Poem in Support of Guide Dogs: How to Make a Happy Ending


What to do when your life is in need of repairs…

and the pieces lay scattered upon the floor.

How do I begin to cast away the looks and stares?

that face me when I walk out the door.

How do I build a fortress to surround my lonely tower?

give, me an answer for execution.

Oh! where is my rescuer on this darkened hour?

please do send me a blessed resolution.

when I thought my life had no present to bestow.

when my mind was like Plato’s cave.

void of light and answers that I yearn to know.

i thought my passion for freedom remain to the grave.

i a prisoner…

only to see the fires of my forged life.

in need of the ear of a listener…

It was high time to end the strife.

i did not shoot thy Albatross!

i left it well alone.

for now…i am at a loss.

but you did not wither me to flesh and bone.

i do count these long hours that seem like unjust penance.

endless,,, darkness…with no candle for me to light.

the blueprints of my soul to small even for a magnifying glass to enhance.

all this through my lack of sight…

My eyes open but not seeing the beauty, that is life.

You came with the promise to free me.

You kept it close as we learned and we did Strive.

My heart is locked and only you have the key.

I found solace in your company.

Your eyes safe and unbetraying.

Your guided me through the maze of the beginning uncertainty.

Remaining strong and unswaying.

For a time I hated who I was.

Tracing lines in the ground with the white stark truth.

But now I am Dorothy! stepped through into Oz.

My dear Tautao, I’m no longer in the Kansas of my youth..

Look! How bright Oz gleams and shines!

Then I double take…

London is what rests in front of my eyes.

But, with you it is an adventure my soul does take.

My kinswoman and soul that you are.

Mark me if you will.

Stay with me on my travels near and far.

And those demons of darkness we shall kill.

From my old life wounds had been left to bleed

Only you could heal them.

You gave me the thing that I really did need.

I began to bloom, with you as my stem.

There are many roads that you and I could travel.

There are many stories to be found.

Let us go! Let the string of fate unravel!

I look to the stars now and no longer the cold, hard ground.

I don’t need a Fairy Godmother to grant me a wish.

Genies have no meaning.

You materialized in front of me and bestowed my only wish.

You gave me a whole new sense of being.

A wishing well will simply not do!

It means little to me.

The only thing I now need is you.

My life, is what you gave to me.

Now with you I find my resolve, you and I were meant to be.

Always moving always changing and always ascending.

Thank you my blessed guardian angel Unity.

Thank you Guide Dogs, you gave me my happy ending!

By Emily Davison

Written for Unity the Guide Dog.

Posted by

Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

2 thoughts on “Poem in Support of Guide Dogs: How to Make a Happy Ending

  1. Can i print out copies of your poem to use at the talks i am going to give about guide dogs. i am a guide dog owner and have done a similar journey as you.

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