One T Shirt: Three Looks

Back to basics are we? Everyone has those periodical spurts in their lives where the plain white T shorts, the espadrilles and those casual  jeans are what takes our fancies.

Simplicity can be a marvellous tool in your mechanism and it has more pros than it does cons. For one, it is easier and more cost effective to invest in a lot of simple clothing pieces whilst buying high trending accessorise and shoes in order to update your look as the seasons change and one fashion trend leads into another.

Another interesting point about the eclectic accessorise is that it becomes easier to sell them in the reselling process. eBayers are more prone to purchasing ‘preloved’ accessorise as opposed to second hand clothes.

Have I convinced you on this fashion idea yet?

If not, then read on and find out what a simple white T shirt can be collaborated with in order to update your look and to really show your stuff to the outside world.

The Marvellous Masculine Look 

The Masculine Look
The Masculine Look

Hello chaps, totally spiffing today is it not? Oh and by the way, incase you hadn’t noticed, my gender differs with the title of this look. To put it plainly, I am a girl.

But, that does not mean to say that I don’t like to dress in the masculine attire. This simple white T short from Sainsbury’s has been paired with my dark red cambridge batchel with my initials E.Davison embossed on the side. The batchel is different from the satchel in the sense that the batchel has a small handle like a suitcase as well as a long strap. This was paired along with my red bowler hat from Christies London. I also paired it with a black beaded necklace in the shape of a tie from Topshop.

I also added a felt handmade brooch in the shape of a pocket watch from Notonthehighsreet in a shade of brown there is also an added fastening to make it look like an original pocket watch. I also added a second brooch which I bought from eBay, the brooch is in a black ornate design with the pearly white centre depicting  “Vote For Women” in bold lettering. The brooch also has the flower and pearl pigments of Emilie Pankhurst’s movement, that is pearl, purl or better known then as Amethyst, and green otherwise known as Emerald. What can I say, it had to be done?


Item list and Links

Cambridge Batchel in dark red 15″ for £113 (embossing costing extra) from Cambridge Satchel Company. Click here to view.mas

Red bowler hat with a bow detail in satin ribbon (also available in black) £40 from Christies London. 




The Fabulous Florals

The Floral Look
The Floral Look

For this look, I’d advise you to fix an image of Alice in Wonderland’s Golden Afternoon scene and I am referring to the scene with the

flowers in the book as opposed to the film.

For this look I again paired the classic White T short with a cross body pansy print bag from Accessorise which are in muted, jewel like

Fabulous Florals
Fabulous Florals

pigments of purple, blue, mustard and red. The bag also has embellishment detailing and  the straps are in a tan pigment giving this bag a classic look.

I also added a cluster of felted rose shaped brooches from the traders market in Spitalfields, one deep purple, one cherry red and one in a mustard colour. I also added a small crochet Rose brooch in pink with delicate crochet leaves bought from Greenwich Market. The last brooch I added was a ceramic brooch in the shape of a posy of flowers in colours of light pinks, deep reds and purple bought for 50 pence from a boot fair last year.

I finally added a floral printed, plastic and faux pearl choker from Bullfrogs Greenwich which really can take an outfit from day to night. With this sort of outfit you could team it with a knitted cardigan or a shrug to change the look depending on the changing weather.




Fun with Flamingos 

Fun with Flamingos
Fun with Flamingos

The final look represents the flamingo look, Flamingos were very popular last year, the shops were crammed to bursting point with the little creatures…not that I mean that literally. But, now the trend seems to be creeping up again, what with Sugarhill Boutique showcasing their new line of Flamingo printed blouses and dresses for the Spring/Summer Season. The look also fits in tendon with the latest Eastern Promise look that was seen on London Fashion Week this year. fl

For this look I teamed the classic white T shirt with a white long silk scarf in a light pink Flamingo print from Next (bought last year.) Also teaming it with a cross body bag with a white Flamingo pattern against a pink background, also from Next. For the flamingo look you could invest in simple items such as earrings, brooches, a printed bag or scarf in order to update your look or to spice up any outfit.

So, have I convinced you now? You see you can update your look just using accessories and a large majority of the accessorise I showcased today were bought last year or are a few months old in my collection. It just comes to show that in your jewellery box, your scarf collection or even lurking in a local boot fair you can update your simple and sometimes repetitive attire into a salute of the latest trends and looks.

So, get rummaging into your wardrobe, be creative and most importantly have fun!



Don’t forget you can also vote on the poll below to have your say about which look you like best.

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