The Morning After…The Night Before


             You guzzled the drinks, danced the night away acted quite the minx. 
             But now as you awake you think to yourself “ain’t life a drag.”
             You stumble out of bed, look in the mirror and exclaim “I look like a hag!” 

                                                    Dun Dun Dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now don’t panic, we all go there, we all do it and theres no shame having the odd hangover. But, it’s important that we prevail to look our best…even if we feel like death on a stick.

So, this morning after my night out at the pub with my Uni friends, I thought I’d treat myself to a Spa day. This isn’t any ordinary spa, this is a super scrimping, DIY, home made SPA. So, you want to look like you’ve been for a week to a holiday retreat, all fresh faced and glowing?
Read on and find out how you can have your drink and another one too.

Where to start?
So, you’ve got up and your feeling absolutely grotesque. Yes, congragulations you have been awarded a hangover for the drinkers award. So, now you want to get red of the messy hair, the puffy eyes and the make up smears?
No, before you ask I’m no fairy God Mother, I can’t wave a wand and your instantly fresh faced. So, instead I’ll share with you how I did it.

Things from around the house
1. Two clean warm towels
2. A jug of iced water and a glass
3. My face steamer (can be bought from places like Argos or Amazon)
4. Cotton balls
5. Cotton Buds

So if you want to re create your own Day Spa, you shouldn’t have to go and break your bank balance. Find little facial packs and hair masks i shops like Boots and Superdrug.
Boots do a selection of great face masks and hair masks for as little as £1 and they really are great to use.
You can also incorporate your daily products into the DIY spa day, of course still keep your the daily routine of cleanings, exfoliating and moisturising.

Go for a face mask that will either detoxify or hydrate your skin, you could even opt to go for a selection of face masks from bodyshop. Such as an exfoliating mask and a rehydrating alovera cream.

To begin with a had a long, leisurely shower in which I shaved, exfoliated, washed my hair and then applied my Neals Yard Wild Rose balm and my Mango hair shine Conditioner (£1 from boots.)

Once out of the shower I wrapped my hair in the towel turban, i’d recommend investing in one as they are great to keep your head warmer this winter season. They also allow the conditioner to be absorbed into the hair, I would advise leaving it in for 30 mins-1 hour. To allow your hair to get the full extent of the products benefits and also so your hair will smell heavily of Mangos!

Whilst your hair is up in the towel turban you can then set to work on your face, you can use a face steamer to steam your face an prevent spots and blackheads. Remember make up wipes and lotions and potions can’t reduce blocked paws like facial steamers.
Steam your face for up to five minuets, frequently patting your skin dry to wipe the excess impurities. You can then add a facial mask of your choice, you could even have a few people over to trial the face masks and rate it out of a score of ten.

I would advise you to leave the face mask on for 10 minuets and whist your face mask is setting, just tune out and reflect….or maybe not. It is a wonderful feeling to let out a weighty sigh and let all your troubles seem to floooaattttt away.

After ten minutes (or longer if you wish) remove your mask with a warm wet flannel and then…here comes the nasty bit. Splash your face with cold water, I know, I know not very pleasant you think. Indeed it isn’t, however doing this prevents any further blackheads or spots by closing to paws. Pat your face dry with a towel, whist recovering from your mini trauma.

So after this you can then opt to use a toner, one of your choice. I would personally recommend an Orange Flower toner from Neals Yard Remadies. A toner acts ad the final tweaking, it removes any remaining impurities from the skin and leaves it feeling extremely cleans.

You can then chose to add either a face oil or serum, I used again a Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankinsence face oil. Usually I wouldn’t opt for this choice as it is intended for more maturer skin. However, because of the consumption of alcohol and a very late night, I chose to use some of this oil as it would give my skin that extra boost. Also the oil help to minimise the effects that the dreaded UVA ray has on your skin. The UVA ray (ageing ray) is relentless and is after your skin all year round. So if you wan’t the mirror to say to you “You are the fairest of them all” I suggest you chose a moisturiser with an SPF in it. As the UVA can still attack your skin through clouds, windows and all weathers.

So then you can incorporate either your daily moisturiser or a more nourishing moisturiser into your SPA routine. It all depends on how your skin feels and what your skin type is. if it feel especially dry and depleted, then you many want to opt for a more hydrating moisturiser.

So finally, I also used on my face an eye cream, cliniques “All about eyes” eye gel. I would strongly recommend and eye cream to be a part of your hangover survival kit, as it reduces fine lines, puffiness and dark circles…sound familiar?
Be very careful when applying an eye cream and only use if around the orbital bone, feel with your forefinger to the end of the bone where the socket begins and the bone ends. Go no further than this, as the skin around your eyes is 50% thinner and more sensetive. Pat the cream around the orbital bon, done drag your finger across as your skin around the eye is more prone to damage.

Mums DIY Nail Spa
The final part of my DIY spa was my mums very own Nail bar, in residence of my room. First she removed the nail varnish that i was wearing last night (which is the OPI Skyfall colour which is a maroon pigment.) She then pushed back my cuticles with the Body Shop cuticle pen which as an almond oil brush for your cuticles.

She then filed my nails and applied a hot pink OPI colour “Thats Hot Pink.” Perfect for the firework night display that I am going to tonight. I would remonend using a hairdryer to dry your hails. As it is quicker and more effective. She then used an OPI topcoat to finish the nail. It is also a good idea to use a hand moisturiser, especially during the Winter month.
Use on after your nails are dry and massage into the hands.

We then moved on to use a bindi body art transfer (bought from Claires’ Accessorise) which is in an array of vibrant colours. This complimented my nail colour perfectly! These are great for a night out and they are so easy to apply. You just peal it off and stick it on.

My lovely ladies go and have a splendid time. With the knowledge that you will be able to reclaim your radiance the next day.

Hangover and DIY Spa Tips and Tricks 
1.Use a scented candle of your choice
2. Play calming Spa Music
3. Get a jug of iced water or cranberry juice
4. Use fresh towels
5. Invest in a new towel turban for your hair (can be bought for £1.50 at Primark)
6. Set yourself a budget and stick to it
7. Use samples of products, go into a store and politely ask if you can try out some products. 8. Do the treatment in a clean, warm and airy room.
9. Why not invite some friends over to join you, only DO NOT let them bring wine. It defeats the object of having a DIY spa day.
10. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

And look out for my youtube video on the DIY Spa.

You can send me an email with your comments to or you can follow me on twitter under DavisonEm.

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