Elizabeth Kate Scarves: Sale Picks

Greetings Readers!

Do you know what accessory I love the most? Next to bags and brooches, one of my other fashion guilty pleasures is…scarves.

Yes indeed, my thetis is a girl can never have to many scarves. After all they are cost effective when you are in need of updating your wardrobe, they are classic keep sakes, and when bought well, can last you an absolute lifetime!

So, today I thought I’d share with you all on of my favourite scarf designers and my top sales picks from their current 50% off sale.

About Elizabeth Kate 

Elizabeth Kate is a new designer that founded her brand of vibrant and enchanting scarves in the year of 2011. Her scarves are hugely inspired by nature and the world around us in which she draws upon to create her first collection of utterly beatiful scarves.

1. The Secret Garden Scarf


Category: Silk Chiffon Scarf

Price: £49.50

LinK: Click here

Description: A beautiful silk chiffon scarf, the background colour is black making this scarf versatile and wearable through all seasons. The scarf has a printed design of different coloured flowers in colours of light blue, deep pink, lilac, and aqua with vibrant green stems. There are also some little bugs printed on the scarf including a busy worker bee and a pink butterfly and an amber coloured spider climbing up the stem of a flower. This scarf enchanted and beguiled me, so much in fact, that I invested in this wonderful scarf.

2. The Dragonfly Scarf 


Category: Silk crepe de chine scarf

Price: £72.50

LinK: Click here

Description: A beautiful scarf with a deep blue background and three colluder borders surrounding the end in sequence they are lime green, light pink and lime green again.The dragonflies are printed in jewelled effect and half being pink and the other half being lime green. There are also smaller dragonflies in colours of oranges, pinks and aqua blues dotted in between them.

I am a massive fan of dragonflies and I think that Elizabeth Kate has captured them beautifully on this scarf. If I am completely honest with myself, I am very much considering investing in this scarf too.

This scarf is massively on trend for the autumn season, stores like Bohoo, primark and accessorise will to hosting a massive array of brightly coloured fashions just like this beautiful scarf.

3. Rainbow Owls Scarf 


Category: Silk Chiffon Scarf

Price: £72.50

LinK: Click here

Description: This scarf is absolutely perfect for the Autumn season, as well as being a lovely scarf to wear all year around. The silk chiffon scarf has a mutual cream background with a patterned sequence of different owls barn owls, tawny owls, and many other styles of owl that one would expect to see in the countryside. This owls are in vibrant colours of pinks, greens, blues, purples, oranges and yellows. Each having a jewelled effect and large jewelled eyes that makes this scarf so appealing.


4. Black Bugs Scarf 


Category: Silk Chiffon Scarf

Price: £49.50

LinK: Click here

Description: A fabulous silk chiffon scarf with a black background and an array of different bugs printed on the scarf. Bugs such as gold bees, amber spiders, pink dragonflies, green dragonflies, blue butterflies and a whole lot more. The brightly coloured bugs punch out from the black background. This scarf would be perfect for the autumn season. Paired with a black leather jacket would construct and edgy look or paired with a black dress for an evening out would create a classy but adventurous look.


All E K Scarves come in a beautiful green black box which would be great if one were buying one of these scarves as a gift.

So, there you have it, great scarves, beautifully made, excellent quality. These scarves would be great to invest in and put away for a Christmas present for someone special or why not treat yourself for the Autumn season?

All these selected scarves will see you into the Autumn in style!

Social Links for E K Scarves 

Website: http://www.elizabeth-kate.com

Facebook: Click here

Twitter: @EKScarves

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