Glamorous Guide Dogs

My name is Unity, I am a dog thats a guide.

I love looking glam and smelling clean, it fills me with pride.

As I saunter down the street, meeting the faces I meet.

I know I look grand and you want to know the reason why?

It’s because my Fashioneyesta Mummy kits me out in the poshest brands she can buy.

Woof Woof!


Alright Unity you’ve had your spotlight, now go and chew your bone.

Greetings Glamorous Girls and Guide Dogs!

Me and Unity out for a walk

Yes, you heard me right today I am extending my blog post that will be for all you lovely guide dog owners and your four legged friends.

Now, it’s one thing for you to strut down to your local shopping centre looking like a million dollars. But, it will serve nothing well if your guiding companion looks like they’ve been dragged through a ponging hedge backwards. As, much as we Guide Dog Owners can do by grooming, checking and regularly maintaining our Guide Dogs coat it wouldn’t hurt to have a few little pick me up for your precious pouch.

I am giving you and intensive guide with all the things you will need to know about how receive a multitude of compliments about your doggie friend.

Secrets to Success: Grooming Guide

Now the first thing in order to obtaining a dog worthy of Buckingham Palace is to incorporate the right “lotions and potions” with your everyday grooming regime.

All in one conditioning perfume treatments are available for dogs in order to improve the condition of your dogs coat whist doddering any unwanted odours. This is useful for any day of the week, especially places involving job interviews and work lunches.

Guide Dogs advise not to bath your dog too much, as it removes the dogs natural oils which id designed to maintain the condition of their coat. There are other spray on solutions which can produce the same results as bathing without the unnecessary mess and extensive time needed to do so.

Here are a few of my top recommendations for everyday grooming which will get rid of all those nasty little pongs that lurk in your dogs coat.

ImageDeordorising Spray for Dogs with Byotrol and Aloe Vera by Pets at Home

Brand: Pets at Home

Price: £5.99

My Rating:4/5

This product is great for when you’re out and about, if you suddenly get an unpleasant whiff from your canine companion. This product is great to act as an “impulse spray” for dogs the bottle is plastic with pink packaging and is in the appearance of a body spray. So perfect to just slip in your handbag.

Heres the manufactures description

Deordorising Spray for Dogs with Byotrol and Aloe Vera by Pets at Home is a refreshing grooming spray for your pet pooch.

  • Odour Busting.

  • Antibacterial Action.

  • Mild Formula.

Click here to view

Fashioneyesta Loves: Come Clean Multi Purpose Wipes 25 pack by Pet Head

Come Clean Pet Head Wipes

Brand: Pet Head

Price: £3.49 (Usually 4.99)

My Rating: 5/5

Now, I think these are not only a great item to have to combat the attack of the muddy paws and dirty coats. But also this is an item that should be in any dog owners “Handbag Survival Kit.” These wipes come in a pack rather like you would have your hand wipes in, packaged in a glamorous black and pink covering they are great for free runs and rainy days.

Here’s the manufactures description.

Come Clean Multi Purpose Wipes 25 pack by Pet Head help you pooch to freshen up and clean up!

Come Clean body and paw wipes remove dirt, dander and staines so fast and easy! The formula is enriched with aloe vera and glycerine to moisturise the skin and promote a healthy, clean coat and make your pooch smell amazing.

Click here to view

Wakin Dirty Travel Towel by Pet Head (Online Only)

Walkin Dirty Portable towel by Pet Head

Brand: Pet Head

Price: £4.99

My Rating: 4/5

Now everyone knows how horrible it is to be hitting in a room shivering, cold, wet and utterly annoyed. Yes, I’m sure at times this is exactly how your Guide Dog feels, so why not give them a little comfort with this fabulous blue towel designed for when your out and about. This towel can be attached to the lead and is perfect to have your dog feeling warm and dry in no time. The towel is in a deep blue with the emblem “I love pet head on the front” and an attached clip that can be hooked onto your pets lead.

Heres the manufactures description

Wakin Dirty Travel Towel by Pet Head is a compact and self contained microfiber towel that can be conveniently clipped onto your lead or clothing.

