Advent Calander-Day Seven


Well imagine this situation, you’ve been out all day and night and down your feet do ache so terribly. 
What do you do? Well this is where it’s always handy to have a trusty pack of foot pillows to aid your aching feet until they are reunited with their beloved “slipper.”

Foot pillows are great for this time of year and really do take the weight off of your feet.
Ladies it’s always great to look glamorous in a pair of now shoes, but when you take them off…is blisters and raw foot really a good look?
No my point exactly, so for this seventh number in my fashion finds for under £5 advent calendar I thought that “Foot Pillows” would be a great choice.
The idea is that they slip into your shoes such as boots, flat shoes, Wellington boots, high heels any shoes like that and they cushion your feet.
They are available from Dorothy Perkins for £4 and believe me if your feet could speak they would worship you for this luxury.

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