The World of Tatty Devine

When I’m faced with a shop.
I always start to whine. 
The one that always tops. 
Is my beloved Tatty Devine. 

If there was such a thing as a “Tatty Devineaholics” convention I’d definitely be a firm member of the guilty group.
Yes, I know I shouldn’t. yes I know I need to buy more printer paper and another text book, but I just can’t help it!
Tatty Devine is my self confessed guilty pleasure.

So, for this weeks Fashioneyesta instalment I thought, why not do a post exclusively about Tatty Devine jewellery?
So, this Saturday I toddled up the strand in comfy Ugg Boots, to view the Tatty Devine Christmas Arcade Exhibition at Somerset House and the new Tatty Devine shop in Covent Garden.

Do you recall the days of your childhood, when your parents took you into a sweet shop and you were told to pick just one sweet? Well that is exactly what its like when you set foot into the doors of the Tatty Devine shop!
There is absolutely no way you’d want to select just one, believe me!

Tatty Devine is an independent British jewellery company founded in 1999 by Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine who still independently run the company today. The jewellery is made from perspex and crafted in Tatty Deivne’s own workshops. They are so popular in fact that two of their collections every year are showcased during London Fashion Week. 
They not only have stores dotted around central London and an online website. But also have Stockist across the UK and regular jewellery making classes.

The thing that I adore about Tatty Devine is that all of their quirky, individual jewellery re very touchy feely and you are sure to find something that suits your own unique personality. 

Their jewellery ranges from the woodland inspired mouse range to the classical and beautiful Fairytale collection. With Tatty Devine I only have to glance at a certain piece and I’m reminded of a childhood memory.
My Own Collection
Tatty Devine jewellery can easily turn into an addiction to any lady. View the evidence and convict me of the crime.

1. Lip Necklace
One of the first pieces that I ever bought from Tatty Devine was a perspex red lip necklace. The perspex were cut into a large lips shape. The lips were made to look like they had been “kissed” onto the perspex, rather like when one blots their lips on a tissue. 
2. Fox Brooch
One of my favourite pieces (that has already been showcased on my “Equinox Essentials” blogpost) is my adorable fox brooch. The brooch is in a rich orange colour like the flames of a fire and has a very cheeky fox like face. In which he is partly covering behind his rather bushy tail. 
3. Words Necklace (read on to find out)
4. Ivy Leaf Bracelet 
Another one of my Tatty Devine members of the family is this beautiful green ivy leaf bracelet The bracelet has many different sized ivy leaves attached to it in a light green. The chain which holds them all on is in gold and the bracelet is a timeless piece and will look amazing whatever the time of year is. 
5. The Cracker Necklace
The latest and greatest addition to my Tatty Devine collection is this very festive cracker necklace. The cracker necklace has two broken halves of the cracker in pink attached to a god chain. In the middle is three glittery stars (red, pink and gold) bursting from the middle. This necklace was so colourful and merry I just had to have it. What’s more whenever I look at it I’m instantly reminded of Raymond Briggs’ “The Snowman.”

The Name Necklaces 
Another great way of personalising an outfit is to design and have made your very on “Name Necklace.” But it doesn’t just have to be your name! Oh no you can have a nickname, a name of your company or just a phrase that means something special to you.
I myself have a mirrored and silver necklace with a star charm that says “Words” as I am a writer after all. 
There is also a selection of charms that you can have on the side of the first letter of your word/name.
You can also select from a range of colours and finishes such as mirror, glitter or plain perspex. 
If the selection isn’t broad enough you can also select from a range of fonts that your necklace can be cut to.
All this is very ingeniously cut out and and displayed on the wall of the 
Tatty Devine shop. 
You can also choose and order your bespoke necklace online, you can finally select the colour chain of your necklace either gold, silver or black. 
Prices start from £27. 
The staff in the shop are all so friendly, I’m sure if you needed assistance on choosing the design elements of your necklace they would be only to happy to assist. 

The Exhibition in the Christmas Arcade

This year Tatty Devine seem to be everywhere in the news. What with their jewellery designs being sported by Jessie J and now being showcased at Somerset House’s Christmas Arcade.
Somerset House have launched and exhibition of Tatty Devine’s latest jewellery and are also hosting a “Make your own Ice Skating Brooch” on 24th November 2012. That will correlate to their beautiful Ice Rink I’m sure I wouldn’t look so graceful with skates on. 
The exhibition holds a wide variety of their lines. Such as their adorable range of mouse broaches and rings. The mouse is available in two different colours and is depicted with a wedge of cheese.
They also showcase a range of their christmas jewellery and their new winter collection. One of which is an eye catching Polar Bear Necklace. 
The event is free of charge and is open every weekday. However the workshop costs £40. 
Click Here to find out more

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Indeed it is and let me tell you Tatty Devine are definitely getting into the festive sprit.
This years jewellery is utterly, sparklingly fabulous and I wanted to buy it all!

From adorable holly leaf broaches and earrings, to sparkling star earrings and even a fairytale including the Cinderella glass slippers (in a mirror finish.)

Now I know what your thinking, Fashioneyesta knows all. Your thinking “but it’s only for one month.”
That may be true, but with Tatty Devine they become collectors items in years to come. One small necklace will sell for anything up to £60 on eBay.

If your not sure about going full on christmas fashion, then why not opt for one of their glamorous fairytale pieces. Like the dorothy shoe necklace or the star earrings.
So there you have it!
Tatty Devine in all it’s glory, when thinking of jewellery and quirky, witty styles. I now hope the words “Tatty Devine” will instantly spring to mind.
Click here to be directed to the Tatty Devine Website

Fashioneyesta xxx

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  1. I have a giant gold zip necklace and I can’t find a great deal of info on the piece..I know they reproduced a smaller etched version for their 15th birthday but there doesn’t seem to be much info on the giant ne klace I have

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