What’s In My Handbag Lulu Guinness Bookshop Tote

Now, everyone knows this old chestnut it’s one of the oldest trick in the Fashion Blogging book. 
None the less, it is my duty as both a bag collector and a fashion blogger to partake in this renown past time in the blogging world. So, without further adieu I shall unveil what lies within my bag.

The Bag Itself
I'm in love with a brand called "Lulu Guinness"

Front of the bag
The bag is in the colours of red, black and green and it feels like being in a warm bookshop with the smell of books all around you.

The bag features a woman standing on a ladder to get a book and a little cat sitting next to a pair of specs in the shop window. The bag has so much detail such as writing on the shop door such as “Established in…” and the sections of books that the shop has to offer such as “Romance,” “Travel,” and “Biographies.’ 


Back of the bag

On the back there is also a brick wall detailing and an old fashioned bike leaning up against the wall next to a victorian style lamppost. Which looks as if it’s alight. There is also a street sign saying “Charing Cross Road” on the sign in the classic street sign writing.
The bag is lined with deep red lining and the words in white elaborate handwriting saying “Don’t Judge a book” are on the inside just above one of the zip pockets that is usually keep personal things in.There is also a middle compartment with a zip that I keep documents and my diary in. 
Whats inside?
Now, moving on to what I keep inside my blog, bare in mind this is a bag that I am currently using. When I’m at University it is a completely different kettle of pousson.
This is an uncut, live and very real life version and not a fake glamourised version all the nitty gritty stuff is included (well within reason.) 

The List 
  • My iPhone (iPhone 5, white, 32 GB, bought for christmas)
  • iPad (4th Generation, white, 16 GB (sometimes)
  • My Purse (with lots of different loyalty cards in it in chocolate brown daria purse from Mulberry)
  • Paperchase notebook (vintage style with an embroidered bird perched on a teacup)
  • Swarovski Crystal Pen 
  • Purple Jelly Earphones
  • Hot Pink travel bowel (for my Guide Dog)
  • Medical kit (Personal)
  • Dog Treats and pick up bags
  • Leather gloves (colour depending on what outfit I’m wearing)
  • Monocular 
  • Freedom Pass
  • Hot pink reflective arm bands 
  • Hot pink mini torch 
  • Chocolate (usually a twix or crunch bar)
  • Bottle of Water
Makeup Bag
So then we move onto the makeup bag in which I host my essentials.
My makeup bag has a white background with different coloured lipsticks depicted on both sides and was originally bought from Next. 
  • Lip gloss (Smash O Glow lip gloss)
  • Compact (present from my mum gold with an embellished fairy in blue stones)
  • Moisturising Hand sanitiseur 
  • Jo Malone mini perfume (english pear and freesia free sample)
  • Hand warmers 
  • Clinique naturally glossy mascara (in black)
  • Nail file 
So, there you have it everything but the kitchen sink that lurks within my bag. Why not take a look at some other lovely ladies who are also partaking in this bag venture? Their blog addresses are listed below.
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Why not join in? After all we’re all girls together and one thing a girl will always swear by is her arm candy!


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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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