nearing this Halloween season and add something slightly more gothic. Go for a cheap one off piece like a small black cat broach or a pair of bat shaped earrings? If you’d prefer the more gimmicky side of halloween you could always make a trp into accessorise and check out their fashion items on offer. But remember it’s only one day a year, so limit your purse.
The Autumn Palette
So another question that I’m sure some of you may ask when you are fully blind or colour blind is. What colours should I go for? The spectrum is large during Autumn and there are many colours that you can opt for that will suit your skin tone.
1. Plums and Purples
The deep plum colours are always back during the autumn months. Vogue only recently announced that Purple was in once again. Of course purple is a slightly tricky colour to wear when your visually impaired. So seek some advice from a member of staff or a friend or family member when selecting purple items. If your paler than go for colours that are not so severe and that can be worn with lighter colours to even it out. If you have red hair (like me) you can afford to be slightly daring. But remember very dark purples can make you look ill and pale, so seek advice before flashing the plastic!
If your slightly dubious of purple you could always choose a safer route such as accessorising with purple accessorise, jewellery and bags.
Outfit Five
Jumper-Plum coloured fox and rabbit print jumper from M&S.
Jeans-Dark wash  jeans from Miss selfridge
Necklace-Cinderella carriage necklace from Disney Couture.
Slippers-Cosy cream boot slippers from Primark.
2. Ambers and Oranges
Another choice up for grabs this Autumn season is to go for more sutler s hades of amber, mustards and oranges. Now don’t panic, when i say orange I mean a burnt orange. The colour is more subtle than bright orange and works wonderfully for this autumn season.
New look and primark offer a great selection of causal garments that can be worn more easily during the daytime. The best I have seen so far is the wonderful £11 stretch trousers in a wide variety of Autumnal colours, I have fire pairs!
3. Golds and Browns 

 A more easy to wear selection of colours is the golds and browns that look great whatever you decide to pair them with. From a dark brown or tan pair of boots and a bag to match. To a gold pair of earings. The possibilities are endless.

My New Emily-em’s original bag (curtesy of mummy)

To add to my autumn post, I also was surprised with a brand new hand painted bag from my mum. Her emily-em original bespoke bag is of a scene of me walking through the park, in autumn. With gold, orange and brown freshly fallen leaves on the group and both my lovely doggies Unity the guide dog and Freddy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel playing amonst the leavs. There are also 3d leaves such on the bag and a picture of a small fox making a scarper in the background.

I love it!

If you’re interested in ordering one of these bags follow the link below.

Click Here!

And remember, autumnal colours all marry in with eachother. So, don’t be afraid to branch off and mix and match different coloured items with each other.
So, with all this advice get out there in your autumnal ensemble and make a march into the autumn wilderness, drink hot Pumpkin soup and get ready to celebrate Autumn in style!
Emily xxxx

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One thought on “Autumn Essentials

  1. Autumn is my favourite season for fashion. Love all the chunky knits, scarves and boots. But this season has the added benefit of introducing the woodland theme and even florals like the winter flowering pansy to the fabrics. Love these looks!!

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