Jo Loves: Review

My my, what on earth has happened to me?

Am I now famous, am I global sensation, or is this a mere fantasy?

The postmen knocks with a special delivery, oh good heavens above!

I open the luxuriously packaged red box, and there nestled among the tissue is a nest of goodies from Jo Loves! 

Welcome my dear readers to the Fragranceaholics Convention.

My name is Emily and I am now addicted to Jo Loves.

Why? The reason is simple, being visually impaired my other senses including my hearing, taste, touch and especially my sense of smell are always on the alert for new discoveries. But also because the Jo Loves products are simply exquisite and nose twitchingly good! As I found out only earlier this week.

It came as an extremely pleasant surprise when I received an email from a very friendly representative from new fragrance and scented candle Company Jo Loves. Asking me to trial and test their delightful range of products. As I am sure many of you can imagine, I leapt at the chance for such a terrific opportunity.

Being a blogger I always get a euphoric feeling to find something new awaiting your thoughts and senses. So when I found myself opening a rather large red box stuffed with tissue paper and inside it an array of scented trinkets awaiting for my nose to meet and greet each and every one of them.

One moment Emily Davison and the next I have become Kay Harker with my box of delights.

Today I shall be sharing with you the many wonders that this Aladdin’s Cave of a company has to offer anyone with a love for quality and broad imagination.

A Brief History

November 2011 marked the birth of a brand new worldwide fragrance company that has subsequently dazzled me beyond belief.

Jo Loves is a company in which the founder Jo Malone creates wonderful new fragrances that have been inspired by everyday life whether that be people, food and cookery or and certain setting.

Jo Malone, founder and creative director of Jo Malone LTD, has now ventured onto creating a whole new global brand named Jo Loves. 


The Brand is relatively new to the market, but is beginning to ascend. The company is launching their first exclusive shop in London this Summer. Jo Loves currently has a showroom in Sloane Square, Central London where you can view, try and buy the products.

Jo Loves ships internationally making the brand open to everyone.

I am firm believer that fragrances can mark a moment in ones life, however huge or small that it may be.

After the successes of Jo’s first venture, she found herself contemplating the question we all ask ourselves ‘could it do it again.’ And, she did not disappoint!

Jo Loves is the brand that captures moments of Jo’s life and what she believes in. In my opinion it embodies the strong, confident, busy everyday women.

It is the scent of that special exotic holiday in Sunny Spain, that burst of tang in a cocktail, that special woman that is your role model, that gem of a shop or coffee place that remains in the corners of your mind. I have fallen head over heals for this brand as I was certain I would.

Watch the video below to find out more.

What I Thought 

Now I think you know the answer to this already, I utterly adored the fragrances. From the moment that the smell streamed into my unsuspecting nose I became uncontrollably hooked.

Forgive me but I must use my poetic tendencies here. It was like when you hear a Beethoven symphony. For a moment in your busy, hectic life you pause and appreciate it’s overwhelming power and understand it’s intrinsic value as a masterpiece. With Jo as the conductor and the many different notes of the fragrance as the orchestra.The scent bursts through your mind and it’s like perfect clarity.

Do you now see how my rather wacky mind works?



Jo Loves has a range of eight wonderful fragrances, perfect for any occasion and whatever your personal taste may be.

Jo Loves has launched a Mango Range in which combines mango with other tempting undertones and scents.

The fragrances are all very different and unique from a clean scent of Pomelo to the sharp citrus scent of A Shot Of Thai Lime over Mango fragrance.

There are so many that I adore, I think I shall be swiftly using my tester samples until there is not one solitary drop of fragrance left in them.

The 30ml bottle costs £45 and a 100ml costs £95 and it is well worth every penny.


I have found the perfume bottle to be very accessible, with a distinctive square shape, bold lettering and the box also has a matt finish making it easy to hold and identify. I find the products very VI friendly and whats more as it is a fragrance there is no danger in mixing them up with another.

Click here to view the fragrance collection.

Gift Sets

Scented Candles

Jo Loves also offers a range of wonderful gift sets that any lady would be flattered to receive as a gift or to give as a gift, and if your like me, to herself.

Click here to view the many gift sets on offer.

