Fashioneyesta’s Body Shop at Home Party Experience

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Shopping, it can be such a laborious task, trailing round shop after shop searching for the right product for you. Not getting the full consultation that you deserve and the worst…those dreaded crowds.

All these things may seem daunting to the average person, but imagine if you had limited or no vision. These things would be amplified by your lack of sight, crowds would seem like a stampede, shops like an endless maze and shopping would be a disaster. Many visually impaired people find it difficult to shop for new products and to find new things, due to the fact that they have no vision. Asking for help can be an uncomfortable situation for many people, especially for visually impaired people. Which is why i recently did a review on…

the body shop at home
The Body Shop at Home Party

The Body Shop at Home Party Experience 

The Body Shop at Home Party is an event that anyone can host in the comfort of their home. Whereby they can invite friends and family to join them in eating food, trying products and having the chance to do their shopping after trying the products.

So, recently I took advantage of this wonderful service and applied to host my own party at my home, but with a few quintessential twists!

For one, I made it so there was a mixture of products for both girls and boys, but also making sure that we had a mixture of age groups and that the products were all scented. So that it would simulate what a Visually Impaired person may want to have at their own Body Shop at Home party.

But, that was not the only little VI spin put onto the night, oh no!

In true Emily Davison style I also hosted a raffle and collection for Guide Dogs for the Blind in support of their upcoming Stand Out week.

So read on to find out about the evening, the feedback, the fun and all of the information that you all need to know.

What to Expect

First of all in order to apply to host a Body Shop at Home party you will need to complete  an online form in order for Head Office to refer you to your local Body Shop consultant in your area.

Click here to be directed to the page.

You will then be followed up by a call from your local area to have a general chat about the Body Shop at Home party and to schedule a date.

This will then be followed by your consultant making an appointment to visit your home prior to the party to discuss what products you would like to be showcased at the party and the theme you wanted to go for. I choose a theme that was centred around the senses of smell and feel, as well as asking for products that would be appropriate for the colder weather for both men and women.


Your consultant will also provide you with a party pack including: a selection of order forms and catalogues, invitations, information on the Body Shop and some samples of bestselling and new products.

Clarita and I discussed and planned the purpose of my party long before the due date, the party would be to provide my readers with an insight into how the Body Shop at Home Party Would benefit a Visually impaired Person.

On the night Clarita Delim and Rachel B S Chesney attended the event as consultants. With Clarita presenting and taking orders and Rachel giving hand massages.


During your party you will be able to tailor make it to suit your needs, whether you are in search of new make up, new skin care, or  are wanting to start your Christmas Shopping early (as there are only 86 days away till Christmas.)

Your Body Shop at Home consultant will be able to provide you with support and ideas on how to make the most out of your evening. With a choice of three themed parties in the categories of make up, skincare and body.

Once you and your guests have made your orders you as the host will then receive a text to confirm your delivery. The orders will be delivered for you to distribute to your friends and family in the fashion that you wish.


Footage of the Night 

Youtube Video


Perks and Freebies



As a host, you will be entitled to an extensive range of perks and discounts for hosting a Body Shop at Home party. The more money  that your guests spend at the party, equates to the more products that you will be able to claim for free.

The amount increases from £25 worth of products for free up to £120 worth of products for £30 and so on.

You will also be entitled to a free gif as a thank you for hosting the event, I was given a Vitamin E body lotion.

As a customer, you will also be entitled to an amount of freebies. Including games which have a number of prizes up for grabs, a free gift for every £20 that you spend such as a small hand gel of shower gel, and exclusive discounts.

They vary from month to month, for instance, last months offer was that if you bought one body butter you got the other for free. And I won’t tell a lie…I took full advantage of this offer.

You will also be given body shop shower scrubs as a free gift too.


Current Offers


One of the current offers up for grabs is a promotional deal on the upcoming Christmas Range. Now, it may sound slightly alien to you, but Christmas comes early at the Body Shop.

After all, is it not better to begin your christmas shopping earlier and to minimise the stress?

Just think you could have a Christmas Party, but accept with the Body Shop at Home and in many ways you are killing two birds with one solitary stone. For one, you are having a great time guzzling down mince pies and drinking wine. But, for another thing you are also getting some of your Christmas Shopping done all in the conform of your own home.

So, why not book a party now and save yourself all the trouble that Christmas shopping can bring?


