Fashioneyesta at Day 32 of the Guide Dogs Four Legs Tour: Canine Catwalk

stand out

Greetings Readers! 

The big day finally arrived! 

The VIP treatment is such a pleasant affair, having a luxury breakfast, having hair and make up performed by the top professionals, being able to wear ASOS exclusive clothing and being driven from place to place. I speak from experience.

Today was the day that the four legged tour finally came to London town and to kick of Guide Dogs Stand Out Week 2013 in style myself and Unity, three other beautiful guide dog owners, fully sighted models and super model Amber Le Bon strutted our stuff down Millennium Bridge to begin the week in all our neon yellow glory.

It was a privilege and an honour to be asked by the Guide Dogs press team to take part in an event, but more so with the knowledge that I was the first Guide Dog Owner that they asked.

It was a truly spectacular day, to meet the wonderful press team, the fabulous models, the friendly team of stylists and of course the inspirational three fellow Guide Dog owners.

Read on to find out more about the day.

Getting Ready for the Canine Catwalk 

The first part of the day was a very pleasant start to my rather early morning!

make up
Make up prep

First of all I arrived at Third City, Nutmeg House, where a team of stylists, hair and make up artists and Guide Dog personnel were all at the ready. There was a fantastic spread of breakfast food and drink as well as a team of very friendly staff.

The look that the make up artists aimed to achieve was a natural, radiant look with defined eye brows, in the style of Amber Le Bon. Now, anyone who knows my personal style will know how much I love having tidy eyebrows that frame the face and a radiant look to my skin.

So, I was very much in my comfort zone!

Hair being prepared

The second stage in my getting ready for my first and only catwalk was of course, hair. The look that was gone for was a clean cut, ponytail which involved hair spray galore and a section of hair that was twisted around the ponytail to disguise the clips…

Hair being prepped

hair 2

Like so..


Fashioneyesta wearing ASOS dress and models own Heidi Sturgess bag
Fashioneyesta wearing ASOS dress and models own Heidi Sturgess bag

The third and final part of the preparation before the catwalk was the styling of my neon outfit. The clothes were all kindly donated by ASOS and all guide dog owners and models hd different styles, shaped and cuts depending on our body shape and personal preference.

getting ready 2

What I found most encouraging was that the stylists were both friendly, talkative and complimentary of my personal style. So, they did not attempt to coerce me into wearing something that I was not comfortable in.

And so, in true fashioneyesta style I wore a 50s style neon skater dress, neon pink earrings, with a few of my own personal touches…

asos yellow dress

Outfit Description

Dress: Neon yellow sleeveless skater dress

From: ASOS

Price: £50

Link Click here

Shoes: Black Vivienne Westwood T Bar jelly shoes (models own)

Earrings: Chunky neon pink aztec design earrings 

Ring: Crystal encrusted star shaped ring (models own)

From: Bare Necessities, Intu Bromley

Price: £4.99

Bracelet: Neon pink cuff bracelet (models own)

From: New Look

Price: £2.50

Bag: Neon yellow clutch bag with gold chain handle and black perspex buckle in the shape of a labrador (models own)

From: Heidi Sturgess Bag Designs

Price: Small £42 Large £59

Link: Click here 

The Guide Dog Gang! 

yellow dress

In the photo: Sibhoan and guide dog Mac, Me and Unity, Whinne and guide dog Nadia and Hannah and guide dog Rory.

We were all styled in different outfits, which I think represented how we were all united by she sense of being liberated by our wonderful four legged partners in crime. But, also how we all come from different walks of life, but when the days draws to and end we are all still people regardless of what we can see.

Sibhoan was wearing a lovely neon yellow maxi dress in a chiffon material which looked beautiful with her model like height.

Winne was wearing a flattering neon yellow midi dress with a sweetheart neckline which complemented her fabulous figure.

And Hannah was wearing fabulous neon yellow bodycon dress which flaunted her toned shape and really made a statement with her eye catching necklace.

Thank you ASOS you did us proud!

Close up of me in my outfit

The Catwalk 

So then it was time to move out of the cosy sanctuary of Third City, Nutmeg House and into the cars that would transport us to Millennium Bridge that was to serve as our Catwalk.

After photographs, prep talks and a little marshalling we were finally all ready to make that monumental walk and to show to the awaiting press that Guide Dogs is one of the most spectacular charities to grace the planet.

But also…


After conversing with my fellow guide dog owners, we all came to conclude that the public have generated a universal opinion on everyone who is visually impaired.

When they see someone who is visually impaired, but still makes the effort to present themselves and to keep up with fashion, it is an alien thing in their mind. They’re eyes widen in amazement when they see the high heeled feet of a guide dog owner appear in front of them or that they make the effort to apply a touch of lipgloss.

In short, to the general public, fashion and visual impairment simply do not mix.

They would say ‘she’s blind and she’s wearing heels’ or ‘you can’t be blind if you know how to apply make up.’

Being a fashion and lifestyle blogger for blind and partially sighted people I am fully aware of the public perceptions towards fashion and sight loss that visually impaired people have to arduously battle each an every day.

It is one of the core reasons why I began fashioneyesta,com, I have made it my mission to help people to change this stereotype for the better and I intend to do so.

I am extremely pleased that Guide Dogs came up with this idea that is quint essential ‘Stand Out’ moment. As it will really enable visually impaired people to make a landmark in this ongoing struggle that we face.

Guide Dogs as an organisation have made a gigantic leap into bridging thee gap between visual impairment and fashion.

When we were performing the catwalk down that bridge, with the press taking snapshots of us in our neon finery, it felt like a gigantic break through, one that was so badly needed. I feel utterly elated that I was able to take part in this and to witness what could be history in the making for the world of visual impairment.

Today was a day that I will always remember here on


An image of guide dog owners with Amber Le Bon
An image of guide dog owners with Amber Le Bon

So keep a sharp eye in the media publications, news papers, the Guide Dogs website and social links and of course to see the professional photography of the event.

Professional image of the catwalk
Professional image of the catwalk
An image of Amber looking stunning along with adorable future guide dog puppy Wilf
An image of Amber looking stunning along with adorable future guide dog puppy Wilf

Good luck to little Wilf who we see being held by Amber Le Bon, we all hope that he continues with her training and one day he will become a phenomenal Guide Dog and help another person who desperately needs one.

From me at I would like to say a massive thank you to Amber Le Bon, for giving up your free time to endorse Guide Dogs as a charity.

It is the support of people like Amber, like those who sponsor, like the press team and like anyone who has ever shared a facebook update by guide dogs or simply donated a some spare coins when collection.

Behind the press, the glamor, the neon and the make up is the core purpose of this event. We were all gathered on Millennium Bridge to promote Guide Dogs as a charity and to help Guide Dogs give the freedom back to someone.

Remember, the work of Guide Dogs really does change a life forever!

Click here to donate to Guide Dogs via my Just Giving Page.

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