TOMS One for One Movement: Eyewear for Sight Appeal

Are you considering investing in a new pair of sunglasses?

Regardless of the fact that we are now moving towards the Autumnal Equinox, sunglasses are still important to protect your eyes and ultra stylish no matter what time of the year.

Or are you one of those people who consider individuals who wear glasses ‘posers?’ If so I bid you to re-think that hashtag, after all the sun is present during all times of the year, you grant that?

On the same token, so does sight loss, people with visual impairments sometimes require glasses because they’re eyes can be sensitive to the light. Whats more, did you know the sun’s ultra-violet light will get to your eyes, damaging the cornea, lens and retina. Being visually impaired from birth with only 10 percent vision it is important for me to protect my remaining vision. Wearing sunglasses will reduce the probability of your eyes being affected by UV rays and consequently safeguard your vision. So, what are your thoughts on wearing sunglasses all year around now?

I thought I would establish this point in favour of wearing sunglasses in relation to sight loss before I continued. So, next time you consider buying a new pair of sunglasses I would highly recommend to shop with the company known as TOMS.

TOMS is a company, manufacturing shoes and sunglasses, but with a difference. The concept of TOMS is to make products that are fair trade and eco friendly, whist giving something back to people from poverty stricken areas who are in need.

One of the current TOMS One for One campaigns is the campaign that is as followed: For every pair of TOMS eyewear you buy, TOMS will give sight back to a person in need.

TOMS says

Approximately 90% of people who are blind or visually impaired live in developing countries. With our Giving Partners, we currently help restore sight in 12 of these countries as well as in the United States.

The campaign presents how there are currently staggering numbers of sight loss worldwide and how these figures how a consequential impact on the economy because the individuals affected will find it a struggle to stay in work or education due to the lack of support and care given.

Watch the video below to see the introduction of the new One for One campaign…


You, yes you, can change that simply by treating yourself to a beautiful new pair of shades for the new season. It’s simple, it’s brilliant, TOMS do all of the hard work for you, you’re giving something back to an individual in need, it’s a no brainer!

But, of course am I correct in assuming that you want to know how this is done? Indeed I am, so moving onto the technical side of things…

What is given?

That single pair of eyewear that you buy will give TOMS the funds to restore a person’s sight by enabling them to fund…

  • Prescription Glasses
  • Sight Saving Surgery
  • Medical Treatment

How do they do it?

TOMS have collaborated alongside the Seva Foundation in order to support people in need of medical treatment and support to restore their vision. TOMS also support local organisations in order to provide them with the right resources to train professionals who can deal with sight loss.

So, in affect when you buy a pair of sunglasses that will ultimately maintain and protect your vision, you are also providing the foundation with the funds to restore the sight of anthers. And then the ball an start rolling towards restoring that individuals vision…

A medical professional can be hired to either prescribe glasses or contact lenses to the individual or to surgically treat eye injuries or eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma.

The money will also be spent of providing local clinics with the resources to diagnose eye conditions properly.

TOMS also support eye-care organisations in pursuing a self-sustaining business template by collecting feedback on our giving and continue to improve our support in assessing them to achieve their long term aims.

Where do they give it to?

TOMS provide this valuable service worldwide including places such as Cambodia, Nepal, Guatemala, Ethiopia and many many more.

The Consequences

This improves the economical state of the country and the wellbeing of the individual. As the individual, having had their sight restored and sustained, will be able to return back to their education or work and thus live their lives as they so choose.

The Sunglasses

The sunglasses are priced in the region between £90-£140, but in my opinion when considering this campaign it is money well spent!

The eyewear is available for both men and women. Take a look and see what you think, the website is very descriptive and helpful in advising you in what the sunglasses visually look like.

Top Picks

Pick One

Name: Yvette Campaign Sunglasses

Image of Yvette Champaign Sunglasses
Image of Yvette Champaign Sunglasses

Price: £125

Link: Click here

Suitable for: heart shaped and oval shaped face

Colour: Gold/ champaign colour frames with dark lenses

Pick Two: Fashioneyesta Loves

Name: Bellevue Olive Fade Sunglasses

Image of Bellevue Olive Fade Sunglasses

Price: £100

Link: Click here

Suitable for: heart and oval shaped faces

Colour: Olive green frames with dark lenses

Pick Three: Autumn Must Have!

Name: Gigi Autumn Pink Fade

Image of Gigi Autumn Fade Sunglasses

Price: £95

Link: Click here

Suitable for: All face shapes!

Colours: Dusky print and gold frames with dark lenses and gold and white metal work.

Social Links


Twitter: @TOMS

Facebook: Click here

Pinterest: Click here

YouTube: Click here

Click here to find out more on the campaign.

Note to readers: After viewing the TOMS website I am pleased to announce that they will be added to my list of accessible and informative websites on my Useful Links section.

So come on! What are you waiting for? Help TOMS as a company to give the one millionth person their sight back like the first One for One campaign to give a child in need a pair of shoes.

TOMS is a One for One company that makes wonderful products, help them in their mission to enable a blind or partially sighted person to wake up to find their sight restored and their sprit rekindled.

Thank you for reading!

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