Calling on all Fashion Bloggers: Support Living Paintings #FashionTimeCapsule

What is Living Paintings?

Living Paintings is a wonderful organisation that creates tactile/ audio books for blind and partially sighted children and young people. They aim to make the visual world accessible to visually impaired youngsters so that they are able to have similar empirical experiences as a fully sightred child.

Find out more about one of their latest Astronomy projects by checking out my Accessible Astronomy Article published on the Huffington Post UK.

What to do?

  • Pick any number of fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessorise, fragrance, cosmetics/grooming) that you would place in a Fashion Time Capsule in order to show future generations what your style was. 
  • Upload it to the social media format  form of your choice such as a yotutube video, blog post, audioboo e.t.c and tag it under the hashtag Fashion Time Capsule.
  • Add the link to the Living Paintings website, along with the description of the charity and what they do.
  • Promote it as best you can on twitter, Facebook, tublir e.t.c
  • Tweet us, me @DavisonEm and @LivingPaintings
  • And HAVE FUN!

Watch the Video for further information 

email me at for more information and visit the Living Paintings website


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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel

One thought on “Calling on all Fashion Bloggers: Support Living Paintings #FashionTimeCapsule

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