AV Luxury Accessories: Review

“Fashion is the Daughter of Design. But Elegance is the Daughter of Craft.” 

Emily Davison

AV Logo
AV Logo

In life the business industry mass markets it’s audience into investing in the latest smartphone produced in it’s thousands, the same way that a glossy edition of Vogue promotes one buying the latest Pandora bracelet crafted by machines that don’t understand the value of sheer worth.

223587_339984209443249_1013601438_nWhen someone places that special box in your hand wrapped delicately in crisply paper. The box tthat holds a promise, a proposal, or a token of love and it doesn’t always bear relevance where it came from. An eighteenth birthday, a new born child, a pledge of everlasting love it’s a special moment that marks your history all the same. But, consider it’s history, where did that special thing come from? Was it from a mass production jewellery company in China. Or did it come from the hands of a crafter who equally put in as much time and love into it as the gift giver did with you?

I ask this not to suggest Karl Marx’s theory of Alienation was in fact correct (quite the contrary.) But, to remind my dear readers of the wonderful art of craftsmanship for centuries in History before the creation of machinery the only way in which fashion was made was by an individuals bare hands.

So, it is without further adieu that I am delighted to be showcasing a truly amazing and utterly spellbinding brand of Jewellery known as AV Luxury Accessories. 

An Introduction

Anastasia with the team
Anastasia with the team

So, here we begin at introductions Luxury Accessorise is a little company run by a very driven and inspirational lady named Anastasia. Anastasia founded the company during a period of her life that dropped a lot of hardship in her lap. Nevertheless she persevered and has created a spectacular range of jewellery alongside a team of four creative and talented women. She explained to me the workings of the company, their ethos and their key goals towards the crafting trade in relation to the economy.

The beautiful jewellery that AV sell are made by a team of crafts people in their hometown of Crete. Anastasia explained that this idea of the production of jewellery made by those who were on a lower income enabled the crafts people to regain a sense of financial stability.

I was lucky to come across the company via Twitter and it was hugely by chance that I did. I was spellbound when I viewed their range of jewellery as many of you may know I’m crackers on handmade pieces or that of a unique kind. I was so smitten with the company that I just had to get in touch with them to ask if I could sing their praises here at fashioneyesta.com. Anastasia was a sweetheart and only to happy to oblige my childlike tendencies that one would experience when visiting a confectionary store. One thing that fashioneyesta pride itself on is finding and promoting new and interesting companies and trends to the Visually Impaired world to give them their own sense of style. Fashioneyesta does this by looking for designs that utilise texture, shape, bold colours and a flare for style. AV perfectly harmonises with the key, driving ethos behind our venture.

The company sell a range of both scarves and jewellery that are unique and would suit any women. The jewellery is crafted with semi precious stones such as coral, citrine, Amethyst and  Garnets amongst many other depending on the jewellery collection. Who would think that one simple sheet of Argento or Brass could be magically transformed like a pumpkin into a carriage in Cinderella. I would have not believed it before I came across AV.

Current Jewellery Designs 

Home Sweet Home 

A charming collection of pieces that are shaped in the style of a cute little house with little door, two windows, a pointed roof and of course a chimney. You

Home sweet home
Home sweet home

can just imagine the smoke billowing out from the chimney pot on a cold day. The piece is made from a mixture of argento and copper as well as a combination of semi precious stones including coral, citrine, aquamarine, peridont and pearls.

Click here to view earrings

Click here to view necklace 

Hat style brooch
Hat style brooch

Wear Your Hat Style

Oh this is totally spiffing! It’s so reminiscent of the British countryside look in the style of a country floppy sun hat. It is made from Argento and a combination of semi precious stones including  coral, citrine, aquamarine, peridont, garnet and pearls. It also has a bow detail in a touchy feely way that extends from the hat itself.

