A Modern Woman in a Retro World

Greetings Readers!

What is it I love about fashion?

Is it the sight of the newest Winter fashions that makes my heart race?

Is it the feel of a luxurious silk scarf as I wrap it around my neck?

Is it the tap that my heeled shoes makes against the floor?

Or is it just the simple fact that I love finding new designers, but recreating looks of old?


If you answered the latter option you would be correct in your assumptions. One thing that I enjoy doing is looking back through designers, trends and styles of old and recreating them with my own personal twist. Whether that be in the form of colour, adding a brooch to a dress or investing in a one off hand made piece to throw into the melting pot. Put them together and what have you got?

You Have Pure Vintage Style! 

Even if you are not a fan of battling your way through clothing rails in Vintage Shops with the faint smell of age, you can still present yourself in the style of a bygone age, but with either new or handmade pieces in a way that will create a timeless look.

A Modern Woman in a Retro World 

The first aspect to creating your own vintage inspired look is to select an era that you are personally fond of and that will compliment your body shop. The outline of women changed with time and with the growing changes in fashion. In the 1920s women were particularly boyish in shape and thus wore unbiased cuts on their shape, where as in the 1940s the diets and lifestyles of the women on the home front typically were more generously curved in shape and therefore wore pencil skirts and tailored dresses to fit their outline.

When trying to recreate a look do your homework into the era you are fond of, research what fabrics would have been worn, what accessories were particularly in fashion, what prints were being used in clothing and so on. This will really aid your in your search and allow to recreate a more authentic look when styling your own outfit.

Allow me to talk you through my outfit


Dress: Burgundy 1934s Style Dress

Description: A burgundy dress in a classic 40s style, it has a nipped in waste a line skirt and short caped sleeves. The collar is a rounded neckline which is classic and flattering, black trim surrounds the sleeves, neckline and cleavage area outlining your shape.

From: Top Vintage Boutique

Link: Click here

Price: £35

Shoes: Tan 1940s Style Kitten Heeled Shoes

From: Cancer Research Charity Shop (New Look)

Price: £2

Earrings: Burgundy Oval Shaped Droplet Earrings 

From: Accessorise (old stock)

Hat: Burgundy Tweet Cocktail Hat With Leather Autumn Leaf Detailing 

Description: A cocktail retro style hat in a purple and Burgundy colour made with tweed material. The hat has autumnal leaves in colours of mustards and browns on its surface.

From: Mind Your Bonce

Featured Designer: Mind Your Bonce 


Karen Geragty, designer of hat brand Mind Your Bonce, makes beautiful, one off, retro inspired hats, selling them on Folksy, Etsy and at regular craft fairs. She makes them with Vintage and Retro fashion in mind and all her hats are equally as special and individual. This hat for me is a very striking piece, as purple is one of my absolute favourite colours and the leaves represent my favourite time of the year. Mind Your Bonce casused me to I absolutely fell in love with this gem of a hat and I cannot wait to discover what other hats she designs.

Other Hats

Image of Black Pill Box hat with Autumn Leaf
Image of Brown Tweed Cocktail Hat with Corsage Flower

Find Mind Your Bonce of Folksy: Click here 

Find Mond Your Bonce on Etsy: Click here

Find Mind Your Bonce on Facebook: Click here

Find Mind Your Bonce on Pinterest: Click here

Find Mind Your Bonce on Twitter: @mindyourbonce

Featured Company: Top Vintage Boutique 


Top Vintage Boutique is a European Company selling Vintage Inspired clothing in the style of eras ranging from the 1920s-1980s. When I first came across this website my reaction was like that of a parched soul in the Sahara dessert who finds themselves clutching an ice cold can of Diet Coke. The website is like my idea of Paradise and the fashions in it were to die for, when you receive your items you receive a complimentary lolly pop and a pen in the shape of a Lipstick. The shipping was reasonable, considering your items are shipped from Germany. They are of great quality and the clothing is well described on the website. I know where I will be shopping with my next pay!

Visit Top Vintage’s Online Store: Click here 

Find Top Vintage on Facebook: Click here

Find Top Vintage on Pinterest: Click here

Find Top Vintage on Twitter: Click here

Find Top Vintage on YouTube:  Click here



And so my dear readers, I thank you all for reading my feature today and I hope that I have inspired you all to create your own retro look.

Tweet your images of your Retro Looks to me @DavisonEm

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