To Shop or Not to Shop: A Definitive Guide to the January Sales

The New Year is Dawning, you’ve had a ball.
But now it’s time for a retail workout, you guessed it…it’s a haul. 

Hello fellow fashion lovers!
So, after the Christmas rush, the cold weather and the rain that your trust rain mac has battled in order to keep you warm and dry is your wardrobe feeling the SAD syndrome as much as we are?

Never fear, that is why January Sales were invented.

Now, for any woman shopping can be an exhausting affair, but it comes as no surprise that VI’s also feel the strain of hitting the shops. But, January Sales are an occupation to this categorically true rule. The saying “too good to be true” springs to mind in this instant and nine times out of ten it very much is.

In this weeks blog I shall reveal with you my top January Sale finds that are sure to not date and will see you through until London Fashion week 2013.  

Shop For Classics
One of the essential pieces of advice that I can give for any sale is to always look for classic pieces that will look great for any season.
For this I don’t mean the same old chestnut like “The Little Black Dress” I mean look for things like a coat of a neutral colour that will never go out of style.
Look for items that are in a cut, style and colour that can be paired with certain items in your wardrobe.
Before purchasing an item always ask “What can I wear this with?”
A recent dress that I bought from Yumi in the sale is a black peter pan collar vintage duck print dress. The dress is great because it has that Vintage feel and will not date, it will look great through autumn right through to Winter of any year.
Look for pieces that have a Vintage or Classic feel to them, the you will have items to be proud of that you will never cringe at taking them out of the wardrobe and say to yourself “Why did I buy that?”

Predict the Future
So another good tip that is well known among the fashion blogging world and for all fashion writers is to always predict what will be the next best thing.
Not that I advocate being a slave to fashion, but theres nothing wrong with having a hint of the latest trend in an outfit. Like the tapestry print dress or the latest blue silk shirt in the style of Giorgio Armarnis line. 
So always find out what print, colours and cuts are going to be in season and if you’r lucky to find an item in the sale why not go for it?
It’s cheap at half the price. 

Know yourself, love your style 
The thing that I always look for when shopping the sales is something that is personal to me, whether it be a pair of new leather gloves or a new animal print dress of some description. I know what fashion items compose of my signature style and I always aim to look for that in the sale. After all it would never do it we were all mundane white sheep in the latest “sporty look” straight from the pages of vogue. In the words of Yves Saint Laurent “Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal.” 

Here are a few of my favourites…

Lulu Guinness Cross Hatched Leather Eva (available in black and red)
This wonderful sale find comes at the top of my January Sale finds, both because it’s an absolute timeless bag (and because I desperately want it for my own collection.)
This fantastic bag was inspired by the 1940s with the classic 1940s bag outline made from smooth leather. The clasp has the very tactile shape of a pips and the inside is lined with black and white striped material. The added extra is that it also has a cross body strap which makes it more accessible for us VIs. 
Was £450 and now £225.
Grab yourself a bargain. 
Click here to view

River Island Boxy Gold Sequin Blazer 
For anyone who’s looking for a bit of glitz and sparkle for this New Years festivities this great little river island blazer is perfect for you. The fact that it is also a blazer means that it’s a great buy if you want to cover your arms up or just fancy a break from a party dress. The gold sequins is perfect the salute 2012 and welcome the new year in style.
Was £60 now reduced to £25
Click here to view

Noa Noa Refined Chiffon Dress
Another one of the great January reductions is this stunning Noa Noa chiffon dress. Now I love the brand Noa Noa because they are the epitome of class. 
This beautiful dress is in pigments of golds and burnt oranges. The dress is cut in a diamond necline not quite  neck and not quite rounded in between both. it als has a sash around the middle and the dress is also available in deep red. Ys slightly on the autumnal side. But, my main thesis is that if something looks good and you like it that much it can be worn again and again.
And whats more it’s a classic dress that will always be stylish.
Was £109 reduced to £54.50
Quality at it’s best
Click here to view

Uttam Boutique Embroidered Coat 
Another great item that will see you in through the year is this fabulous cream embellished coat from Uttam Boutique. The coat in in a rain mac style with a peter pan collar and a flared skirt. The skirt and ending on the arms is detailed in a wonderful rhinestone embellishment in a paisley pattern, the cream pigment of the coat makes it a very versatile piece. As it will look great for the Winter months but will also see you through to the wet weather of the spring. 
Was £120 reduced to £55
Click here to view

Bohoo Light Blue Peplum Dress 
This little number is great for the upcoming Spring Months. The peplum detail is great to add a stylish feel to any occasion and the light blue pigment makes the garment very similar in looks to Givenchy’s latest line of feminine clothing on the catwalk. 
Was £20 reduced to £12/
Click here to view

Have I given you enough insight?
Well then get out there and hunt the bargains, and to share with us all what you you bought during the sale fest.

Drop me an e mail at or find me on facebook.



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