Space Inspired Fashion

Welcome to my fashion planet.
Do you come in peace?

I’ll admit that I have fantasies about being the Time Lords assistant and traveling far and wide through space and time…
Ok it’s time to wake up now and to see the stars.
With the UK’s constant fascination with starts it comes as no surprise that the cosmic night sky and all it’s glory occasionally seeps into our fashion.
I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a trend that can be pulled off again and again and the night sky is always there. So technically you will always match it.

In this weeks post I shall give you an comprehensive overview of my top fashion finds for the trends and how best to wear them. The cosmic trend is not always the most accessible trend, but with a little description and a lot of imagination. You can travel in your mind to the furthest reaches of the Universe.

Five, four, three, two, one…BLAST OFF!!!

The Little Bear Brooch

Price: £33 
Brand: Tatty Devine
This adorable and very tactile brooch from the fabulous Tatty Devine is a great item to add to your wardrobe and is one of the more accessible forms of the trend. The broach is a black perspective material is features in crystals the pointers of the Little Bear Constellation (Ursa Minor.)
The black pigment against the stark clear crystals looks stunning and the constellation is also tactile to feel, so you’ll know exactly what the constellation would appear like in the night Sky.
It is one of my current favourite brooches and looks stunning with a blazer, ideally go for something of a dark pigment to really stand out and highlight it. To simulate what it would look like in the night sky. 
Click here to view the link

Starry Print Tight
Price: £8
Brand: Dorothy Perkins 
Another cool and easy way to salute the galactic fashion trend is with these very cool and ultra stylish strand print tights. The stars are in a black outline and dotted around the tights. They have been seen on many Celebrities including Jessie J. They can be worn with a simple black jersey dress or for an evening look team up with a bodycon dress to add that touch of Midnight Glamour. 
Click here to view

Galactic Print Snood
Prince: £12
Brand: ASOS
This galactic print snood with a black background and pigments of white, blue, red and purple with are  the colours of the very vibrant galaxies that dominate our Universe. This is great for a winter warmer with a splash of four and will look great for any relaxed look or a cold winters evening. 
Click here to view

Fizz Ring
Price: £159
Brand: Swarovski
Now for anyone who wants to splash the cash a little more, then this stunning and very striking Swarovski ring is definitely for you. Entirely made up of crystals this ring consists of a dark background with different shape white stars across it. It is very spellbinding and will look great on any ladies finger. It is one of my all time favourite Swarovkski pieces. 
Click here to view

For anyone who wants to find out more information on accessible astronomy in the educational sense please do check out my Huffington Post Article. 

Tune in this Friday to here both my interview on accessible astronomy in the morning with Steven Carroll and my usual afternoon interview on the daily lunch about extra tips and tricks.

ESA, my work here is done I’m coming home!


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