Buffed and Bronzed: Real or Fake?


Authors Note: Written due to popular demand. 

So, it’s finally that time of year again. You now find yourself shedding the layers of clouting in a rather snake like fashion, you begin to lug that paddling pool out of he shed, sprinklers water fights and sun screen galore. It’s finally Summer time!

And according to MET office’s latest report we are expecting to be receiving an Indian Summer this year for the next two months. So, guys get ready, get buffed, get waxed and be prepared to get the full on sun kissed look in order to look utterly fabulous for the next two months.

Tanning is never an easy process for some people, it may be due to the fact that you have fair skin, or that you do not have the time to build up a genuine tan, or maybe due to your sight loss you are afraid to layer on the self tanning lotion.

Whatever the reason I do hope that todays feature gives you some insight into ways in which you model your skin after a Greek Goddess.

Davison’s Tan Real Deal 

Now, my skin is usually porcelain white during the Winter months. However, during the Summer I am in favour of Summer dresses, tailored white shorts, and with them golden tanned legs. So, in order to get a natural, streak proof tan one option is to go organic.

Now, any individual who works within the dermatology or skin care business would instantly tell you during any time of the year regardless of it being this Indian Summer of freezing winter to use a facial moisturiser with an SPF

In the company clique it’s like a holy chant that they use on each and every customer every day.

SPF, you must and always use a cream with SPF…or else!

And indeed, the or else is the most daunting part, wrinkles and notable signs of ageing will come at a much for rapid rate if you do not abide by this golden rule.

Take it from the girl who’s mother worked for Clinique for eight years, an SPF facial cream must become a permanent fixture of your daily routine.

The science behind this categorical theory is this, the UVA, otherwise known as the ageing ray, ray is constant 365 days of the year come rain or shine it will be there…waiting for you. The way in order that you can defend your skin from the deadly ageing ray that will endeavour to penetrate your skin is to use an SPF cream.

The UVB is the second ray, otherwise known as the burning ray. and again can damage your skin if the proper precautions are not taken.

Which leads me on to my next points…

The Ten Tanning Commandments 


1. Do not go out sun tanning without a sun hat.

Believe me, this is very important, because no matter how painful sun burn can be, sun stroke is ten times worse.

2. Apply a sun protection with a high SPF 20 minuets before going out into the sun so the skin can absorb it.

3. Make sure your skin is well moisturised before and after sunbathing.

4. Only spend a certain period of time in the sun, one hour maximum in the sun maximum. Sunbathe in short amounts, giving your skin a break from the sun every time you do. This reduces damage.

5. Drink a glass of Orange juice after tanning, this will aid the skin in repairing itself.


6. Invest in tanning oils that offer SPF protection to get the most out of your tanning session.

7. Keep yourself well hydrated.

8. Eat a healthy diet during the Summer months, eat things that contain protein and anti oxidants to help repair and maintain healthy skin.

9. Wear a Bandeau bikini when tanning. A Bandeau bikini is one that has no straps, this will ensure that you do not get any unsightly tan marks after tanning.

10. Be sure to have a good after sun stored in the fridge! Just in case.

The mantra of self tanning is this…

Get Vitamin D, but stay wrinkle free.


Tanning Tricksters 

So, you are not in favour of the organic tanning route? Sun tanning has taken somewhat of a back seat, although it is still a favourite of many people in the UK. the more common option for people to get that tanned look is of course, Fake Tan.

Fake tan may be a daunting prospect for some people, it can be a tricky business to ensure that your tan doesn’t become streaky or patchy making you look like a deck chair in Brighton.

But, fake tanning does have it pros, it’s quick, it’s safer, it will not leave you feeling sore afterwards, and you can control how much you wish to be tanned.

I, being visually impaired have been able to practical my skills over the year using technique, touch, a good skin care routine, and on many occasions a whole lot of guts.

So, I have composed a list of top tips to ensure that you too can get your tan right, without the embarrassing unpleasantries.


Things you will need

  • Fake tan of your choice
  • a towel (to protect the surface beneath your feet when applying the fake tan)
  • a pair of disposable gloves (can be found on ebay)
  • cotton pads (for the face)
  • cool clothing
  • Old bed sheet

1. Develop a good skin care routine.

By regularly, exfoliating, polishing, and moisturising your skin you can ensure that your skin is in good, smooth condition to instantly apply the fake tan of your choice.

2. Choose Wisely

Choose a tanning product that will work with your natural skin tone to enhance and improve it into a believable sun kissed colour. When approaching a sales counter ask exactly this ‘will the product work with my natural skin tone?’ if they answer ‘yes’ then I would go for this option.

Make sure you know how to use the tan, including how to apply it and when to wash it off.

3. Exert the right amount of pressure when applying fake tan.

Don’t rub to viperously or too softly. You must apply the exact right amount of pressure to ensure that the tan doesn’t become streaky.

5. Have a sighted person with you when you are doing it for the first time to ensure that it is not becoming patchy.

6. Be sure that you get someone to apply the tan to your back.

7. Use a cotton pad to apply the product to your face.

Apply the product in gentle, but firm circular motions.

8. Leave the product on overnight,

By doing this you will get the best results from your fake tan as it has a longer period to develop.

9. Wear something light, old and thin after applying the tan.

10. Either wash your bed sheets after using your fake tan or sleep on top of an old bed sheet. As you will find that fake tans usually deposit onto bed sheets and clothing.

11. DO NOT get your tan wet, this is extremely important.

12. If you have a Guide Dog then be aware that they may be attracted to the smell of your fake tan and thus attempt to lick your legs in a lollipop fashion.

13. Wash your tan off the next morning.

14. Behold! You are magically transformed.

Maintaining your Tan

So it is also important to maintain your tan, whether you are a sun bather or a fake tanner. There are a number of ways in which you can do this including…

1. Apply Moisturiser

This will ensure that your skin does not dry and flake, thus lightening the tan quicker.

2. Do not exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin will reduce the fake tan quicker, if you are going to exfoliate, lightly exfoliate the area using a body polish and some exfoliating gloves to buff the skin.

3. Build up your tan

Keep topping up your real or fake tan after the initial procedure is complete. Add an extra layer of fake tan or a few more sunbathing sessions to maintain the pigment of your tan.

Well, I hope todays feature has inspired you to get bronzed and enjoy this Summer.

Remember I will also be on air tomorrow on RNIB’s Insight Radio at 2.15 pm talking about tanning tips and tricks.


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