Lightweight, super absorbant and quick drying

Click here to view

Wet and Wild Apron by Pet Head (Online Only)

Hot Pink Wet and Wild Grooming Apron

Brand: Pet Head

Price: £7.09 (usually 8.99)

My Rating: 5/5

So lets put this whole grooming thing into practice, imagine your on your knees giving your louch a good soaping, rinsing and all around blitz of a clean. So then you come out of the bathroom and what do you get one pampered Prince/ Princess and one drowned rat!

No prizes for guessing which is which in the outfit.

So, to stop that here is a great little invention by pet head for all you groomers.

This long, hot pink apron with large pocket to put all your grooming tools in with a black paw print pattern on the pocket with the slogan “Furball to Fabulous” on the front.

A must have for any dog groomer with a love of glamour.

Here is the manufactures description

Wet and Wild Apron by Pet Head will make bath time a splash fest!

This funky styled Wet and Wild Grooming Apron provides protection and roomy storage for all your grooming tools.styled Wet and Wild Grooming Apron provides protection and roomy storage for all your grooming tools.

Click here to view

Fashioneyesta Loves: Double Dipping 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo in Passion Fruit by Pet Head (Online Only)

Pet Head 2 in 1

Brand: Pet Head

Price: £6.89 (usually £9.78)

My Rating:5/5

Now anyone will tell you that time waits for no man, the same token that dogs wait for no groomer. So, this all in one shampoo and conditioner in passion fruit fragrance is fantastic for both the groomer and the dog. For VI’s this product is great as you only have to worry about locating and using one product as opposed to fumbling around in the cupboard for different lotions and potions. The packaging is in a hot pink and not only looks great but smells heavenly.

This is good for dogs who are not used to being bathed regularly, as it takes less time whist providing great results.

With top ratings of 5/5

Heres what the manufacture has to say

Your impatient pooch can still get pampered! Double Dipping 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo in Passion Fruit by Pet Head combines washing and conditioning in one simple step.

It effectively cleans the coat while softening and detangling it for easy combing and brushing.

  • Althea root prevents split ends and soothes the cuticles.
  • Jojoba and Almond Oils: Natural emollient moisturize the coat and give it a healthy, silky shine.

All Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and free of paraben, petroleum derivatives, sulfate and DEA.

Click here to view

Star Brand: Nootie Daily Spritz Coconut Lime Verbenal

Nootie Spritz

Brand: Nootie

Price: £6.99

Rating: Top Rated!

This wonderful spritz product is without a doubt one of the best dog grooming products that i have ever come across. The fragrance is so poignant and very delightful, so much in fact that someone mistook it for my own perfume. And I quote “you smell like your Mummy” and believe me I love good quality perfume. I would highly recommend this as part of your dogs daily grooming routine. As it both conditions and deodorises your dog, also available in a Vanilla fragrance.

Here is the manufactures description.

Daily Spritz Coconut Lime Verbena by Nootie is a refreshing daily spray that keeps your dog smelling fresh all day.

The soothing, fresh and germ fighting grapefruit seed extract and scent of coconut lime verbena leaves your pet smelling fresh and clean.

Go on, treat your pet to an indulgent spritz.

Contains: Purified water, SDA 40 alcohol, nonoxynol 9, polyquat 7 (conditioner), glycerin (moisturizer) infused with essence of coconut lime verbena, grapefruit seed extract, preservative.

Click here to view

Leads, Half checks and House Collars

Now, we move onto glamorous accessorise for your pouch pal. Not, that I’m saying that you should go too outlandish, but theres no harm in investing in a glittery house/free run collar or a pink half check for the girl dogs.

So, without further adieu here is a selection of the best house collars, leads and half checks on offer.

Sparkly Pink Dog Collar (House Collar)

Sparkly Pink Dog Collar

Brand: Pets at Home

Price: £6.00

This one is fantastic for a house collar or free run collar in a light rose pink covered in glitter it is a fun, fabulous collar for your dog to sport around the house. The collar is adjustable and has a quick release strap.

Here is the manufactures description.

