Bollywood Fashion

Has anyone ever heard of those wonderful Bollywood Films?

The ones where a beautiful women steps out with mega carrot gold jewellery, exquisite bright coloured clothing and fairytale style makeup and hairstyles.

If you have not, you sure as hell will now!

Bollywood Fashion

Last week I went to see a fashion show for breast cancer awareness, that had a segment totally dedicated to Bollywood fashion. It got me thinking about doing my own tribute to both the lovely ladies modelling the gorgeous clothes and the women of Bollywood who wear them.

Bollywood Fashion

Bollywood fashion has alway intrigued me, from the numerous influences of such Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty. Indian fashion is full of the whole spectrum of colours from deep blue like the a peacocks tale to a vibrant pink the colour of fuschias. So join me today to find out how to recreate this stunning Indian inspired look, whether you want to go the whole way Bollywood style or something slightly more bohemian and understated. I can assure even if you’re not a Bollywood actress, you’ll definitely look like one.

Bring on the Bollywood 
Whenever I think of Bollywood fashion I think boldness,  and attention to detail. Bollywood fashion is both very visually pleasing and extremely tactile. You can select from a range of tunic dresses that usually have a diamond cut or box cut neckline. Bollywood clothing is mainly highly embellished with beading, sequins and embroidery.

Bollywood Fashion

Colours are usually combined, for instance a long maxi dress may have a combination such as purple and silver or green and pink.

Bollywood Fashion

Catwalk Outfit One

Turquoise maxi evening dress with gold detailing.

Gold strappy shoes

Deep colour contrasts such as these really make a bold statement, which is something that deeply diverges Eastern Fashion from Western Fashion.

Now moving onto footwear at this time of the year it is not exactly easy to wear your latest Bollywood ensemble with a pair of tan wedges. However, you could always go for a pair of plain espadrilles, stores such as new look and Primark always stock espadrilles for relatively cheap prices. The Bollywood inspired look is fabulous, but not always an everyday look. So it may be an idea to keep more embellished, vibrant garments for a party piece, holiday, or even an Indian event.
Catwalk Outfits Two and Three
Model Two
Bright yellow skinny trousers
Yellow tunic top with pink flowers 
Yellow scarf 
Pink Strappy high heeled shoes
Model Three
Purple Long evening dress with diamond neckline and silver detailing.
Purple Trousers 
Gold Wedges
Bollywood Fashion

You can also re-create the Bollywood look by adding body and face accessorise such as a Henna tattoo transfer or a bindi spot.

Bindi spots look amazing and can really vamp up the Bollywood theme.
I would definitely recommend them if your the daring sort. If not, you could always save them for a special occasion or (like me) to take photos with.
For the Bollywood look you could also invest in a set of stick on diamontie nose studs. If your not sure about having a real one and just want to add a little extra stick on nose studs are great if you want to try something different. They can also be purchased from Claires accessorise or any good retailer such as Boots and Superdrug.

Catwalk Outfit Four
Blue and pink short sleeved tunic dress
Pink skinny trousers
Gold high heeled shoes

Outfit One

Bollywood Fashion

Green Tunic Indian Dress from Rupali
Gold Indian Bangles from Rupali
Bindi spot-Claires Accessories

You could always opt to go for a slightly more downscale look such as a loose fitting tunic or shift dress teamed with a set of bangles and a hand chain.

Outfit Two

Bollywood Fashion

Gold tunic top with pink and green beading and detailing-Oxfam Charity shop
Peacock feather droplet earrings from Claires Accessorise 

Bindi Spot-Claires Accessorise 

Bollywood style is also about patterns, so when thinking of what patterns to chose from think Paisley print.

Eastern fashion’s key pattern is the use of this print, both very beautiful and intricete. It is used in Henna tattoos and clothing. Or why not go for something indian inspired like peacock tale print or an elephant pattern?

Outfit Three

Bollywood Fashion

Bollywood Fashion
Multi colour (base colour turquoise) paisley print body-con 3/4 length dress from Primark
Blue droplet earrings from Debenhams
Elephant Pendant from New look





Bollywood makeup is all about a clear, complexion bold eye makeup and ruby red lips. You can use browns, golds and greens for the eye makeup and using a black eyeliner of your choice outline to top of your eyes.
Remember the look is also about bronzing, so invest in a good bronzer. Chose one that compliments your skin tone, do not confuse a bronzer with a foundation. As this is a HUGE mistake. I personally would recommend a bronzing powder, such as one from Smashbox or even Benefits “Take to the tan” bronzing cream. Unlike some fake tans it washes off, be warned seek another advise on this. Otherwise the treat of looking like an Oompa Loompa will be on the horizon.
Chose a matt lipstick in a red or plum colour to add the “indian pricness’ element to your lips.

Beauty Treatments
Another extra element in order to re create the Bollywood look is by sprucing yourself up this November with a few Indian beauty treatments.
Indian facials is always one option, as it consists of Indian remedies and even the choice of an indian head massage. Facials are alway great to give your skin that extra support this time of year, so why not see how the Bollywood stars do things and treat yourself to one of the native treatments?

Another option is to try out having your eyebrows threaded, now don’t panic! I know that it might make you fall back in terror. But, the results look more effective and last longer, threading is on the painful side. However, weighing them up it will not always be very frequent. After all beauty is pain.

Finally there is another option, Henna tattoos. Henna tattoos are a more sensible option of body art. As they last longer than a transfer tattoo would and don’t permanently mark your body like an actual tattoo and are a lot less painful. Designs can be as little or as large as you want, they should be left for up to eight hours. You can either have them done at a salon or buy a kit from an online site such as eBay or Amazon. Get some wine and nibbles in and get your friends to all try tattooing each other…Probably before you start of the wine.

So I hope you now all have an insight as to how to re create your own Bollywood inspired look. Think Lights, colours and…ACTION!



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