A Red Nose Day Revelation: Don’t Miss it

Lulu Guinness holding her three creations exclusively at Sainsbury’s.

Now anyone who knows me will know I absolutely adore the British Fashion Designer Lulu Guinness with her 50s glamorous style to her beautiful bags and her unique designs. What isn’t there not to like!

However, some times when (like me) you enter the world of Lulu Guinness your heart screams YES but your bank yells NO!

But, on Wednesday the 13th February 2013 this is all about to change and it’s all for the good of Charity. If I were you fashion troops, I’d get armed, I’d get ready and I’d get set to snatch one of these three amazing Red Nose day bags!

Lulu Guinness has combined with Sainsbury’s to design three totally super cool and ultra kitsch bags all for red nose day. Which you can buy from Sainsbury’s for £5!

The bag is a basic classic tote bag in the base colour of back with room for all your essentials in three classic styles all with the red nose twist added to them.

The three bags are depicted in this image doll face, kooky cat, and polka dot.

The Kooky Cat Bag

The Kooky cat bag is one of Lulu’s classic styles the bag has the face of a very mischievous looking black cat on the front s sporting a red nose.

The Doll Face

The Doll face is both one of Lulu’s most well known and most loved styles of bag and it also happens to my MY favourite so be warned guys I’m a comin for it!

The bag has a very pale dark haired doll face with black hair fastened to the side with a little red clip, thick black eyelashes, an ernest expression and a bright red nose. This bag would make a real statement and it is super cute too.

The Polka Dot Bag

This bag is more of an understated look, the bag has a white background with a series of black circles in a very systematic pattern and at the bottom, centre of the bag there is of course one red nose.

On the back of all these bags there is Lulu Guinness’ name along with the name of Sainbsurys.

Below is the video in which you can find out what Lulu thinks of her new creations.


So, what are you waiting for! Which one will you pick? On your marks, get set, GO!!!!!!!



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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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