HotSquash Clothing: The Fashion Revolution

I am freezing when its cold, I am boiling when it’s hot.

But there is something that all women should be told, there is a miracle to be got. 


Now ladies, ladies be honest with me here are you one of those people who say “I get really hot in the Summer, but really cold in the Winter.” If you are I think I have the solution to all your temperature torments and Winter Woes. You’d love to find that magical and glamorous top that kept you warm in the cold of Winter or that classy dress that stopped that pesky perspiration from running down your arms? Yes.

Well, then look no further as there is a revolutionary clothing company named “HotSquash” clothing a revolution in the world of fashion if I ever encountered one.

Warm Technology

Thermal Clothing has been a long tradition that has been hidden away, I mean no lady will ever admit to wearing thermals in broad daylight. it just simply isn’t done, as comfortable as they may be, they are not the most fashionable clothing items to have in your underwear draw.  HotSquash  offers a range of fashionable clothing items from slinky dresses, to glamorous tops to take you from day to night. The clothing is apparently inspired by Polar Bears, as there hollow fur enables them to trap the heat and thus keep them warm. See, you learn something new every day.

However, the great thing about this technology is that it keeps you warm without you having to pile on the layers, which will usually make a person look as if they’ve increased by a dress size over night. Winter is challenging and it’s always exceedingly difficult to look glamorous and warm, I truly believe that women can now fight back against the winter months using such a vital weapon.

The technology also regulates your temperature, dries 50% quicker than other clothes and minimise clamminess with breathable fibres that store away moisture. This range is fantastic for Visually impaired people, as let’s not beat around the bush we do seem to be out in all weathers with out guide dogs and mobility aids. So we always have to result to things that are made for practicality, come on don’t argue with me you know I’m right.

This technology is fantastic for looking ultra glamorous, whist staying warm and minus the chattering teeth. People will be scratching their heads wondering how you do it!

And if that wasn’t enough for you, they also thrive on low maintenance. So perfect if you’re not always able to get the iron out or sift through your laundry. This seems to be the ideal fashion company for people with Visual Impairments.

For more information visit the Science element of their website click here.

Cool Technology

Ok let’s fast forward to a few months, it’s a gorgeous Summers day, your strolling in the park, your dog running off in the distance, for there weekly free run. The sun beating down on your face and the birds twittering. Then suddenly you hear someone calling you, you look up and you notice that your friend is coming to join you. You raise your arm to wave at them and…drat! You have sweat marks on your armpit area of that lovely cardigan you are wearing. Ring any bells?

Now, don’t worry, you don’t need to cringe back from the computer screen we’ve all been there. So, why not also invest in some of HotSquash’s “Cool Fresh” technology clothing.

“CoolFresh” is the opposite of the “ThinHeat” range, the primatial idea behind the range is that it is a breathable fabric, in a light material that keeps you cool during the Summer.  Whilst preventing you from perspiring in all those embarasing areas.

“CoolFresh” fabric is a combination of multi-channel and hollow fibres. The multi-channel fibres keep you cool, while the hollow core fibres react to your body’s temperature to take the chill off. The aim is to keep you at a constant comfortable temperature. The material also allows for the moisture to swiftly evaporate, leaving your body feeling fresh and clean during the hot months ahead. The fabric also dries swiftly, regulates your body temperature and minimises odours.

To find out more of the “CoolFresh” range click here

Top ThinHeat Favourites 

So, you know how this marvels work in the technology department, now it’s time to see how they fair with style. Believe me you will not be disappointed!

The Little Black Dress: Fashioneyesta Loves

Price: £95

Black Long Sleeved ThinHeat dress
Black Long Sleeved ThinHeat dress

Style Code: HS0094

One essential piece that woman categorically know is that no wardrobe wouldn’t would be a wardrobe without “The Little Black Dress.” This zip up, body-con,  long sleeved black dress is extremely sexy, extremely flattering and extremely warm!  With a v shaped neckline, you can afford to reveal a slight bit of skin, whilst not having the fear of contracting the Flu Virus. No longer will you trudge to work or to the cocktail bar wearing your 101 layers during Winter. Now, with this sexy little weapon stashed in your wardrobe, you can dress for any occasion during the Winter months. This dress is also featured on the Style Tips section of the HotSquash website.

Click here to view

Green Pleated Front Top: Fashioneyesta Loves (available in red and green) 

Price: £55

Green Pleat Front Blouse
Green Pleat Front Blouse

Style Code: HS0092

This wonderful pleated front top is so reminiscent of the 1940’s in style. The pleat runs vertically along the middle and the long sleeves make the top flattering for any women of any age. I am rather partial to the green myself, the top is a true personification of elegance, this garment buttons up at the back which again adds a touch of elegance to the outfit and would look great paired with dark wash jeans or black trousers or even teamed with a pencil skirt. This garment is a beautiful and stylish addition to your winter wardrobe. A true must have for anyone who admires Vintage Style fashion.