The Large Pink Sparkle Collar by Pets at Home is a pretty and fashionable collar for your dog to be seen and sparkle in on walkies! The collar fits neck sizes 51 – 71cm, is fully adjustable and is sure to turn heads out on walks.

A collar should fit comfortably, but make sure you can fit two fingers between the collar and neck. Check carefully under the collar on a regular basis for redness or hairloss caused by ill-fitting collars.

Remember that puppies grow fast and their collars will need adjusting regularly and eventually replacing.

WARNING: When using liquid flea treatments on your dog, please remove their collar as the chemical may react with the material and the buckle.

Approximate Dimensions (Packaged):

21 x 4.5cm

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

2.5 x 72cmDog Tags

Click here to view

Leather Personalised Half Check

Leather Personalised Half Ceck

Brand: Not on the Hight Street

Colour: Available in black, cherry, brown and natural.

Price: £18

Now, it has been a long struggle to find half checks that are available in different colours and even more so to find ones that can be personalised. But, finally I have prevailed and found a very classy half check for your guide dog needs. It is available in four different colours and has the option of having your dogs name embossed (up to eleven characters available.) In a soft leather this collar looks great around your dogs neck. The collar is available in lengths from 13-30 inches and is also available in two widths of either 20 or 25 mm.

DISCLAIMER-This collar is great for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to a half check. Please to clarify this with your Guide Dog trainer prior to purchasing as different dogs may require different types of half checks.

Dog Half Check

Here is the designers description.

This half check collar (also known as half choke collar) is ideal to teach your dog how to walk on the lead. When a dog pulls on its lead wearing a half check collar the presure is evenly distributed around the dogs neck. It is important to make sure that the collar is not permanently tight around the dogs neck. If this does happen there is no point using this collar. The correct way of using this type of collar is by the check and release method.

To calculate the size of collar you would need please measure around the middle of your dogs neck where the collar would normally be. It is important that the measurement is snug and not loose. Please do NOT add additional lengh as it will automatic be added. The collar should be fitted so that the 2 D rings are 2 fingers apart when the collar is tight.

Please see excample below:

3/4″ / 20mm width: If neck measures 16″ / 41cm : the actual leather strap will be 13″ PLUS 5″ for the actual chain giving a total circumference of 19″ / 48cm. This will alow enough room to sit comfortably and allowance3 for putting collar on and taking off.

1″ / 25mm width: If neck measures 20″ / 51cm : the actual leather strap will be 17 1/4″ PLUS 5 3/4″ for the actual chain giving a total circumference of 23″ / 58cm. This will allow enough room to sit comfortable and allowance for putting collar on and taking off.

Click here to view

Pink Leather Adjustable dog lead (also available in brown and black)

Pink Leather Adjustable Dog Lead

Brand: Doggy Trendz

Price: 18.99

Well, this item looks absolutely great a leather two way adjustable lead just like the ones Guide Dogs issue in lipstick pink. And yes I have bought one for myself. This is great as the leather makes the lead durable and the pink is the exact shade of a lot of the things that we are beginning to see in the magazines for the Spring/ Summer Fashion.

Also available on ebay.

Go on, do it!

Click here to view

You could also opt to try places like eBay if you want to branch off and find others and ebay is always a good way to get more descriptions of items you can’t see.

If you want any advice on eBay matters feel free to contact me at

Travel items

Silicone fold away travel bowel (available in hot pink, deep blue and bright green)

Silicone Travel Dog Bowel

Brand: Petmate

Price: 15.99

Size: Available in two sizes (one cup, three cups)

Well, one thing that we should also consider when thinking of our doggie pups is travel items. That is a water bowel, so why not have one that is both practical and stylish.

I prefer the silicone ones as they are easier to wipe dry with a tissue or kitchen towel and can slot away easily in a bag or pocket. The three colours available are very vibrant and will make a statement that says “i am fashionable and so is my dog.”

Click here to view

Pink Treat Pouch (available in hot pink and black)

Pink Dog Treat Pouch

Brand: The Puppy Coachies

Price: £5.18

Now, another way of you and your dog to look ultra glam is to invest in a good and colourful treat bag. My star pick is this hot pink treat bag with draw string closure, in a washable fabric and is easily attachable to a belt or bag. So, great for free running or when your on “class” with your Guide Dog.

