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Tis the time of year when many of the British public, like the population of squirrels, rabbits and badgers, will take to hibernating into a warm cosy abode for the winter months. And what better way to spend that time by a roaring fire, watching all your favourites on the Television Set.

This, being one quintessential thing that many advertisers will identify at this time of year when making their Christmas adverts. And I cannot think of a more highly anticipated advert than that of high street company M&S. A widely recognised brand on the British high street that never fails to do us justice.

Their current advert featuring the likes of Rosie Hunnington-Whiteley, David Gandy and Helen Boham Carter captures the minds of all those who witnesses it as transports them into the memories of our most primal love, fairy tales…


Audio Description 

The advert begins with Rosie running in pursuit of her little white West Island terrier puppy on a dark Winters evening. She pauses dubiously at a man hole cover that has been left opened only to loose her footing and tumble into the world of Wonderland.

Image of Rosie as Alice
Image of Rosie as Alice

As she falls she is stripped of her winter attire consisting of black trousers a black and white tartan print jumper and a white coat. To reveal her striking red underwear set. She lands in an armchair now magically dressed in a navy blue 3/4 sleeved dress with frill detailing, bow headband and high heeled shoes. Having started the congregation that is the Mad Hatters Tea Party. After being sat at the table at the coy gestures by the Mad Hatter, who is played by co star David. She grabs a very eye catching moc croc handbag and darts off away from the enchanting, well appointed table into the enchanted wood. The character depicted as the red queen with eccentric red hair and red lace dress links a pack of cards from her small red clutch bag into the direction of Alice. The cards turn into real life cards who pursue Alice into the wood.

David Gnady as the Mad Hatter
David Gnady as the Mad Hatter

The lead’s outfit then changes into a striking red coat, black heeled ankle boots and her curled blond hair fastened with a red bow. As she is chased by the looming shadow of a certain Wolf. She then discovered a small cottage in the middle of the wood and on entering she steps onto a carpet that begins to glide across the floor.

The scene then changes to reveal the lead standing on the magic carpet in a stunning lingerie set and red floral print shrug with arabian inspired headpiece and jewellery. As her co star appears behind her in the form of Aladdin, they look out onto the serene Arabian Night-time landscape.

Rosie as Princess Jasmine
Rosie as Princess Jasmine

A cloud then comes into her path and causes her to tumble off of the carpet, the scene then changes to reveal the lead as Dorothy. She daintily stands from the floor dusting off her white skater dress and shaking out her hair fastened into two ponytails with white bows. She is then joined by characters that represent the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow as they walk across the light yellow brick road and ring the doorbell of the bright green door in front of them. The door opens to reveal Helen Boham Carter as the head of the Wizard as she compliments her red, suede, high heeled shoes that she promptly taps three times.

Helen as the Wizard
Helen as the Wizard

The scene ends with the lead emerging from a Punch and Judy tent and faced with Helen, but this time in the form of her fairy Godmother. Who hands her back her bright eyed puppy and having stored normality the scene ends with the two reunited and the makers of the enchanting add are revealed.


Click here to find out more about the advert and how to get the looks that I have mentioned.

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For me the advert was a true masterpiece and represents my two greats loves, literature and fashion. I think this advert really brought back the magic of past Christmases gone by and my Childhood. Advertisers sometimes forget how to connect with those they are meant to speak to, but this advert really represents how with a little imagination you can truly remind people of what it is to feel special.

The advert presents how, when one adorns a beautiful party dress for a brief moment that rush of pleasure is like that of being transported back to the first time that you were told a favourite fairy tale.

I will definitely be shopping at M&S this Christmas, will you?

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