#startingtheconversation Campaign


Greetings Readers!

Some of you may or may not be aware but as well as being a English Literature Student, Guide Dog Owner, founder of fashioneyesta.com and passionate astronomer. I am also one of the elected Disabled Students Officers for Goldsmiths Student Union among with my partner in crime Thomas Ankin, who also writes reviews and features for fashioneyesta.com.

Today we all urge you to read this post and get involved with our online campaign.

Please get involved in a current campaign that we are running to raise awareness of Mental Health Conditions.
We want to spread the word about Mental Health Awareness and get people to share their ideas on thoughts on why we should talk more about Mental Health.

So, we are launching our #startingtheconversation social media campaign.

The campaign is of great significance to Thomas, as it is something very close to his heart and something that he has been working on for nine moths. We hope that you will all partake in it.

Now, we are at the stage in which we can proudly announce the launch of our campaign!

So, to get involved simply…

  • Take a photo or make an image that you think represents your views on Mental Health Awareness and why we should talk about it more. The image should include you and your views expressed in some way, ideally written on a card or sheet of paper.
  • All entries MUST have the #startingtheconversation hashtag written somewhere in the image.
  • All entries MUST express a reason or reasons why you think we should talk about Mental Health conditions.
  • Spread the word by sharing it on facebook, twitter, your blog or any other way.
  • Email it to disabled@goldsmithssu.org.
  • Tweet them to @tomandemilygsu (optional) 

Deadline for submissions is 12pm (noon) on Monday 18th November 2013.

Below is a fantastic example of an entry that will serve as some inspiration for you all.

Description: An individual holding a piece of A4 paper with cut out eyes and drawn on red lips with the words printed in bold ‘Not Enough People Are Talking About It’ and then #startingtheconversation below.


So be creative, have fun and lets spread the word.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be a student of Goldsmiths to get involved all are welcome to participate.

Join our blog gsudisability.wordpress.com.

We look forward to seeing some images!



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