Here is the manufactures description

The Puppy Coachies™ Treat Bag is ideal for all reward-based training and can be attached to any belt or pocket. The bag has a drawstring to keep treats fresh and is made from washable fabric. Including clicker pouch, the Coachies™ Treat Bag can also be used as a holder for mobile phones and keys etc when out for a walk.

Click here to view

Dog Tags

Dog tags are also another way of adding “jewellery” to your dogs look and personalising your dogs collar without infringing on any Guide Dog rules and regulations. So, really this is an area where you can invest in whatever dog tag you wish. But below are a few options of dog tags that I am rather partial to, for both male and female dogs.

Fashioneyesta Loves: Crown Shaped Gold Finish Dog Tag

Crown Shaped Gold Plated Dog Tag

Brand: Hamish McBeth

Price: £10.99

Presenting her royal highness Queen Unity the third of Dogsdem!

Well…not exactly after all Guide Dogs are all “working class” despite their pedigree roots. But, theres no reason why your dogs shouldn’t look like royalty.

This adorable gold plated crown disk looks fabulous for any pouch Guide Dog or not.

With diamonte detailing to the points of the grown and an engraved bone in the centre. A very tactile piece as well as being very eye-catching and a welcome change from the customary circle or bone disks.

Here is the retailers description.

Give your pet the royal treatment with this chic crown-shaped ID tag from Hamish McBeth. With an ultra-shiny gold metallic finish, this rather regal tag is embellished with five Czech diamante crystals and also features a stylish bone etching motif near the base. With enough space on the reverse to engrave your contact details (or your pet’s name) and a durable protective coating, this tag is both functional and stylish. For a true throne-worthy look, team this tag with a leather collar in burgundy or deep purple – it’s easy to attach the tag with the supplied split ring.

Click here to view

Blue glittery Bone Tag (optional engraving) (also available in deep pink and gold)

Blue Bone Shaped Sparkly Dog tag

Brand: Spotty Doggie

Price: 10.95 (extra £2 for engraving up to eleven characters)

This is a fabulous and very striking dog collar, no need to get anything engraved in a shoe makers. This can all be done in one go online, the deep blue looks very striking and would look amazing fixed to the collar of any dog. There is two other colour options alongside this and the tag is also presented in a gift bow.

One side is a sparkly blue colour whilst the other is plain for engraving.

Click here to view

Light Up Red Heart Tag(also available in a bone shape)

Heart Shaped Red LED dog tag

Brand: Pets at Home

Price: £5:00

Bone shaped red LED dog tag

Both these dog tags are both stylish and practical for any Guide Dog owner. The tags have an LED function, so appropriate to attach to the collar for dark nights, dark mornings and free runs. The LED light adds a safety function for visually impaired people traveling at night and in poor weather conditions as a warning to drivers. The red pigment makes it wearable for both male and female, it would even be a very “festive” piece for special occasions.

I would highlight recommend either of these.

Click here to view the heart shaped dog tag

Click here to view the bone shaped dog tag

Spoilt Pouch! Designer Dog Toys

So, we’ve looked at grooming, travel, accessorise and collars. Now, it’s time to show you a selection of dog toys that will really show how much you spoil your guide dog.

The dog lookalike toys are increasing in popularity, the basic idea of them is that they are to mirror the iconic designer and high end items that many identify with and love. So, here is a selection of my favourites, take your pick!

Sniffany and Co Chewable Dog Toy

ImageBrand: Anythingdogz


Oh, how i wish that this dog toy was in fact a real gift bow and that it was intended for ME!

But, alas that is not going to happen unless I hit the lottery jackpot of course.

But, you can always pretend and whats more with this dog toy it is even more possible.

The dog toy in in a soft material with a squeaker inside. It is fashioned in the style of the iconic blue tiffany box with the white ribbon on the outside and the words “Sniffany and Co” printed in black elegant writing on the top.

A must have for anyone with a lover of fashion and an equally pampered pouch.

Here is the manufactures description.