Anyway, back onto offers…

The Vanilla Bliss Range Offer: Running from 1st October- 30th December 

When you spend £30, you will be entitled to purchase the Vanilla Bliss shower gel, body cream and hand cream (usually retailing at £21) for only £6.

The White Musk Collection 

Usually worth £31.50 for only £9.

These are only a few of the fantastic Christmas Offers!

Click here to find out more.


Seina and Alice having a discussion on eye shadows.

Why it is good for Visually Impaired People?

Hosting or attending a Body Shop at Home party when you are visually impaired is an invaluable resource. As it offers you the chance to try before you buy, socialise and access great offers that you may not know about.

The Body Shop at Home Party is an chilled out event as the consultant will be on hand to assist you with whatever enquiries you may have. Unlike being in a shop environment, the consultant has time to dedicate to you and your guests. Which makes these parties user friendly and highly accessible, the consultant will be able to talk you through all of the different products, advise you on whats best for you and take your orders. These parties will afford you no stress, no worrying about paying via card or finding the right cash as the consultant will be on hand to help.

Your consultant will have had extensive customer service training which means that these parties will be a fantastic way of getting to know the Body Shop and their products so you will feel more confident with shopping with them in store in the future. What’s more, your guaranteed to have no worries about not finding your way in and around the venue as it will be your’s or your friends home.



The products are also varied in fragrance and scents, whether you need something light and floral or something comforting and autumnal. The Body Shop have something to suit you and your tastes, these parities are also accessible to all age groups and both men and women.

We had a mixture of both boys and girls and young and mature, both my grandmothers attended the party along with my University friends and other members of the family. These parties are a fun and relaxed environment for all of the family, in which everyone will find something that they like .

Feedback and Comments


Click here to find out what everyone said about the night.


Deborah Davies, aged 54

‘I think these parties are fantastic! They’re so fun and enjoyable for everyone and i think they’d make excellent Christmas parties.’

Clarita Delim: The Body Shop at Home Executive Manager 

‘This blog feature could be the start of something new for The Body Shop at Home. These parties would be great for anyone with a visual impairment and I’d be happy to assist anyone who needed extra support.’

Thomas: Male Contributor 

‘I loved the night! The food was lovely and combined with the products, raffle and games. It made a really fun night and I do love having a little shopping spree now and then.’

What I bought


I bought a wide selection of things, now despite how massive this cluster of goodies looks. Some were freebies, some were things that were on offer or heavily discounted and others were included in the £25 worth of free items due to the fact that I was a host.

My order includes some body butters, face treatments from the Vitamin C range, almond hand care products, the Body Shop BB cream and the honeymania set that was for £7 when you spent over £30 and lots of other things.

What I would recommend


For Body

  • The Honeymania range
  • Shea Body Butter
  • Wild Lilly Shower Gel
  • Chocmania Beautifying Oil

For Hair

  • Rainforest Hair Butter
  • Rainforest Volumizing shampoo and conditioner

For Nails and hands 

  • Almond hand and nail cream
  • Almond cuticle conditioner

For Skin

  • Vitamin C Skin Reviver
  • Aloe Vera Face Mask
  • Warming mineral mask
  • Vitamin E face spritz

Fundraising for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association UK






Another part of the evening was a fundraising aspect in order to raise funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association UK. The pictures show that the colour theme of the night was blue and neon yellow, to represent Guide Dogs. We also had cupcakes and a larger cake decorated with paw prints and little yellow labrador puppies to represent Guide Dogs.

As well as having cups, plates, and serviettes in colours of blue and yellow and we also had collection boxes placed in the room in order to raise money.

But, the most exciting part of the fundraising was the raffle in which we had many prizes donated to support our cause.

Fashioneyesta would like to thank…

  • AV Luxury Accessorise: For your donation of a pair of handmade earrings.
  • Catherine Phillips: For your beautiful donation of a painting depicting a full moon.
  • Clarita from the Body Shop at Home: for your donation of a pamper hamper.
  • Coscutters Staplehurtst: For donating a delicious box of chocolates.
  • Emily-em Originals: For donating three gorgeous bags.
  • Jerry’s Convenience Store Lee Green: For your contribution of a bottle of Wine.
  • Iceland Lee Green: For donating two bottles of Lambrini.
  • Shirley Fitzearl: For your donation of a bottle of red.
  • Ville de Fleurs:  for your generous donations of products.
  • And last but not least, is to my wonderful Nanny Duck: for helping me get so many fantastic donations.

