Festive Frocks

             It’s time to get those glad rags on!

What with the party season fast approaching, it is vital that we ladies look and feel our best…after all it is Christmas!
So for this weeks Fashineyesta blog post, I will be sharing with you a selection of my top evening dress picks.
With this guide I guarantee there will be something amazing for any women to adorn!

Look One: The Festive Fairy
Now every party needs a little fairy prancing around the room spreading christmas cheer and looking utterly charming.
For my first look this sparkling, flouncy number from ASOS, will do just that.
The dress is available in both a berry or a gold and white colour. It is a mini dress, but would be slightly longer on a petite. 
The dress has a tight fitting bodice studied with sequins and the one shoulder effect adds to that fairy like feel.
The dress has a large shapely skirt in a netted material which creates the essential fairy silhouette. 

When going for the fairy look go for outlines such as this, good colours to chose from are colours that will contrast against your eyes, hair or skin tone.
Something vibrant and colourful, such as red, deep blue, golds or pinks. 
You can also chose to add details such as accessorise and jewellery that depicts elements of nature such as flowers, leaves and vines.
Or why not opt for some of tatty Devine’s fairy tale range and be a true Sugar Plum Fairy This Christmas.
The ‘One Shoulder prom dress” is a very popular style this season, so if you like this look then opt for this style when looking online. 

Click here to view

Look Three: The Snow Queen

BBRRRRRR I’m freezing out, ah I know why it’s because the haunting beauty of your dress is casting a snow storm. The thing I love about the Children’s story “The Snow Queen” is that the queen herself has such an enrapturing beauty, which she uses to the best of her ability. 
Now, I don’t have it in me to be as cold hearted as the Snow Queen, but i still take my hat off to her style.
Another more colder look to be opted for this festive season, is utterly stunning dress from Topshop. The dress is completely covered in smokey grey/ blue sequins that symbolise cold climates, polar bears and just looking at it makes me shiver. 
The front of the dress is cut in a V Neck line to reveal a small amount of cleave and the skirt flares out from a fitted bodice.
Pair this with a cream or black faux for coat and believe me, you’ll give that wretched snow queen a run for her money! 
When accomplishing this look it is very easy to achieve, go for blue’s whites and silvers in order to recreate the snow queenesque look. 
Sequins and glitter create a snow like feel and by brining in whites the look is very achievable. 
Click here to vew

Look Four: Midnight Wonder 

Ladies, you’ll all know the basic tricks of the trade by now. So, I’ll wager that everyone knows what the “Little Black Dress” is?
But I’m not going to be one of those boring style guru’s and say “go for the classic little black dress yada, yada, yada” That’s not how Fashioneyesta roles, instead I’ll advise you to try something a little different.
This season is where your fashion should really come into play, 
So for this festive season, the little black dress get glammed up to shine the night away.

This AX Paris dress from New Look is perfect for any Christmas party. The colour means that the look can be alternated with different colour and style handbags and accessorise.
The dress is tight fitting in the iconic peplum style that really adds an element of class to an outfit. The dress is completely covered in black sequins and will look amazing when the light catches the light it will really make a statement.

You don’t just have to opt for dresses with sequins you can also go for dresses that are vintage or vintage inspired to add an extra feel to the classic style. Or you can go for a dress with embellishment, just remember to add your stamp on the little black dress and make it your own. After all, it is one of the fundamental statement pieces of your wardrobe and you can afford the be daring with it. 

Click here to view the AX Paris dress

You have the tools, you know what to do. Now, I expect no less from my Fashion VIP army, get out there, smile, flaunt your lovely new frocks…and the most important thing don’t have to many and kiss mistakingly under the Mistletoe. 


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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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