Stylish Girl: App Review


A Virtual Closet is like every girls dream, especially after viewing the film Clueless. But, I think Clueless will hide it’s head in shame when it finds out about this great little app named “Stylish Girl.”

StylishGirl is one of the latest and most top rated crazes on the app store in the fashion world. Featured on many websites including The Daily Telegraph, The Huffington Post and even appearing in New York Fashion Week.

This app is a great little app, you can organise your clothing, accessorise, shoes and more all in one place. The options allow you to photograph your fashion items, add information such as the brand, tags, sub categorise, price, and notes. This app is very accessible for Visually Impaired People as it is compatible with iPhone Voice Over and Zoom.

You can even add a special Stylish Girl Calendar and plan outfits for every day of the week, the outfit planner allows you to organise outfits for whatever the weather and to organise them with titles, tags and more. You can also shop via the “Mall” Facility which allows to to purchase clothes from online stores including Very, ASOS, OASIS e.t.c. The app will automatically add them to your “closet,” otherwise clothing can be added to your “Wish list.”

Price: Free

Accessibility: 4.5/5

The App is compatible with VoiceOver and Zoom (both having been tested.)

Organisation: 3.5/ 5

The app is very organised, however I feel it needs further options such as colour options, style options for dresses and material. As this would be more practical for VI’s.

Overall Rating: 4/5 

The app is great and I’m having fun using it. The only thing I would recommend is that there is more options for styles, colours, materials and so on  when the app is updated or re designed.

Below is a comment form where you can leave your comments and recommend any further apps.


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