The Sniffany & Co dog toy makes the perfect gift for any fashionable hound. This compact toy looks like a certain famous jewellery gift box, but it contains a squeaker inside instead of expensive jewels! This toy is great fun to play with and perfect for your glamorous pooch.

This designer-inspired dog toy combines classic style with a fun shape and sturdy construction. The box shape is easy for your dog to hold, toss around and chew. It’s compact size makes it perfect for the car and travel. This dog toy is built to last and can even be machine washed it if gets a little smelly.

Squeaking dog toy
Size: 5 x 5 x 3 inches
Sturdy construction
Machine washable
Always supervise dogs when playing

(These toys are great fun, but are not indestructable).

Please note that this toy is not affiliated with Tiffanys.

Click here to view

iBone Phone Dog Toy (also available in iPaw’d design)

ImagePrice: £12.50

Now, this is getting ridiculous I know that apple is like the Chanel of the techno world but come on!!!!

Now even the dogs are hooked on technology…I can’t say i blame them. I dare say Unity needs to become my PA.

Now, this toy is undoubtably the most humorous, it makes a private joke about the mass marketing cultivation of apple whist giving your dog something to keep them entertained.


The toy is make out of a soft material that is fashioned to look like the iPhone, it is black and it has icons on the front that resemble that of an iPhone only in doggy format.

  • The toy has at the top a silver “I” and then a bone next to it as a representation of the apple. Underneath there are two further icons the one of the left is a red bone and one the right is a blue “stocks” symbol.
  • Underneath that there is a dog icon on the left and a red paw icon on the right.
  • At the very bottom there are two final symbols one saying “bark” with a green background which represents call. And on the right one saying “iPaw” with an orange background.
  • The screen is outlined with white line.

Here is the manufactures description

Keep up to date with the latest technology by giving your dog an iBone dog toy! This awesome geeky dog toy looks just like a real smart phone, with embroidered doggy apps and a classic design. It’s a must-have for all tech-savvy dogs and will the the envy of all your friends!

This amazing dog toy is great fun for your dog to play with. It’s the perfect size for tussling with and small enough to take out and about. This toy is made from durable plush fabric and features a squeaker inside. All the details are embroidered, so there are no small parts for your dog to swallow. It makes a great gift and will keep any geeky pooch amused for hours.

Squeaking dog toy
Size 6.5 inches x 4.5 inches
Sturdy construction
Machine washable
Always supervise dogs when playing

(These toys are great fun, but are not indestructable).

Please note that this toy is not affiliated with Apple.Rosewood Cherry Cola Squeaky Dog Toy

Click here to view

Roewood Cherry Cola Dog Toy

Rosewood Cherry Cola Dog Toy

Brand: Rosewood

Price: 2.95

Who said that dog toys couldn’t look quirky, this cool little dog toy that looks like the old fashioned, iconic cola bottle is a great and very durable toy for your dog to get their teeth around. Very colourful and sure to get a lot of admires. It is part of Rosewood’s “Sweet Shop” Range.

It is also a practical option for visually impaired people as the strong vinyl material makes the toy durable and also audibly accessible if your dog designers to munch down on it.

Here is the manufactures description

It’s not just humans that have a sweet tooth!

Luckily the Sweet Shop range of toys are sugar free but full of fun!

This classic cola bottle design is made of strong vinyl which squeaks when chewed.

Each one measures 14cm (5.5″) tall.

Click here to view

Handler Hygiene Advice

Below is a list of essential “survival tools” that will come in handy when out and about with your guide dog and make life that little much easier when dealing with “messes” with low vision.

  • Hand sanitsior (possibly one with a moisturising factor-avaiable in boots and super drug)
  • Disposable gloves (available at all good retailers)
  • Clothes brush
  • Clothes roller

Top Dog Designer Brands

  • Hamish Mcbeth
  • K9
  • Pet Head
  • Puchi
  • Rosewood

Top Dog Retailer

  • Anything Dogz
  • Pets at Home
  • Pride and Joy pet company
  • Posh Pawz

So, there you have it, all areas covered of how to ensure you and your Guide Dog look ultra glam. Just make sure your dog doesn’t end up like this petite Mademoiselle in the video below.



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