Colgate Pro Clinical A1500 Electronic Tooth Trial: Day 1


Greetings All!

Blogging can be a tough practice, striving to be noticed and to get an increasing number of twitter followers and blog views. But, it is a practice that when done well and when one strives at it, the fruits of your labour will begin to spring up from the ground like the Autumn harvest!

Today, marks the first day of my trial in which I will embark of a 3 week diary account of my experience with my latest and greatest freebie!

Colgate UK have launched a revolutionary toothbrush which is designed to clean your teeth with an automatic adjust system, three settings, a built in timer and pacer. The toothbrush is intended to give your mouth an intensive clean which is both tailor made to the way you clean your teeth.

Over the next 3 weeks I will document how my teeth feel and my opinion in how it has changed my teeth cleaning regime from the perspective of being a partially sighted person.

Being Visually Impaired one of the major concerns I have is my teeth and I strive to make sure that they are clean and healthy. Having a toothbrush that can time for 2 minutes, have different cleaning levels and will adjust its speed and cleaning mechanism depending on its position for me is a major leap in the dental care industry.

Below are my thoughts and the details on the product…

Link: Click here

Price: £164.99

Brand: Colgate

I found my first day of using the toothbrush very successful, the brush gave my teeth a deep clean (which was the setting I choose.) Leaving my teeth feeling totally clean and without leaving that raw feeling on my gums. As it will change its technique when you position the brush on the gum line.

The brush was easy to use, with three simple settings and the timer already built in. The brush will turn off automatically after the two minutes, which for me takes away the added task of timing my teeth cleaning regime.

Bring On Day 2! 


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