The Importance of Pedicures

The boots are off, the sandals are on. 420667_365468536894816_2067545424_n

The sweet dresses that look so demure. 

It’s time to give our feet that pedicure. 

Now ladies it’s time to bare our feet to the world and in order to do that we all must take a pilgrimage to our nearest salon and treat our feet to a little luxury.

Why it’s important

Pedicures are important for the Spring/Summer season, they can enhance your feet tremendously by giving them the pedicured, freshly groomed look.

They can improve circulation, reduce dead skin cells, improve your mood and help to maintain the condition of your toe nails.

When you are, like me, visually impaired it can be exceedingly difficult to look fter your feet due to sight loss.

Having a qualified beautician look after your feet will e

Fashioneyesta Recommends

Have a pedicure with a colour that can be worn with a vide variety of colours. Red nail polish is a big statement this season with all the latest safari print and khaki trends being launched by high street brands such as Topshop and H&M.

The French Pedicure is also another classic look which will give your toenails that well maintained look.

Pink and Whites, a nail treatment that is painted over your nails to harden them can also be used if your toe nails are particularly week.

How often to have one

Price is a huge element to this decision, in Mottingham there is a wonderful salon that i have discovered called “Beauty by Specialists” that offer very affordable treatments to their customers.

A toenail shape, colour and polish costs £10 whist a full pedicure costs £20. If you are able to find a salon with prices such as these it may be worth investing in a pedicure once a month.

Swap Skills

Another option is to swap skills, say for instance you are an accomplished cake maker your friend is an old hand at pedicures. It is a match made in heaven, this is also another fun and cost effective way of having your feet pampered.

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