Click here to view



Slouch n Glam Trousers (available in navy and black)

Price: £65

Style Code: HS 0017

It is not a pleasant feeling when one is waiting agonisingly at the bus stop and your legs feel as if they are about to drop off. Which is why these slouch

Slouch Trousers
Slouch Trousers

trousers are fantastic for style and warmth. The high waisted band of the trousers makes these look very flattering, the slouch style of these trousers would suit most figures. A classic and timeless garment to have in your wardrobe.

Click here to view





Waterfall top
Waterfall top

Waterfall Top (Available in Berry, Teal, and Black)

Price: £55

Style Code: HS0029

Click here to view

This beautiful garment is fantastic for anyone with a true feminine side, the ruffling detail to the front of the top would compliment any figure. It is a good investment, especially if you are having one of those accursed “bloated days.” The top is long sleeved and would look stylish with high waisted jeans or trousers to give it that sophisticated look. The rounded high neckline is great for keeping the troublesome elements at bay and the length of the blouse alongside it’s surprising thin material would ensure that the thermal function of the garment would keep you toasty and feeling very comfortable.

Top “CoolFresh” Picks 

The Maxi Dress: Fashioneyesta Loves (available in Dove Grey and Navy)

The Maxi
The Maxi

Price: £95

Style Code: HS0083

One of my absolute favourites of the HotSquash range and a true classic, beautiful look for the Summer. This dress has is cap sleeved, with an elasticated waist and a v neckline which is constructed the the wrap around detail at  the the top half. The dress has a long flowing skirt which would look amazing with a pair of tan wedges or gladiator sandals. Believe me I am hugely tempted to invest in the dove coloured maxi for the Summer months. This dress is one of those wonder dresses that would make any women appear to have a flawless figure, the elasticated waist would add that element of comfort to the dress. It could be made to look more of a bohemian style with chunky beads and hooped earrings or equally with metallic jewellery and a rhinestone detailed clutch for an evening feel.

Black Blazer 

Price: £135

Black Blazer
Black Blazer

Colour: Black

Style Code: HS0075

This black blazer is a fantastic item to have for any lady who needs to have a few staple, smart items in her wardrobe. Perfect for a job interview and would be great to counteract the heat that the black pigment can generate. With this blazer you can still have the option of wearing black without the torturous side effects that our Solar friend demands that we pay. The light material also means that the blazer could be added to your holiday suitcase without all of that dreaded baggage restrictions coming into play. The blazer is long sleeved and has two keep pockets, this garment would look great buttoned up with a starch white shirt or basic tee underneath or equally teamed with a maxi dress of any description with the buttons left undone.

Click here to view

Smarty Pants Trousers: Fashioneyesta Loves

Price: £135

Smarty Pants Trousers
Smarty Pants Trousers

Style Code: HS0019C

Colour: Black

These bootcut trousers will look fabulous for any occasion day or night. They are available in both “ThinHeat” and “CoolFresh”  option and with a very useful and VI friendly feature. These specific trousers have the additional function of rain and stain resistance! What a useful tool for any VI who may not expect to tread in a puddle lying in waiting up the road. Or who may brush against something that produces a stain on ones clothing. These trousers are great as the black pigment means that the stains will not show, but also as the trousers have been proven to be water and stain resistant. So, there will be no worries with tumble drying and ironing anything ready for the next day.

Click here to view


All of you Fashioneyesta readers and listeners on insight radio can also receive an exclusive 20% off starting from Friday 22nd of February. When you order (either by phone or online) just quote the code “fashioneyesta” at the checkout to receive this offer. The offer extends for one month after the launch this Friday, any date after the 22nd of march the offer cannot be used. “please not this is for use on the actual HotSquash website only and NOT on Debenhams online shopping pages”.

If you have any further queries please contact me at

Social Links

Website: Click here 

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Have I convinced you? I know I’m a total convert.




2 thoughts on “HotSquash Clothing: The Fashion Revolution

  1. I really do love the look of these clothes. They sound fantastic. I think my favourite has to be the maxi Dress for summer and the waterfall top for winter. I would love to know how they feel against your skin.

  2. Hi….I bought a maxi dress and waterfall top for my wife for her birthday…..she is really pleased with the feel and quality, and yes….they do actually regulate your body temperature! fantastic! My wife will be buying some more items for the summer season, especially the prints….they look great!

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