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Image of Heather Everitt Month Brooch in an array of colours on the wings

Festive Greetings Readers!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Everywhere you go!

Today I bring to you yet another feature on a truly, unbelievably talented individual. Now, as you all know we are drawing yet ever closer to the big day, December the 25th awaits in the wings to greet us. But, never fear, if you are bereft of inspiration for Christmas gifts over the next few weeks I will be brining you ideas and features on some of my top picks for gifts to see you through any of those difficult relatives or special individuals you need to get for. Two polarised opposites, but I’m sure that both will equally be mesmerised by what I have to present to you today.

Image of deep red cuff with an embroidered butterfly
Image of deep red cuff with an embroidered butterfly

If you know anyone who loves beautiful things, eye catching pieces and may even be visually impaired and rely more on the sense of touch read on and find out about company-Heather Everitt Embroidery.

What is Heather Everitt Embroidery?

Heather crafts a wide range of beautiful embroidered jewellery, accessories, hair accessories, greeting cards and a whole lot more. Selling them at craft fairs, on her website and on her facebook page in which she lists full details including dimension, descriptions and price.

From the little busy bee going merrily about his business with outstretched delicate wings to the silent moth gliding its way through the air on a Summers evening. These beautiful ‘hatchlings’ the name in which Heather calls her little bug creations can all be bought and become your own piece of art.

But, what makes Heathers creations so unbelievably special and incredible value for money is the pure fact that all of Heather’s pieces are hand crafted, unique and extremely tangible to anyone with limited vision.

No matter what your sight level may be, by simply tracing a finger across one of Heather’s creations you will be able to feel the craftsmanship that goes into crafting them and the fine detail that has gone into it.

Despite having limited vision I myself have invested in some of Heather’s pieces and am truly bedazzles by both the visual and the tactile quality of the pieces. The embroidery has an immense amount of detail using different stitches, beads, sequins, velvets, silks and other amazing materials that give a truly amazing sensory experience!

So, today I have selected a range of different top picks that Heather currently has available along with a range of items that Heather regularly makes and that she is able to make on request.

So, sit back, relax and with a mug of hot beverage in your hand find out about some of the little gems that you can invest in all a few short clicks away…

How to Order?

To Order you can e mail Heather at mail@heatheremb.co.uk or send her a message via Facebook to find out more about how to place your order and to give her any needed details.

Gift Wrapping


Heather is also currently offering a complimentary gift wrapping service with every order made, the gift wrap combines a beautiful matt wrapping paper in a floral and insect print with a plum coloured ribbon and label attached.

All prizes also include Postage and Packaging.

All of Heather’s bug creations come in something called a ‘specimen box’ which consists of a little brown box with a label listing the type of bug the brooch, cuff or headband depicts, date of hatching and where it hatched.

This is but one of the things that I truly believe is what makes Heather Everitt Embroidery so special and fun!

 Fashioneyesta Top Picks 

All the following items are currently for sale on Heather’s facebook page, so to order simply contact her via the information above.

Papillo Sole Midnight Butterfly Brooch: Fashioneyesta Loves

Image of the Heather Everitt Midnight Butterfly Brooch

Image of the Heather Everitt Midnight Butterfly Brooch

Description: This is one of my absolute favourite pieces due to the wonderful use of colour and texture in this brooch. The butterfly represents the beauty of night and myself being somewhat of an insomniac and astronomer, this brooch really speaks to me. The butterfly has beautiful wings which are in two different shades of purple the body consists of a dark purple fading into a lighter purple in the winds and ending in a darker tip. The wings are made in pure silk with hand embroidered beading on the wings. One could just imagine this brooch during the dead of night taking off and flying into the night and then returning into it’s specimen box by dawn.
The butterfly has a 12cm wingspan.

Price: £28

Deep Blue Jewel Beatle Brooch 


Descriptions: An embroidered bettle in a sapphire blue with silk, jewelled wings and  a black body. This would be perfect for anyone who loves a splash of colour to their outfits.

Price: £22

Silk Embroidered Butterfly Cuff (Available in Two Colours) Fashioneyesta’s Favourite 


Description: Two utterly stunning cuffs that would look sublime on any luck lady’s wrist. One in a light shade of pink and the other a light green, these cuffs have a velcro fastening making them easy to use for anyone with sight loss.

The butterflies have narrow, defined wings and are embellished with pastel coloured threads and mare made with silk.

These are utterly stunning pieces and can simply brighten up an outfit.

Price: £25

Delicate Dragonfly Shaped Brooches 


Description: If you have a passion for the fairytale inspired pieces and, like me, see the beauty in little dragonflies that glide over the waters of calm lakes and streams you will love these three little treasures!

Heather has three amazing brooches up for grabs with transparent wings in different colours and are great additions to anyone’s jewellery collection

The dragonflies have thin brown bodies, little sequins for eyes and wings that expand from the body making them look as if they are in mid flight.

The first has wings in a light, mossy green pigment, the second in a light cream and the third in a light rose colour. All have embroidered sequin and beading detail are are utterly stunning1

Price: £18

Hand Embroidered Robin Picture Tree Decoration 


Description: Now, let’s momentarily move away from all of those beautiful brooches and cuffs and instead look at something a little more festive.

The decoration is already in a small wooden frame, all ready to hand upon the branch of a spruce.

The embroidered image depicts a charming little robin redbreast perched on the brach of a tree on a frosty winters evening.

This would make an excellent addition for anyone with visual impairments as one would be able to trace the outline of the robin and have a conception of the image.

Click here to find more tips on festive decor for this season.

Price: £25

The Little Busy Bee Brooch: Fashioneyesta Loves


Description: If you know someone with a love for the busy bee, honey or who is perhaps hardworking and endearing this little busy bee brooch would make a very befitting gift.

This is a remarkably lifelike piece. The body is made with velvet and embroidery in gentle pigments of yellow and black that make up the bees body in a way that makes the bees body appear fury and velvety. The wings are made with an organza material and the eyes are beaded.

Two are available

Price: £18

The Papillo Butterfly Headband: Fashioneyesta’s Favourite 


Description: A stunning butterfly headband which would look amazing in anyones hair.

The butterfly wings are in beautiful shades of peacock blue, sea green, mauve and purple. The leaves are made with velvet, silks and beaded detailing.

The ribbon covered headband completes the look, making this a unique piece, perfect for the festival season.

Suitable fro adult heads and children six years and upwards.

A similar one is available in cream and pastel colours.

 Wingspan is 12cm.

Price: £25


Overall Rating 

Accessibility: 5/5 

The jewellery are in distinctive outlines and the embroidered detailing using different materials, techniques and beading makes these pieces accessible and distinguishable to those with sight loss.

Packaging: 5/5 

The packaging is aesthetically pleasing, inventive and easy to access.

Design: 5/5 

The design of all of Heather’s creations are unquestionably striking, well made and would make a lasting impression on anyones eye who came across a certain brooch pinned to your coat or cuff on your arm.

I would highly recommend this brand to anyone who aspires to be different!

Value for Money: 5/5 

Incredible value for money! Considering that all of these items will take an extremely long time to make.

So, there you have it, beautiful handcrafted pieces at reasonable prices and with a touch of individuality and a whole lot of love!

So, take your pick and stay tuned for the next instalment of…


Tune into Insight Radio at 2.15pm tomorrow to hear an exclusive on air feature on the products of Heather Everitt Accessories.

Heather Everitt Embroidery Social Links

Website: Click here

Email: mail@heatheremb.co.uk

Facebook Page: Click here 

Pinterest: Click here


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