Heidi Sturgess Bag Review


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Image of Heidi Sturgess Bag
Image of Heidi Sturgess Bag

Today I have another review of a totally amazing bag designer based in Covent Garden. Heidi Sturgess Bag Designs is a truly unique bag company with a fantastic concept on bags.

The bags are made in a variety of colours and two sizes, small and large. The bag is shaped like an envelope and has the option of a detachable strap and a changeable perspex buckles in a variety of shapes and designs from dog breeds, cats, birds, text, symbols  and a whole lot more!


These bags are fantastic for those with visual impairments for a number of reasons due to their practicality, distinctive design and safety features.


One of which had walked with me down Milenium Bridge during the Canine Catwalk with Amber Le Bon.

Read my review below and watch my video to find out more…


Small Bag
Size:Width 8.8″ / 22cm
Height 6 ” / 15cm
Price: £42

Large Bag
Size: Width 12.8″ / 32cm
Height 8 ” / 20cm
Price: £59

The three parts of my bag review criterior which is the SPD.

SPD stands for..

  • Safety: How safe is it for the user, does it have more than one closure. What is the likelihood of the dreaded pick pocket being able to access ones personal belongings.
  • Practicality: How practical is it for every day use, is it a cross body bag?
  • Design: How aesthetically pleasing does it look? What are it’s prominent design features?

My Heidi Sturgess Bags

Heidi Sturgess Buckle Bags Copyright Heidi Sturgess 2013

The Fox Clutch

Image of the Fox Clutch
Image of the Fox Clutch

Size: Large

Price: £59 (not including chain strap)

Link: Click here

Colour: Burnt Orange with black perspex fox buckle

The Labrador Clutch

Size: Small

Fashioneyesta wearing ASOS dress and models own Heidi Sturgess bag
Fashioneyesta wearing ASOS dress and models own Heidi Sturgess bag

Price: £42 (excluding chain strap)

Link: Click here 

Colour: Yellow

Safety 5/5:I fond both bags extremely safe to use, the bag has two closures consisting of a popper button and a zip. Making the bag ideal for using when in busy areas where pick pocketing is more likely. The bag was also cross body making it so that it would always be in immediate range. The bag also had a very noisy zip, which for a visually impaired person, is a useful feature to have.

Practicality 5/5: The bag was practical in the sense that it was cross body, it was also useful as the size enabled one to fit a reasonable amount into it. I also found that the zip, being detachable, made this bag a versatile bag, especially in the run up to the Christmas party season.

Design 5/5: The bag has great design features, including the changeable buckles, the striking colours and the luxurious Napa leather. I utterly adore these bags and if you want to invest in a piece of arm candy that is striking and classic, these bags are the ones for you!

These bags would make utterly splendid Christmas presents for any lady and I’m sure that they would be very excited to discover a Heidi Sturgess creation under the tree.

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