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A key aspect to fashion as we know it is it’s ability to enable us to express ourself, it presents itself as an artistic format as it allows one to devise new combinations which express their personality.

One of the many ways that you can represent your inner self is through what type of jewellery that you choose to wear. Now you may or may not remember but earlier this year I did a feature on a company known as AV Luxury Accessorise. This feature has caused fashioneyesta.com and the company to be like that of friendly neighbours. With me regularly doing features on their new products.

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Recently, the company embarked on their latest venture in which they design and hand craft the jewellery that you see being worn by yours truly.

Their newest range is the Numerology collection, Numerology is the science that analyses human life by numbers. The philosophy decrees that every human being has a different vibration and thus a separate number and thus this determines our ‘Life Path Number’ in which our strengths, weaknesses and it has even been acclaimed that ones future lies within that number.For instance, if your full birth date is 9/9/1979 then your number is 9+9+1+9+7+9 = 44 = 4+4 = 8.

The theory was developed in Ancient Greece by philosopher Pythagoras, who believed hugely in the power and meaning of numbers. His doctrine was that everything could be translated into numbers and each number was a manifestation of a larger, whole and universal meaning.

The jewellery will incorporate Numerology into beautiful pieces of Jewellery.

In a previous interview with Anastasia she explained her idea for this new addition to her company…

Numerology is an art of well being. It is the science that deals with the numbers and the speech.

In our forthcoming collection you will see two necklaces that look the same but are totally different because the numbers – position and gemstones we use are used in such a way to work differently – so for example if we have a necklace with a central pink quartz stone and small amethyst, citrine, aquamarine and pink quartz chips – they are put in different ways to match to specific numbers. They should be in a different order to vibrate with 6 or 9 and in different order to vibrate with 3 or 1. It is quite complicated to explain and it takes time to learn the rules in numerology (which is far more than simply adding and summing numbers).

Numerology makes us understand the analysis, meaning and vibration of the numbers. It is the science that analyzes human life based on numbers.

Every person has a unique vibration and thus a separate number, which is a combination of the “Life Path Number”, “Destiny Number” and “Personality Number”. Each number has a different vibration and shows a person’s character, potential, virtues, flaws and capabilities.

Numerology is the one of the oldest sciences that dealt with the vibration of numbers. The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, believed strongly in the power and meaning of numbers. He was born in Greece in the 6th century BC and travelled to many parts of the world to teach the science of numerology. He believed that everything could be translated into numbers and each number was a manifestation of a larger, whole and universal meaning. For this reason he was called “The father of Numerology”.

Numerology helps us find a lot of useful information about ourselves, our journey of life and also see who we match with other people, companions, friends or business partners. It helps us foresee future situations

If you feel that numerology may change your life (as it has changed ours) then we will be delighted to hear from you.

We will be delighted to offer a FREE Numerology reading.

Send us by email your full birth date (dd/mm/yyyy) and your full name (if you are married we will need your full name before marriage). We will find your 3 numbers – destiny / path / personality which will lead us to your FINAL NUMBER. We will send you some information on these numbers.


My personal Numerology number is 3, which corresponds with my birthdate, and the gemstones used n the necklaces are Jasper and Aquamarine for Good Luck an Success.

The other necklace i am wearing is my birthstone necklace, which is a small necklace made with semi precious gems.

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