Winter Warmers

It’s a frost morn, outside the window glass.
But girls it’s your duty to brazen that weather, bold as brass!

Ok, I know it’s not the nicest time of year, sure you might take one step outside and think “I’d sooner go indoors, put on my comfy and go to bed.”
Tis true that was me this morning of the work at 8 in the morning, but it’s our duty as both a lady and a representative of the cool VIP gang to step out looking thermally fabulous…don’t laugh, it can be done!

So, in todays blog I shall share with you my own personal tip, tricks and views for any lady to look utterly wonderful this winter.

It’s not a waste of money
First of all, one thing that may spring to mind when I mentioned this blog was that Winter will last for another 2 and a half months. Not too long theoretically, but winter items, especially coats, fancy faux fur scarves and leather gloves will not date and can be worn again and again.
Theres nothing like having a stint in the January Sales to find some great items that are basically being got rid of the introduce new stock, however are still very current and wearable for the Winter Season.

Take one of my finds for example, earlier last year I bought the most fabulous hot pink moncler Ski Jacket from the sales. Which is one of my favourite winter coats even now. Or another example i recently ordered a Yumi 1940s day dress, in rust red, with little white flowers on it. The item had been reduced, however examples of it can still be seen on the catwalk for the Spring months in Boggeta Venata’s new catwalk collection.

See what I’m getting at?

Moving back onto winter warmth, an item such as a navy blue North Face Jacket, or a field blazer are timeless and very warm classical pieces that are great for fashion that encorperate warmth.

I always say I do not believe in being a slave to fashion. Both in the sense that I (usually) wouldn’t go onto the wait list for the latest design straight from the catwalk, nor would I stand shivering at the bus stop in a flimsy dress and opake tights.

So, heres my guide to how to work the winter essentials for the next two months

Thermals and Woolies
One thing that no one can live without intrepid explorer or otherwise needs to have good winter woolies.
So, first of all invest in a good set of both black, white and nude thermal vests and long johns. Thermals vest are quintessential because they can go underneath your clothes and instantly provide that warmth that doesn’t require an extra dreaded fleece.
And believe me I swear by them.
They be bought from Primark, Millets or M&S.
Second on your essential checklist is to invest in some good, wooly tights. Go for the colours that you are most likely to wear, definitely go for a pair of black ones. Always check to make sure they have not begun to bobble, thats definitely not a good look.
With warmer tights you can wear the dresses that you would usually bight your lip at the prospect of wearing during the winter months.
Why not also select a good sturdy pair of black riding boots, they are great for the Winter and Autumn months and you can even invest in some lamb wool insoles for the colder seasons.

Sexy in a Scarf
Scarves are very diverse when bought well and can really change a look with little effort a boring dress can be transformed into a rust palette with a mustard coloured scarf, a black evening dress can be given a new lease of life with a velvet scarf.

Outfit One
Holly Leaf Green Puppy Dog Jumper Puppy dog in the fashion of a Spaniel with a bright pink bow (Debenhams Red Herring)
Light Blue wash low rise jeans (Levi)
Burgundy Faux Fur Scarf that clips at the ends (Topshop now available in white and brown)
Vintage 1940s style broach with black gems and gold detailing (given as a gift)

Topshop and Asos currently offer a range of lovely scarves like the one I am wearing in this picture. A great way I have found to dress these lovely scarves is to add a brooch of your choice, you could find them on ebay, vintage shops or at a your local charity shop. A vintage style brooch really adds some personality to one of these scarves and really brings out the classy side in a scarf.
Yet, while the scarf cost my £25 there is a lot of material and quality in it and the fur felt utterly smooths and luxurious. Going out with my beige cape coat and this round my neck I never felt cold.

You can also opt for a scarf with a pleasant pattern on it like something with a cute animal, an antique design or a winter floral detailing. Scarves should be more than a piece of material hanging limply around your neck, pay a tribute to Miss Grace Kelly and work the scarves with your outfit.

This is the one piece of advice I took from her and I now sear by it.

Contrasting Colours
This look also used a very good technique that is categorically true to any fashion personnel. The key in the winter months is to either complement the weather with your look or totally conspire against it. Stand out against the stark white snow (not that I’m jinxing anything here.)
Anything bright colours of red, green, shocking blue, violet and magenta all look great for the winter. Brighten up someones day with a spark of colour, it may be hard when your visually impaired to do so. But, with the help of a colour detector or some general googling you can find a mixture of colours that create the wow factor.
Don’t just think I must match, match, match.
Not to say that you should have orange and blue mixed together in the more Summer fashion of colour blocking.
But something, such as plum and burnt orange look wonderful when combined.
Even a splash of colour in a bag or ring looks great to add an extra something to a warm black winter coat this season.

Faux Fur, My only true love darling
One thing no one could accuse me off is being an evil fashion loving cruella. I mean I have two cats and two dogs, like I would ever condone real fur.
But, what I do condone is act of mimicking it.
Dorothy Perkins currently offer some great fur coats and what’s more they are currently in the sale, I have recently ordered the one depicted in the outfit for the blog (see below.) As well as another in berry red.
Go for a base colour in which you wear a lot such as black, brown or cream.

Outfit Two
Simple Black Roll Neck (M&S)
Cream Mink style Fur Coat (Dorothy Perkins)
Light Wash Levi Jeans
Tan Leather Gloves with bow detailing (Tie Rack)
Mustard scarf (given as a gift)
Swarovski clear crystal drop earrings (Swarovksi)

Jazz it Up

Another key way of wearing the winter warmers this season is to add a touch of glamor to the outfit.
In this outfit I have incorporated a warm winter feeling jumper previously bought from M&S. With my more currently purchased fashion items such as my beloved V&A silk badger scarf.
This scarf was not made for warmth, but when paired with a jumper or plain back dress this is a true fashion statement. And in years, a collectors item. The grey, black and white pigments of the badger marry with the palette of the winter inspired colours. This outfit blends into the background of the snow scene (for the photos.) Like I said, theres nothing wrong with jazzing up and complementing the winter.
The little detailing of the brooch adds an extra personal touch.

Outfit Three
Light Grey Sequin studied jumper (M&S)
Cleo Silk badger “Hibernate with me collar (bought from V&A also available in arctic fox click to view)
Snowflake brooch (M&S)
Light wash levi jeans
Swarovski drop earrings

Daring in a Dress
Now it is true that during this time of year that it is more daring to wear a dress, however it always makes a refreshing change to step out in one.
Long sleeved dresses are always a better option than none, why not go for a knit dress or one with elastocated sleeves to prevent them from rising up your arms

In Outfit Four
Long sleeved owl print dress from Yumi dress in colours of blue and whites.

In Outfit Five
Black knit flying duck peter pan collar dress from Yumi (click here to view)

I won’t keep you any longer, I know how it is, your fingers are itching to delve through that wardrobe and get experimenting. Remember, your woolies and your fashionable hat coat and scarf. Don’t do anything silly and stand waiting at the bus stop shivering in the cold in a thin leather coat.
Be snug and stylish!


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