Click here to view Earrings

Click here to view Brooch 

The Dragonfly Style: Fashioneyesta Loves

Now one thing I absolutely love about this company is that their jewellery is so unbelievably life like when it comes to the wildlife side of the designs. This stunning dragonfly collection is crafted from a combination of Brass and Argento with a mixture of semi precious stones including Pearl, Peridot, and

Dragonfly Style
Dragonfly Style

Garnet. In this collection there is a brooch, a necklace and a pair of earrings. The dragonfly has delicate wings and the tail is crafted with a combination of the semi precious stones. When my eyes met this particular collection I was taken back to a memory of sitting by a quiet lake, with the soothing sound of a rippling stream, a note pad in hand and the mid day sun warming my face. A solitary dragonfly hovering above the shimmering waters, dancing in and out of the swaying grasses and reeds. For a moment total peace. I know I might sound very Romantic here, but it’s the honest truth.

Click here to view Earrings

Click here to view Necklace

Click here to view Brooch

Butterfly Style
Butterfly Style

Butterfly Style

Again yet another stunning addition to the AV collection. This Butterfly Collection is so very delicate, timeless and charming. It is made from Argento and pearls. The centre of the dragonfly is studied with delicate pearls and there is real attention to detail to the delicate wings.

Click here to view Brooch

Cyclamen Style: Fashioneyesta Loves 

This detailed and very tactile flower collection is made from a combination of Brass, Argento and Pearls to create a very

Cyclamen style
Cyclamen style

lifelike Cyclamen. It is so realistic in fact that I could almost reach out and pluck it from the computer screen. Available in necklace, earrings, and a brooch.

Click here to view the Earrings

Click here to view the Necklace 

I love the rain
I love the rain

I Love the Rain Style: Fashioneyesta Loves

They say that “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining.”

If you ever have one of those down days where life seems firmly against you, I’m sure that this charming earrings and brooch range will remind you of the moral motto.

I am in love with this collection as it is so quirky and fun and a really uplifting piece to have in your jewellery collection. The collection is in the shape of an umbrella with a little rain cloud loitering over the top of it. There are also tiny metal pins hanging from the umbrella with semi precious stones hanging from them acting as little rain drops. This piece uses more muted tones and is made from Argento and a range of semi precious stones including Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Peridont, Aquamarine.

This collection in particular was sent to me as a thank you for composing this blog and I wore it today with a grin on my face that would have made the Cheshire Cat proud. It sparked a lot of interest and I can see quite clearly why.

Click here to view the brooch

Click here to view the earrings 

Forget Me Not Collection (Available in blue, Neutral and Red) Fashioneyesta Loves 

forget me not
Forget me not style

You want 3D pieces? Well then my VI friends here you have it! This amazing, wonderful, eye catching collection is a true emblem of elegance and sophistication. It is very tactile the petals and the stamen of the centre are all very tactile and lovingly crafted. The piece is made from Argento. The stamen has a twisted wire inside are five single pearls attached to the spiralling wire. Giving it a life like effect, this is a key item for this spring and would hugely complement the revival of the Eden trend and the growing Tapestry Prints. This season is in salute to wildlife and being in harmony with nature, so any of the previous pieces would be a classic statement that would also accompany the growing Spring Trends.

Please refer to the website to see the different collections.

Colour Phycology   

Another utterly splendid element of the AV Luxury Accessories company is that they incorporate their scarves and the pigments they make them in with a fantastic feature known as “Colour Phycology.”

If you are born with a sight impairment that disabled you from perceiving colour this is a great exercise to allow you to visualise the world of the spectrum and also the world of fashion in general. What a great way to express yourself through colour in terms of how you are feeling. For example, you are going to a very important meeting or event today, you want to show your strength of character? Then you reach into your wardrobe and using your colour detector or the help of another or just your fabulous organisation skills you pick out the colour blue. Yes, you heard me right, blue, blue is a fantastic way in the spectrum to show your vocalisation, your helpful nature and your ability to give advice to others. The Japanese believe that the blue is calming and can show a persons stability. That’s just one example of what AV Luxury Accessories has to offer.

