Smile Science: Review

Oh the Shark has pretty teeth dear.

And he shows them PEARLY WHITE!

No, I am not referring to jaws my dear readers, I am referring to two newly teeth whitened individuals. That is, Thomas: our very own male contributor, and of course little old me.

Smile Science

Teeth whitening is a treatment that I myself have been considering for quite some time but have never previously pursued it. However, my hawk eyed friend Thomas spotted a fantastic offer on Groupon: a voucher website. The offer was for an hours treatment of teeth whitening for the price of £69 (retails usually at £199.)

Smile Science, originating form dental practices in LA, has now crossed the water to us tea loving Brits. It is a fantastic treatment that uses an LED and whitening gel combined sessions all in the space of an hour.

Naturally, I leapt at the chance to have such a treatment that didn’t involve any lasers or invasive treatments. And so, Thomas, Unity my trusty companion and myself all embarked on a little adventure to Wesfield Stratford City for a teeth transformation.

Company Details

Name: Smile Science

Website: Click here

Twitter: @SmileScienceUK

Telephone: 020 3288 1038

There are two main stands in which you can visit the teeth whitening centre both based in London’s exciting Statford Centres.

Fashioneyesta was at…

Westfield Stratford City
Montfichet Road
Olympic Park
E20 1EJ

OTHER Branch

Westfield London
Ariel Way
W12 7GL

The Treatment: How it works?

The treatment worked in a few easy steps, the dentist consultant began by noting the current colour of my teeth which was not of a pleasant colour might I add.

20130516-115100.jpgThe consultant then continued to prepare my mouth and gums for the treatment. Firstly, you will be given a set of red goggled to wear before they begging.

They will start by adding a mouth guard to the mouth and then applying a gum protecting solution. This was followed by three twenty minute sessions of an LED light being focused on the teeth, each time a new solution of teeth whitening solution was applied. They will ask you to clench your teeth and keep them in their naturally closed state through the course of the treatment.

The dentist consultant will then leave you to check on their other clients. They will likely return to you every ten minutes or so to extract the saliva from your mouth with a vacuum tool and re apply the solution. They will ask you if you are experiencing any discomfort or sensitivity and if you are simply nod are shake your head in reply. You will be able to breath through your mouth and swallow your Saliva still. However, talking will not be possible whist the treatment is taking place. If at any time you experience discomfort whist you are having the treatment the consultant can apply a desensitising solution to your teeth. For myself the treatment tingled/ stung a slightly however it was not unbearable. Thomas found the treatment totally comfortable, despite having sensitive teeth.

The consultant will then remove the solution form your teeth and gums,

The Result

Picture of my Whitened Teeth
Picture of my Whitened Teeth

Both Thomas and myself were extremely happy with the treatment and noticed significant difference in our teeth. Thomas’s teeth become five shades whiter at the front and three shades whiter on the canines. Whist mine became five shades whiter all around, if you have white spots on your teeth or discolouration like me. This treatment is perfect for you as they will really make your teeth look even and pearly white.


With any foreign liquid that is applied to your teeth you will get a certain degree of sensitivity. Thomas experienced minor sensitivity, whist I experienced slightly more sensitivity. However, the affects of the treatment subsided within an hour and my teeth had returned back to their normal state by that evening.

Talk to your dentist before going ahead with any whitening treatment, I would recommend this treatment over laser teeth whitening. As it is lest invasive on your teeth and will not cause as much sensitivity.

The consultant gave me a sensitivity treatment to apply to my teeth in the form of a syringe, this is optional and if you notice that the sensitivity lessens then I would advice that you do not use it.


Both Thomas and myself were strongly advised NOT to eat or drink anything that would stain our teeth for 48 hours. This would include coke, sauces, curry, red meats, e.c.t. The key rule is to think ‘if this can stain a white shirt, then it can stain my teeth.’

This may be torture for any caffeine drinkers or smokers, so you need will power for this one.

Top Up

You can also opt for a top up after six months, and if you produce your previous receipt you can have a discount on your next treatment.

Will I be going back for a top up session you ask?


Hospitality: 4/5

The staff were very friendly, attentive and described the whole process. They continued to ensure that all of their clients were comfortable and happy with the treatment process.

I must advise any Guide Dog owner to either take a sighted guide or to use a cane when going for the treatment. As your dog will not be allowed into the centre as it is a sanitised space and the cubicles are quite small. Take someone who will be able to look after your dog whist the treatment is in process or someone who will come with you for the treatment so you can leave your Guide Dog at home. This would be the same for anyone with babies or small children.

Accessibility: 3.5/5

The centre itself is situated in the shopping centre of Westfield, so you may need some assistance in finding it. Smile Science, Westfield Stratford is based on the first floor kiosk near Miss Selfridges.

Quality of the treatment: 5/5

The treatment is excellent, very good value for money and well worth having for any special occasion, holiday or just as a pick me up.

I will definitely be going again!

Watch the video below to see us both live on the day.

Stay tuned for an exclusive youtube video of Thomas and myself having the treatment.

Have a question for us? Then ask away by submitting them to the contact form below.

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4 thoughts on “Smile Science: Review

  1. Hi, I’m looking for some reviews for the teeth withening treatment of smile sciences and found your article. It helped me alot. But I just have a question. How long did the whitening effect last?
    Thanks alot for your help
    bet regards

    1. Sure thing, well the whitening effect can last anything from up to a year to three but longer if you care for your teeth an eliminate things that can stain them like tea or coffee.
      You can find out more details by checking out their website. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I’m rreally lovibg the theme/design of your weblog. Do yyou ever run into anyy web browser compatibility problems?

    A handful of my blog readers have complained about my website
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    in Firefox. Do you have aany recommendations to help fix this problem?

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