Deck the Halls with Fashioneyesta

Deck the halls with shoes and handbags

Fa la la la la la la la la

Tis the season to wear handbags

Fa la la la la la la la la

Festive Greetings To You All! 


Are you ready for Christmas? Or do you still need a little festive cheer to kick start your festive mood?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

Today is all about the Christmas trees, but not just any old traditional tree with gold and red balls, bright lights and little chocolates hanging from the branches.

In true style I will be sharing with you my top ten tips on how to create the perfect trendy tree!

So, get reading, eat, drink and be extremely merry!


The Tree

Of course we cannot start without our canvas, which is of course…the tree. Now there are many options for trees and whether you want to be eco friendly or traditional  with real pine shedding spruce.

I personally opt for a simple, environmentally friendly and cost affective 5 foot pre light christmas tree. For me, they are easier to manage, they last for many years after you purchase it and they are easier to assemble when you are visually impaired.

All About the Lights


Lights, lights are a quintessential part of everyday fashion whether it be the sparkling lights of Oxford Street or the flashing cameras of London Fashion Week.

Lights are paramount in the lifestyle of the fashionista, the photographer and anyone in the world of fashion. So, what better way to   this than with an array of lights on your Christmas tree.

So, I would recommend opting for something tactile and fun!

Homebase currently have a set of white LED lights in the shapes of small crowns for £14.99 click here to view.

The lights that I have on my tree every year are beautiful Cinderella carriage lights in colours of reds, blues, greens, pinks, oranges, and purples. They were my mothers when she was growing up and now they belong to me.

They have become somewhat of a rarity now and on eBay then can sell for anything up to £200.

Colour Themes


Another important thing to consider when creating your fashion fairytale of a tree is to think about what colours are going to serve as the focal points of your tree. I wound recommend choosing either silver or gold as a base colour in which you will find it easier to locate items if you have limited vision. Then you can continue to work with other colours to create your tree. This year I went for silver as my base colour, with light pink, purples and blue. However, this does not mean to say that you cannot choose something in a different colour to add to your tree, after all its all about creating a tree that represents your personality. So, if you find something really special then go ahead and add it!

The Icons


Now in fashion there are many iconic words, outlines and pieces that can be found in the form of Christmas tree decorations.

One example of this is a new addition to my collection, a light silver metal tree decoration in the shape of the word ‘Grace.’ To me, this signifies my all time favourite Hollywood actress and style icon, the quintessential Queen of fashion Grace Kelly.

Another example are these fantastic silver glitter decorations in the shape of masks like what you would see at a masquerade ball. They were £1 from B&Q click here to view.

London Town


London is one of the fashion capitals of the world and of course a stylish spruce would not be without some little extras to represent good old London town!

I currently have four decorations which depict some of London’s most famous fashion related streets, the decorations are wooden and made to look like street signs. They are Oxford Street, Bond Street, Knightsbridge and Sloan Square. So, think Selfridges & Co, think Barbour, think vintage shops, think designer botiques and think Tiffany and Co!

They are £4.99 and available from John Lewis.

Fairy Tale Fun


To add to your tree you could also opt for some timeless pieces such as those that are inspired by fairy tales. I currently have many such pieces including a pink cinderella style carriage, mirrors with pink frames to represent Alice through the Looking Glass and Snow White, fairy outlines in deep blue and many others.

For me fashion and literature are very close to my heart and representing this through iconic symbols in fairy tales is a significant part of decorating my tree.

Little Additions 


Now, one thing I would advise when creating your personal fashion related tree is to be as original as possible, for me I have never been in favour of gold or silver balls to add to the tree. But, I understand that they create a symmetry and add some structure to a tree, which is why i have a substitute for them which is more personal to my tastes.

Recently, I bought some light pink roses from Ruxley Manor Garden Centre to clip onto my tree, they come in two different sizes and an array of colours to choose from. So they would be perfect for anyone with a visual impairment who wants something a little more tactile.

Another thing I have in place of balls in light pink glitter dresses and deep blue glitter shoe decorations to hang on my tree. They too create a pattern within my tree and give it some consistency.

Your Own Personal Touch


Through all of this, the one thing that needs to show on your tree is your personal style and your individuality as a person. For me, I added some more personal touches of my own such as little decorations in the shapes of bags, due to the fact that I am a self acclaimed bag addict. I also have some small musical boxes from a company called Mr Christmas Music Boxes as seen on QVC.. As well as this I also added some ballet slippers to my collection of tree decorations, not because I am a ballet dancer, but because I adore the fashion of ballet. Of course, I mirrored this even further by displaying my 1950s pink ballet style dress that was featured earlier this year on my website.


Another more recent addition to my personal touch is two adorable decorations that have been made to look like Gatsby Girls. One is in a pink dress and has a material skirt and the other is in purple and her leg is slightly lifted in a dance like pose. Both are wearing flapper dresses, long necklaces, small heeled shoes and headpieces. I have always been rather fond of 1920s fashion and I wanted to represent this in my tree. These decorations are available in four styles and can be found at B&Q by simply typing in ‘Vintage girl.’



I also have my own Yankee Candle advent calendar, as they are prefect for those who would rather not much on chocolate and for me being visually impaired the sense of smell is very important to me. Which is why I adore this advent calendar.

Done up like…a Fairy!


Now, for the final touch, of course you could opt to go for a star. But for me, this year is a little different and in the end i chose a vintage inspired fairy with blond hair and a light pink dress.

So, there you have it. I hope you all enjoyed this feature, so get fashionably festive and have a great time decking your halls this Christmas!

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