Thanks to your help. In total we raised a fantastic £117 for Guide Dogs from selling raffle tickets and general donations.

Fashioneyesta accepting a prize from Coscutters
Fashioneyesta accepting a prize from Coscutters
Fashioneyesta in front of Jerry's Lee Green
Fashioneyesta in front of Jerry’s Lee Green
Thomas and Emily presenting the raffle
Three of our lovely raffle winners
Three of our lovely raffle winners

Hand Massages

Charlotte Davies enjoying a hand massage with the chocmania body butter.
Charlotte Davies enjoying a hand massage with the chocmania body butter.
Emily Davison (me) enjoying a hand massage using the cocoa body butter
Emily Davison (me) enjoying a hand massage using the cocoa body butter

Another fantastic aspect of the night was the hand massages that were available to my guests.

Area manager and beauty therapist Rachel b s Chesney was on hand armed with ten different body butters and ready to give hand massages to anyone who fancies a bit of pampering.

But, that was not the only thing that made them so amazing.

The £2 that was spent on the hand massages, was £2 that would go straight to Guide Dogs!

Oh yes, has done it again!

Everyone gave good feedback on the hand massages, as they were relaxing, allowed them to get to grips with some of the body butters and best of all they were raising money to train more guide dogs like Unity.

Consultant Feedback

I have now created a new criterior for feedback on sales persons and company representatives. Clarita and Rachel are the first to be rated on this.

Clarita Delim: Executive Manager 

Clarita taking orders

Hospitality: 5/5

Clarita was very knowledgeable with regards to visual impairment and about how to accommodate my needs. She had a friendly manner and she was easy to contact via e mail or on the phone. She was always eager to assist in any way possible and she was an easy person to converse with.

Quality of Support: 5/5 

She had a good understanding of all of the products and what would best suit a person. Clarita has worked in the profession for nine years, however her flawless skin alludes otherwise! She is definitely one of the best consultants I have encountered yet!

Would I recommend her to a friend?


Contact Details 

Mobile: 07956428661

Facebook: Click here

Rachel b s Chesney: Area Manager 

An image of Rachel sharing some of her Body Shop favourites
An image of Rachel sharing some of her Body Shop favourites

Hospitality: 5/5

Rachel was friendly and talkative, whist she was performing the hand massage she conversed to all of her clients about the different products available and their current beauty regimes.

Quality of Support: 5/5 

Rachel was also able to provide her clients with a variety of information on the upcoming and current products that The Body Shop had. She advised different people depending on their personal preferences and anyone who performs a hand massage in which the money would be donated to guide dogs will be highly recommended in my book!

Would I recommend her to a friend?


Contact Details

Mobile: 07939511376

Facebook: Click here

Working with the Body Shop and the RLSB

As some of you may already be aware, I will be attending the Royal London Society for the Blinds Youth Exchange youth conference. Happening on the 30th of November in 20 Caverdish Square London from 12-6pm.

But, thanks to little old me, so will the lovely Clarita, Rachel and some of their colleges! They will be representing the Body Shop at Home at the event and doing a stall in which there will be free samples, eye consultations and hand massages.

And the best of it is, our stands will be neighbours at the event. So, it will be rather like a one stop shop, you will be able to chat to me about all things fashion and then find out what products I use from the Body Shop.

Click here to sign up and to find out more news on this upcoming event.

Current Works 

I have also wrote a letter to the Body Shop at Home department to advise them on making their literature and products more accessible. Such as producing braille, accessible electronic, or audio catalogues to ensure that visually impaired customers get the best experience possible.

I am also planning to write a letter to pitch to The Body Shop the importance of having braille on their products. As there are currently 2 million visually impaired people in the UK and a percentage of that 2 million would highly benefit from having braille.

In Summary 

I found my first Body Shop at Home experience, fun, interactive, social and utterly fabulous! i loved be able to trial and test the products in my own time before purchasing them and having someone to assist me making my order.

There was no stress, no fuss and no concerns of inaccessibility. I would highly recommend The Body Shop at Home to anyone with or without a Visual Impairment.

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  3. Thank you for writing this blog post about your experiences with the Body Shop party. I’m visually impaired too and I’m hosting my first party next month. It was really useful to read what you thought and find out a bit more about how it works.

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