Click here to find out more

Become an Agent, Make a Living.

Another great feature that AV has to offer is the ability to become an agent and build a jewellery business of your own.

Become an agent and you can earn a good income, whist showcasing AV’s unique and wonderful Jewellery. Here’s the description in full. Copied from the genuine presentation distributed to applicants.

 Dear friends,

AV Luxury Accessories is looking for Sales Agents to promote and sell their brand.

Do you enjoy social selling and would like to start your very own jewelry business at NO RISK?

Would you like to earn an extra income.

Then maybe our proposal might be of your interest.

The Concept 

As you see from the pp presentation we only have a range of 22 pieces – I tried to keep it small because it will be easier for our sales agents and for the future orders as we said.

We will be selling through:

a) Our sales agents that will buy from us on Wholesale Price (attached the wholesale prices) and will sell to jewelry parties or friends at retail prices.

b) Directly via our website at RETAIL PRICES ONLY.

Reasons that the sales agents will come on board. 

A) They will have a handmade product – not a Made in China or India from a machine in bulk (thousands and thousands of pieces) that can be found from department stores to markets to the people who sell in the streets.

B) The product is made by AV and a team of 4 creative ladies in our studio and we have absolute control to the quality and of course where we sell.

C) We have a branded product under the AV Luxury Accessories Label and all of our agents buy quality and name from us.

D) Membership only costs 375£ per sales agent and this is not just a membership that we will take advantage of. They pay this membership in order to get the whole collection for sampling – so that when they show our catalogue they actually have the products to show to their friends and they know exactly what they buy.

E) As you see from the wholesale to buy the full range on wholesale is 556£ (excl. VAT) and 667.20£ (incl. VAT).

F) So the price that they get the whole sample range (which is actually a 100% quality product and even for selling at retail prices) is much lower – and as I explained there is no point in me making a profit from the membership – I actually make NO PROFIT AT ALL – but this is a bonus and a commitment with our sales agents. Because if they are happy and they work and make money this is our success and an ongoing co-operation. We have to work as a team and our sales agents will be treated like ourselves because they will become part of the AV Luxury Accessories Family.

G) They do not have a “boss over their heads” as they work from the comfort of their home and during the hours that they set. Even if they do not make enough sales, they have nothing to lose because they will have the whole collection which they could even re-sell or offer as presents. Of course, this is not what we would wish, but the membership is really a risk FREE concept.

H) Selling AV jewelry is actually a social selling strategy – so the agents sell in jewelry parties that they do in their houses- they organize a coffee or afternoon tea and they arrange the samples and catalogues and sell to their friends.

I) From our experience so far, after the first sale they get more sales even if they do not organize jewelry parties because people see the jewelry and ask – “word of mouth”

J) Our products as you see are not expensive (between 75 – 85£) because we get rid of wholesalers and distributors and they are branded which means that we control sales at 100% and protect our agents.

K) We design and promote 2 collections to start with and we are thinking to increase them to 4 (which means more sales).

L) If our agents have a friend or relatives that wishes to become a member then they earn 50£ per membership.

We would like to keep the ethos of the AV Luxury Accessories even for the social selling jewelry strategy, so we would like to give the opportunity to ladies who lost their jobs or are full time mums to have the chance to earn a good income.

What do you think? Would you consider becoming a member?

reply to info@luxuaryaccessorise.co.uk

It is with the best of luck that I wish this wonderful company off with, finally there is a charity that prides itself with technique, craft and individuality.

Anastasia concluded by telling me that

“Our key ethos is to continue making home made jewellery and expanding our business family.”

So, get involved, follow them on twitter, like them on Facebook, tell your friends, become and agent, share a link. In whatever way you want come along and join them on their hand made quest.

Social Links 

View their website: Click here

Follow them on twitter: @luxuryaccessorise

Like them on Facebook: Click here  

Or e mail them at info@luxuryaccessories.co.uk

Fashioneyesta xx

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