Keep Calm and Get Fit


Hello fashion fellows! Are you ready for a new post? Of course you are or you wouldn’t be reading this now would you. Now, it’s January, after Christmas and your mind begins to flash towards the pending summer months. Maybe you’ve booked a holiday and your thinking about a lean, toned, tanged temple that is your body?

I think this blog may hold the answer to all your vanity payers…and trepidation’s. Today I shall be giving you a detailed guide to the best ideas, activities and fashionwear that will sport you on your way to getting fit this January.

What to wear?

Now the first thing that crosses ones mind when taking up a new sporting activity is.

What do I wear?

Now let’s not go to the extremes of sporting those naff headbands and wristbands in bright neon colours from the 80s. The best way to still look presentable whist being able to burn the calories is to go for a good, well made, warm tracksuit. Why not go for one in a colour that you class as your “signature colour” to add a little personal touch. Peacocks currently offer a range of affordable gym wear from sexy swimming costumes to thermal socks. Whatever physical activity you’re considering they will have something to make exercising comfortable and fashionable.

What lies beneath?

Image of the Lytess Leggings

No, this is not a rude anatomical Freudian saying I am referring to ones clothing, comprende? So, now everyone knows that theres no “magic spell” to weight loss it comes from you. You don’t need to be a genius to know that old chestnut. But, theres no reason why a few little tips and tricks for ones underclothing to help fight the inches incurred by those mince pies.  Lytess Slimming Leggings could be the answer to all your leg and hip woes. Cellulite is a daunting prospect on many women and it’s one that is hugely contracted by the impurities in your body. Drinking large amounts of fizzy drinks do not help, especially not if you don’t get out that much. By wearing this leggings (available in long or short) they will aid the process of slimming down the hips and reducing those measurements. Heres what the manufactures have to say…

Lytess slimming leggings have been designed making use of an exclusive patented formulation and perform by means of the procedure of microencapsulation, which repeatedly releases Caffeine and Shea Butter into the epidermis when worn.Lytess groundbreaking slimming leggings include a combination of normal substances created to perform in synergy to aid slimming with outcomes exhibiting considerable centimeter loss in eighteen times. Lytess contains Caffeine to promote the breakdown of excess fat saved in excess fat cells, and Shea Butter, to nourish, moisturise and soften the epidermis. For optimal outcomes, Lytess slimming leggings should be worn for 8 hours for each day in six consecutive times, with a one day break in put on at the end of the week. After eighteen times, important outcomes can be expected with unbiased clinical tests exhibiting up to -5.5cm from the hips and -three.1cm from the thighs.

Before and After Image

i will admit these are not the cheapest of options, retailing at £40-60. But, if due to your vision you are unable to get around to excretes, this could be another option.

If you want to get an honest and frank opinion of the way your legs look, ask someone brutal but honest.

Below is the link

Easytone Trainers

Pink and black easytone trainers by Reebok

Now we move onto an option that is more towards toning those legs and buttocks in time for the summer and the lovely ranges of swimwear due to be launched. So, easytone trainers have become something resembling an epidemic in the sporting world, they were aired on a rebok as their innovative new idea. Now they have spread into retailers such as Next online and Sketchers whom also offer their own version.

This type of trainer is great for any general activity such as hiking, walking and running. They are also a practical option for any VI and can be bought in a range of colours and styles. If any VI reading this are due for Guide Dog training then believe me invest in some of these and kill two birds with one stone.

Here’s what Reebok have to say

Reebok started making sportswear in 1958, although the founders’ family had been manufacturing athletic footwear since 1890. “Reebok” is the name of a type of African gazelle. In 1982, Reebok introduced the Freestyle™, pioneering three huge trends: the aerobics movement, the influx of women into exercise, and the use of sports footwear for casual fashion. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Reebok Easytone Reinvigorate ladies’ trainers are perfect for fitness or casual wear

The Easytone Trainers in Action

Emma’s Easytone Experience

So Emma How did you find these trainers?

Snug fit, springy to walk on, really made me feel like I had done a workout. They were great for power walking which is what I mainly use them for, as well as jogging.

How long did you use them and how have they been?

I have been using them for approximately 2 weeks. So far so good, found that my calf muscles feel a lot more toned.

What were the Pros of these trainers? 

I do feel as if I have worked my muscles a lot more. I am also seeing some notable changes in my muscle definition around my calfs.

What where the cons?

I tried them during and aerobics session and found them extremely difficult to do some of the excersizes that required balancing. As the ball technology on the soul made me feel unstable during the session. I am also generally a size 5 in shoes, however these felt tight on the left foot. I would recommending getting half a size up for future reference. This option is also available in JD sports.

Out of 5 for a score of overall quality what would you give them?

3.5/5 They were good but not great for types of activities.

Would you recommend them?

For everyday wear and toning, Yes.

What exercise to choose?  

Now we have covered clothes it now boils down to what you yourself want to do to lose weight and tone up. With weight loss it’s just like recycling “the possibilities are endless.” So, whether you want to go for a swim, have a sociable power walk with your chums or (like me) just go for some hardcore pavement pounding with your Guide Dog it’s up to you.

Shake Weight

The Shake Weight

It took America by storm and it has crossed the pond and has taken England down with it too. it is even known among the ladies on “Made in Chelsea” yes it is indeed the revolutionary shake weight!

This great invention is designed to tone the upper body including arms, shoulders and even the abb muscles. Your too busy to go out for a walk? You want to catch the episode of Eastenders that you missed? Well then, just invest in one of these bad boys and you can do an upper body workout from the comfort of your armchair.

They area available to buy at Argos and BHS.

Why not take a look? The link is listed below.

Join a Gym

Now of course another option is that old classic is to join a gym, there are often those disputes with yourself like can I afford it? Will I use it? Is it accessible?

The best advise i could say is to call around and to find the one who is most accommodating to you, so that is whether they will allow a carer/ guide dog, how easy is it to get to and so on.

Remember if you are going Private you make sure you get treated equally like every paying customer and if not be firm.

If you can afford it you could even opt for a gym that also offers facilities such as a sauna and steam room. If they offer a carer option you could even take a friend as an added bonus.

Loose the pounds off your bum and make charity a richer one

So exercise doesn’t always have to be about BST that is blood, sweat and tears. That perspiration you wipe from the back of your hot sticky neck could also go towards a worthy cause. So, why not make it a mission this year to get fitter whist making a charity richer? Not quite a rhyme but I don’t claim to be a T S Eliot.

There are many charities that offer fund-raising activities that involve sponsored walks, runs, swimming activities or even the more daring actives like tandem skydiving. This year my aim is to do a sporting activity to raise money towards Guide Dogs, but whatever you choose it is all for a worthy cause. Why not again make is a social thing and encourage all your friends and family to join in the fun!

On a budget?

Ok so the last option we move onto is budget, maybe after the Christmas rush you don’t have the funds to buy new equipment, trainers and a gym membership.

So we get onto a few more economical options that are..

  • Power Walking
  • Hiking
  • General Home workouts
  • Waling with the dogs (guide dogs included)
  • Jogging (with sighted help)
  • Free gym classes
  • Domestic work (like hoovering which has been scientifically proven to burn up to 200 calories an hour)

Even parks are getting on the budget gym idea and creating their own gym equipment. I have been using the latest and greatest editions to my local park which have proven to be very effective for toning up. For this I would recommend having some sighted help, as believe me there are times when you will need it.

Wrap up time

So there you have it, all you need to know about how to get fit, tips on clothes, excise, equipment and super scrimping sorts. Now all ther is left to say is go out there and GET FIT!



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