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So, you have finished your exams, you have a well deserved lunch break, you are having a lazy day, or you are on the plain going on holiday. What you need my friends is a good Chick Lit, I am an avid reader myself. However, my blog has the core purpose of fashion and lifestyle features, the girl who mainly covers fantastic book reviews is the lovely Amy Rowe from click here to check out her blog.

However, it does me a great sense of pleasure to share with you a collection of my top Chick Lits for this Summer packed with great outfits, wonderful underdog characters and a whole lot of drama.

Whats more, these books are all available in a form of accessible format, whether it be audio book, Daisy Player, iBook and any other format. These books are well within your reach if you are Visually Impaired on not.

Read on and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

A Vintage Affair By Isabel Wolff Fashioneyesta Loves


a vintage afair


Available in: RNIB’s talking book catalogue and iTunes iBooks

Rating: 5/5

If you like Vintage finds, old fashioned romances, tear jerking moments, and a whole lot of fashion then you’ll love Wolff’s ingenious creation. The book tells the tale of newbie shop owner and vintage expert Phoebe Swift. Who is dealing with her own personal issues, whist running a vintage shop in Blackheath and looking for love. This book was personal to me and touched my heart as it was set in my hometown and includes everything I love about Vintage Fashion. If I were on a dessert Island this book would be venturing there with me.

The Personal Shopper by Carmen Reid 


the personal shopper


Available in: RNIB’s talking book catalogue and iTunes iBooks


This book is a fantastic, dramatic and entertaining read for any women. It tells the story of Annie Valentine a single mother and hotshot Personal Shopper. The book is packed with laughs, romance, fashion disasters and a lot of heart warming moments. Reid is undisputedly a fantastic world class writer and I would highly recommend any of her books to you.

The Time Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky (excusive interview available click here to view




Available in: iTunes iBooks

Rating: 5/5

Time traveling, fashion, decadence and a teenage girl, what could be better qualities in a novel? This book is fantastic for all of you younger readers, as it follows the story of young Louise Lambert as she ventures into the past on board the Titanic. This book is episodic, fascinating and marvellous and whats more it is also part of series.

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella 




iTunes Audiobooks, Audible, Kindle, iTunes iBooks and RNIB’s Talking Book Catalogue.

Rating: 5/5

Of course this book is an icon of the Chick Lit world, a truly funny read with an equally loveable character. The book for myself acted as a cautionary tale, just like the readers of Perrault’s Little Red Riding Hood, I have learned a valuable lesson. I will well and truly think twice before handing over my bank card to a shop attendant. To be brutally honest I think my mother believes this book to be a God send and so do I. Husbands, boyfriends I would strongly recommend that you add this book to your other halves birthday pile.

The Glamorous Double Life of Isabella Bookbinder by Holly McQueen 


the glamorous double life


Available in: Kindle and iTunes iBooks

Rating: 5/5

If you like a good old chuckle, cringe worthy moments and a true underdog character then you’ll fall head over heels for this little find. Working in Waterstones, I found many treasures this being one of them. This book was hilarious and had my either in stitches half of the time or recoiling in empathy for the embarrassment of the main character. Isabella Bookbinder, like any other girl, is a character on the search for fame, fortune, the perfect man and to beat her arch enemy from school. On her quest to become a famous author she meets many rivals and encounters many humiliating moments in her journey. A journey that you’d all be very mad to miss, this book is a perfect holiday read.

East of the Sun by Julia Gregson


east of the sun


Available in: RNIB’s Taking Book Catalogue, iTunes Audiobooks, Audible, Kindle and iTunes iBooks.

Rating: 5/5

This book is not explicitly a chick lit, it is rather an enchanting and captivating historical fiction about three women by the names of Rose, Victoria, and Viva who embark to India in the search of new lives. The book is set in the Romantic Period of 1928 in which we see the characters embark on beautiful vessels, walk the streets of India and take transformations into new people. This book is utterly perfect for any book club or Holiday maker, I would highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys history, beauty, culture and even Sex and the City. 


So there you have it, my top picks of fantastic Chick Lits for this Summer Season all in accessible formats. Please feel free to add any of your own suggestions or even to let us know at Fashioneyesta what you thought of them in the contact form or comment bow below.



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