Ruby & Norm: Review

As a blogger the one thing that I enjoy about my practice is uncovering the trinkets of my local area in South East London and reporting them right here on

Image of shelves with vintage items in Ruby & Norm
Image of shelves with vintage items in Ruby & Norm

Now, the most recent place that I have uncovered is a very exciting and much needed addition to the relatively quite area of Lee High Road.

Ruby & Norm is a fantastic vintage shop which opened its doors earlier this year, but it has already made it’s mark in the local area.

Already it is a thriving business with a first floor full of vintage clothes, furniture, local sourced products such as beauty products from Ville De Fleur to upcoming new designers making clothing.

There is also a tea room on the upper floor and an outside area in which you at liberty to enjoy. Ruby & Norm also hosts regular events such as yoga claesses, wine tasting evenings and events in Manor Park Gardens. 


Here are what some of the locals had to say…

Charlotte Says

‘I think that Ruby & Norm is a fantastic shop! Things are so nicely displayed and it is great to have a shop that sells beautiful clothes and tasty treats at a such a short distance to where I live.’

Emma Says

‘I am in love with Ruby & Norm! I am a fan of all the vintage suitcases and the fact that the shop also has a tea room upstairs.’

Deborah Says 

‘I really enjoy the fact that Ruby & Norm have such a variety of products. You could go in there and buy a dress, whist picking up a vintage piece of furniture.’

Image of Vintage dressing table
Image of Vintage dressing table

Accessibility: 4.5/5


The ground floor is very bright, spacious and open plan. Making it easy for wheelchair  users and assistance/guide dog owners to negotiate. There is a large table in the centre of the shop, however the floor plan is one of the best for accessibility that I have come across when using a shop.

Hospitality: 5/5


The staff in the shop are all very informative, friendly and inviting. When walking into the shop you get an encompassing ambience. There is no Eau de Vintage like the smell of mothballs that sometimes lingers in vintage shops. Nor is there that crowded gloomy feel which seems to echo stories of the past. The shop incorporates organic, new, vintage, and pre loved all in one rustic cocktail.

Quality of products and service 5/5


There is a fantastic variety of products from food to clothing, books to trinkets and some wonderful vintage furniture. I was hugely impressed with the variety of items in the shop, so impressed that I invested in a new dress that will be ideal for my upcoming Autumn 2013 Lookbook as well as a Ville De Fleur handcream (review coming soon.

Shop information


266-268  Lee High Road

SE13 5PL

Facebook Page: Click here 

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