Advent Calendar-Day Eleven

Now it’s a well known fact that we all like having lots of cards, bank notes and coins in our purse.

Bout what about the purse? it’s not good if the purse looks like that of a pauper, you know what I mean looking all sorrowful and bedraggled. 

So for this day in my fashioneyesta £5 advent calendar, it’s time for your purse to get glam! 
Today’s instalment is this very girly, Elle Woods worth pink wallet purse from
In a fabulous hot pink, in a quilted patent quilted material. For five pounds this purse is sure to please when flashing the cash.
It has money and card compartments inside and the lining is an a black, which gives a contrast to the purse and creates a “Sex and the City” feel.
So, why not treat yourself to a new purse this Christmas, after all every British Ladies purse is always put through it’s paces.

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