The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Hair Care Products Review

Do you feel that your hair is week, brittle, tiered and in need of a bit of volume most days?

Perhaps you are, like me, finding that you are reaching for the products such as dry shampoo, the back combing brush and attempting to add some bounce your hair?

Fine hair, although it is hereditary and in most cases unavoidable, there is one quintessential thing that you can do to help your hair feel healthier and stronger and that is to check the ingredients!

The one killer for your hair is the use of Sulphates in hair products, they are used in order to make the shampoo foam easier and quicker. However, this chemical is not necessary to clean your hair and can leave it feeling wish and stripped of nutrition.

So, after much research I finally decided to switch from my normal shampoo to a non sulphate shampoo and conditioner and I chose The Body Shop’s Rainforest Shine Range.

All of the Body Shop haircare products contain no silicones, no sulphates, no parabens and no colourants. So, whether you want to opt for the Radiance range, the Volumising range, or the moisture range, the Balance range, or the Shine range they are all excellent for your hair.

Read my review below to find out what I thought.



Name: Rainforest Shine Shampoo 

Size: 250ml

Price: £4.50 

Link: Click here 



Name: Rainforest Shine Conditioner 

Size: 250ml 

Price: £4.50

Link: Click here 

Review: For both the shampoo and conditioner 

Accessibility: 3/5 

Although the bottles is safe to use and easy to open, I found that the colour contrast is not a very good one. The colour contrast is a white background with yellow and green text. However, the distinct smell of the product ables a person to know what product they are using.

Ease of Application: 4.5/5

The products were easy to apply. The shampoo was easy to distribute despite the fact that there were no sulphates in the product. Both of the products were easy to remove.

Value for Money: 5/5 

Excellent value for money!

Overall Quality: 5/5

The smell was utterly fabulous and leaves the hair smelling fragrant for a day afterwards. My hair already feels stronger, healthier and some of it’s natural wave has been restored to my hair. Overall I am extremely happy with the product and will be trying more of the ranges that Body Shop have to offer.

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