Fashioneyesta at London Fashion Weekend 2013

he lights dazzle and daze me.

The blink of the cameras phase me.

The runway is long and sleek.

She inhales, gets ready, gives her hair that one last tweak.

It’s time to begin, walk that edgy walk.

You know that Mathew Williamson Dress will be the creme de la mere, the talk of the talk.

You guessed it?

Fashioneyesta at London Fashion Week

It’s an event that every Fashionista, fashion blogger, designer, shopaholic and any fashion person under the sun waits with bated breath for. London Fashion Week was absolutely huge this year, what with Rhinna’s clothing launch and the long anticipated Spring Mulberry Collection. It was also Fashioneyestas very first year at London Fashion week, being a fashion blogger delivering trend news to all you lovely people I simply just had to go.

Today I’m going to give you a guide on the latest trends, Make up Tip, the Shopping Experience and Accessibility Advice for all you VI’s.

The Ambience

Fashioneyesta in the Catwalk tent

The day was absolutely oozing with style and individuality, a place where just about every single fashion blogger made the pilgrimage to in order to get a sneak preview of the upcoming Spring/ Summer Trends.

There was tones of freebies, many a people posing for the camera, camera flashes and a lot of shopping to be done. Everyone at the event rocked their looks whether they were a Primark Prowler, Topshop Tiger or Mulberry Marquises.

The Catwalk

If you’ve ever considered to attend London Fashion Week but worry about not looking as if you own a portion of France I wouldn’t worry. If you attend one of the “Shop and Trend” shows this would not be an issue, as they are aimed at presenting the latest trends that will be available on the high street.

Freebies and Extras

As I got a ticket which as under “Shop and the Lot” I got a Radley designed tote back with some freebies inside including, Elizabeth Arden Make up, and Elle magazine, a LFW bus pass holder, jargons products and exclusive offers to be accessed by those who attended London Fashion Week.

I was also given a load of other freebies including free samples of coffee, complementary Diet Coke and Buenno bars. There are also offers to be accessed if you are a Vodafone customer including access to talks, a free nail varnish designed by Nails Ink and many other perks.

Shopping Experience

Now, ladies if you’re planning to attend one of these London Fashion Week events I’d all advise you to take an extra guest with you. That is, your husbands/fathers credit card.

Before entering the catwalk show there was a large number of designer stalls selling discounted clothes, shoes and accessorise. From Lola Rose Jewellery to YSL there was so much to choose from.


Elizabeth Arden

Fashioneyesta having and Elizabeth Arden Make over

Elizabeth Arden joined the event as they had been working constantly during that week on the models make up. At the Elizabeth Arden stand I chose to have a make over for £10 (redeemable against purchases made.) The experience was very insightful as to the key make up looks for the Spring/ Summer and it made me fee very fresh faced. I would highly recommend this as the make up artist was very thorough and explained every item that she used. The make over was excellent value for money and I rather enjoyed purchasing the goodies after the event. I also received a free make up bag with three lovely full sized products inside, the make up bag itself was stunning in the style of a red envelope with a floral pattern on it.

All in all it was a fantastic make up experience and I shall be looking at Elizabeth Arden products more often.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Balm

Star Product: Eight Hour Protection Flagrance Free Balm

Accessibility: 5/5 white background and black text, easy to read and the matt finish made it easy to grip.

Ease of Application: 45/5 it absorbs into the skin and is quick and easy to use.

Value for Money: 5/5 great for usage everywhere, worth every penny.

Overall Quality: 5/5 Fantastic!

This fragrance free version of the legendary skincare classic works wonders to moisturise and protect anytime, anyway you choose. Shape brows, revitalise shine, soothe dry hands and smooth cuticles and nails. Also for symptoms of chapping, peeling or flaking due to minor burns, sunburn, windburn, scrapes, abrasions or cracked lips. No wonder it’s loved by makeup artists all around the world.

Emma’s Comments

“Until finding this product I had really chapped skin around the eyes due to my job and being out in the cold weather. However, this amazing balm has really helped my skin, it’s healed my flaky, sore skin and made those trouble areas feel soft and smooth again. I would highly recommend it!”

Click here to view the product

Fantastic Four: Spring Summer Trends

1. Graphic Art

Pink Cambridge Satchel with matching pink studied flats from Bohoo.

Ah Marc Jacobs what are you like? We’re back at square one pun intended there. For any of you who are raising your eyebrows at me as you read this, my little joke back there refers to the very bold statements of the graphic trend this season. The trend consists of many garments, maxi dresses, blouses all with bold Op Art. The trend will host stripes, checks, squares and spots. It’s really a tribute to the graphic art. On the trend show it was also showcased alongside statement pieces, there was a lot of neon making it’s way up the catwalk such as the hot pink Cambridge Satchel…I have to admit I now own one too.

2. Urban Style

Now, let’s get street savvy girls with this this next look which is all about working our everyday life into our wardrobe at the best of our abilities. This season two worlds really do collide, as the classic and cutting edge style join in fashion matrimony. Mature styles of pencil skirts, collard blouses, macs and fitted dresses. We also begin to see statement peices such as Bermuda shorts, bodice tops and structured jackets. The colour palette includes classic colours of white, navy, beige with hints of grey, bright red and cobalt blue. The trend is being supported by high street brands such as Topshop, Paper London as well as fresh designers such as Chris Raeburn.

2. Dolls House

Dolls House trend: Model wearing a tight fitting floral print dress which matching floral head piece.

I thought the same as you when I first heard that trend title too. With Givenchy, Burberry and Gucci producing fresh designs from the catwalk everyone will know of the trend “Dolls ” House.” The trend will be a modern take on girls with the pretty, demure and cute sense of style. When you think of this trend think of pastel colours, think cotton gloves, think floral and most impurely think beading. This look will be focused on presenting women as dolls, but with a modern twist. The look will be incorporated with Burberrys new selection of metallic trenches as well as presenting the modern women. Go for colours that are understated and easy on the eye, the catwalk saw a selection of nude cambridge satchels to the look. The look can be created with shell tops, metallic jewellery, pencil skirts and of course statement head bands.

4. Eastern Promise

Oriental Promise model wearing Japanese pink and cream floral print PJ suit with a parasol.

Now this fourth and most fabulous trend happens to be Fashioneyesta’s favourite.

Designers travel far and wide, looking into every knock and cranny of the world to get fresh new ideas for their new collection. This year it designers have begun to look to the Eastern World for their inspiration for 2013. So, you can expect many of the high street stores to transport you into the magical, mystic world of the Orients. Think gold jewellery, think elegance, think gold embroidery, striking colours and of course you can go one step further with a Japanese silk umbrella…I would.

This look is a truly beautiful and very eye catching, it makes a refreshing and very exotic change to your wardrobe to add some kimonos, embroidered tunics, flat footwear and gold costume jewellery into your collection.

Eastern Promise: Model wearing a white lose fit tunic with rose print and a light pink parasol.

New designers such as Charlotte Taylor and Emma Shipley are getting on board this idea, we are also beginning to see Kimonos and Oriental inspired tunics on some of the high street stores like Topshop and ASOS.

You like what you read on the Oriental Fashion? Well then stay tuned for more on the oriental trend from yours truly. Want to know more, you can get in touch at

Fashioneyesta xx

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