The Vintage Cupcakery: Product Review

Munch, munch, munch. Nom, nom, nom….oh hello all excuse me whilst I restrain myself from devouring this cake before I forget how tasty it actually is to do a review on it.


Now it is a well known fact recognised by anyone who knows me will certainly know my Achilles heal is a nice piece of cake.

So, it came as a delightful suprise to find that I had been given a lovely Vanilla Cupcake to sample by the lovely lady who runs “The Vintage Cupcakery.”

So to review the cake on three main factors for food

Taste-5/5 The cake was Rich and Creamy with a moist jam filled centre and vanilla icing on top. Very much in the fashion of Victoria Sponge cakes.

Presentation-5/5 The cake was prettily presented in a little box in the shape of a house with two box trees either side. The cake also had multi coloured sprinkles on top, very pretty for any vintage loving, girly girl.

Gift Quality-5/5 This would make a lovely gift for any occasion birthdays, easter, or even as a little pick me up at this time of year.

I would highly recommend these when your thinking about a food related gift.

If you would like to see any of the vintage cupcakerys products then please find the links below and be prepared to drool like a dog when you see whats on offer!

They are within the region of South East London and can deliver up to a certain point, so if your a VI in the area and are looking at throwing some sort of party or gathering you are a very lucky person.

I hope you enjoyed!



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