Scented Candles

What I also adore about this wonderful new company is that Jo loves also offers a range of scented candles. It is one thing to smell amazing yourself, but it is an entirely different matter to have your home smell like a tropical paradise or a luxury hotel.  

I was privileged to have been sent a truly sublime scented candle by Jo Loves, which smells ever so fragrant and reminds me of being in a spa in Bath.

These candles would be perfect to mark a significant occasion, they are very large in size and totally worth the money.

The two current candles that are on offer are Frangipani, Wild Reseda, Tuberose and the Lemongrass, Amber and Tiare Flower.

The candles cost £75 to buy.

Fashioneyesta Loves: Star Products

Green Orange and Coriander Fragrance

Green Orange and Coriander Image
Green Orange and Coriander Image

Price: £45 (30ml)

Link: Click here

Accessibility: 5/5

Distinctive square bottle, bold lettering and a matt finish box to keep the bottle protected.

Ease of Application: 5/5

Very easy to apply to the skin.

Value for money: 5/5

Worth every penny! Jo herself claims that this product has lasting qualities.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

This fragrance is truly sensational!


Warm, delectable, spicy and totally irresistible.These are the words that come to mind when thinking of this fragrance. With top notes of Green Orange and Black Pepper with undertones of Oakmoss, Tonka bean and central notes of Coriander.  The warm musky smell of the fragrance means that both men and women could wear it. Although, I would advise you to keep it between you and I, dear reader. I utterly adore this fragrance and this is my “staple scent” meaning that I shall be sporting this one throughout the Spring/Summer.

Pink Vetiver Fragrance

Pink Vetiver
Pink Vetiver

Price: £45 (30ml)

Link: Click here

Accessibility: 5/5

Distinctive square shaped bottle, bold lettering and a matt finish box to keep the bottle protected.

Ease of Application: 5/5

Very easy to apply to the skin.

Value for money: 5/5

Worth every penny! The scent is so easy to wear for both day and night, for whatever occasion you wish.

Overall Quality: 5/5

This fragrance is a wonderfully clean, fresh scent. One that will get you in the mood for Spring.


This fragrance is utterly fabulous, it would be perfect as a body wash which I am sure will eventually be released. It is a great holiday fragrance, or even to remind you of that wonderful four star hotel you visited on a special adventure. It is very feminine, i wore this yesterday and received a volley of compliments.

A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango Fragrance 

A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango

Price: £45 (30ml)

Link: Click here 

Accessibility: 5/5

Distinctive square shaped bottle, bold lettering and a matt finish box to keep the bottle protected.

Ease of Application: 5/5

Very easy to apply to the skin.

Value for money: 5/5

Worth every penny! It would make a great treat this Summer, to remind you of what a beach looks like during this dreary weather.

Overall Quality: 5/5

This fragrance is sheer bliss, it is just like sunshine in a bottle. I am very fond of this fragrance.


This fragrance is sharp, citrus and a perfect holiday fragrance. This scent is just like having a cocktail on some white sanded, exotic beach in the Mediterranean.

Lemongrass. Amber. Tiare Flower Scented Candle

Price: £75

Link: Click here

Accessibility: 5/5

The box has a matt finish which makes it easy to identify. The font is in bold black lettering and the candle is easy to open and to use.

Scented Candle
Scented Candle

Value For Money: 4/5 

Very good value for money, it would make an unforgettable gift.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

This scented candle is absolutely mind blowing! It has made my room smell like a Turkish Bath come Spa. I will be adding this to my favourites list.


This candle is wonderfully made with an endless, blissful aroma. From the moment when I opened the box I could smell the fresh Lemongrass in the tissue of the box. It is without a doubt, one of the most delightful fragrances my nose has ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Social Links

So come and join in the fragrance fun, have a sensory sensation, try, tweet and tell all your friends and family that theres a new company in town!

Online Website: Click here 

Phone Number: 02072591430

Showroom: Studio 1, 1ST Floor, 259A Pavilion Road, London, SWIX OBP

Facebook: Click here

Youtube: Click here

Twitter: @JOLOVES_team

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Jo Loves for your generosity towards

Both fashioneyesta and Jo Loves will continue to work together in the future as their company continues to grow and expand.

Jo Loves, we at salute and adore you.

Click here to listen to podcast of me talking about Jo Loves on Insight Radio.

Please feel free to comment in the form below.

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