Update Your Umbrella

The morning draws nearer.

You awake to hear the pattering sound of rain.

Through the mist and fog, you begin to see things less clearer.

Isn’t a heavy downpour a pain?

Isn’t Autumn a beautiful season, the colours, the harvest, the animals, BBC’s Autumnwatch is once again back on our screens.

But, what is not a pleasant affair is to awaken in the morning and discover the rain lashing against the window pains, puddles galore, and the prospect of having the trek through the rain to work, school or University having to arrive looking like you had a fling at diving in your local swimming pool wearing your full outfit.


The solution to this, is of course, an umbrella. But, as I’m sure many of you know this fashion foe-par, when shopping for that rudimentary accessory you will opt for the safe option. The black or navy blue because, and I quote ‘it’s only an umbrella and black goes with everything.’

Am I right?

Well then, i think i have the perfect answer to your solution. Why not update your wardrobe and brighten up any day with an umbrella. When justifying buying a new one all you need do is remember this, Through the history of battles shields have served a main purpose, to safeguard those who wield them. But, that does not mean to say that the soldiers of the past went into what could have been their last battle wielding a bare piece of wood.

Not that I draw comparison between a fight to the death and a walk in the rain! But, you catch my meaning I hope. So, for todays instalment I have selected a number of glamorous umbrellas, all practical and portable that I hope will give you some ideas on how to Update Your Umbrella!

Pick One: Woodland Print Umbrella


Description: A woodland print umbrella with leaves, foxes, owls, rabbits and other whimsical creatures. The umbrella also has a dark brown handle in a leather material making this umbrella fun and wearable throughout the Autumn/Winter Season.

From: Papercahse

Price: £15

Is it portable? Yes!

Link: Click here

Pick Two: Navy Blue Polka Dot Umbrella


Description: Navy blue umbrella with small white polka dots and a mustard colour bow detailing on the side. Also available in pink.

From: Joules

Price: £24.95

Is it portable? Yes!

Link: Click here

Pick Three: Autumn Scene Telescopic Umbrella (Fashioneyesta Loves)


Description: Radley has done it again! A beautiful umbrella with a scene depicting a women dressed for the gold with a green wheelbarrow as she makes her way over the garden law with stray golden leaves swaying in the Autumn breeze. A little black scottie dog chases them as they float in the wind. A potting shed with it’s open door lays in wait for her…

From: Radley

Price: £30

Is it portable? Yes!

Link: Click here

Pick Four: Blush Coloured Rose Print Umbrella 


Description: Rose print umbrella in blush colour. Perfect for the pastel colour trends as see on the catwalk for the Autumn/Winter season. An absolute must have!

From: TopShop 

Price: £16

Is it portable? Yes!

Link: Click here

Pick Five: Red ‘Two of a Kind’ Umbrella

two of a kind

Description: A bright red umbrella featuring an adorable cartoon depiction of  the iconic staffordshire dog ornaments.

From: ASOS (Brand is Lulu Guinness)

Price: £18 (was £28)

Is it portable? Yes!

Link: Click here 

Now my friends, excuse me as I head out now in this heavy downpour with my trust umbrella sidekick..or should I say sidekicks.

You see you can never have too many umbrellas!

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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